Moving spaces

as there’s been a lull in writing…there is a lot of white space around…and i’m still figuring how to arrange it so … please bear with me.
btw, the stomache upset’s gone…most culpable suspect is a wicked curved banana. as my brother who ate some did followed in my unhealthy footsteps. though both of us have since escaped unharmed.
with the torrence of effective digestion…my immune system got hacked and during those few days i was also down with flu. running nose. fever. cough. the 3 main leads all took red carpet with grace. because of that…my nose, got what I would termed “toilet-paper burn”. rubbing my nose with too many toilet paper.
now its bruised.
but well….anyway, off for some decent dinner.

Make Spam Pay

We should start to initiate this law in Singapore. Hopefully I can earn some bucks while cleaning up my junk mail!
bq. The only good thing about these emails is that most of the bodyshops sending them out are located in California. Since I’m also in California, I can take advantage of California spam laws that entitle the offended party (me) to $50 per message or actual damages, up to $25,000 per day
Fun with spammers :: Kalsey Consulting Group

4 – 0

Yes. Singapore was thrashed 4-0 by an under-23 Malaysian side. Do note that Singapore fielded a full international side. Thrashed 4-0.
The thrashing is the result of how Singapore soccer has degenerated ever since we stopped participating in the Malaysian league. Even when we were playing, we had never ever lost at the National Stadium (according to ST? report)
Was Malaysia playing so good? Yes. But it might had been a closer game if Singapore didn’t play as bad as they did tonight.
One word. Disgrace.
Absolutely, totally, a disgrace to the thousands of fans that turned up at the Stadium decked out in the all-red “_lion roar_” tshirt. Fans were queueing outside which, to my surprise, was an even better turn-out than expected. At the end of the game, there was no roar, just whimpers. Several of the red tees were thrown over the railings onto the running track.
The control was missing. The passing almost always went haywire. The defence was in sixes and sevens. Even with our “foreign imports”, the 4 goals were all individual mistakes at our own side of the field. Midfielders were running, no where like headless chickens.
Lastly, the strikers had chances that can be counted using my fingers. Only one shot required saving from the Malaysian custodian. Now I realised why the two foreign imports were the “top scorers” in our so called professional S-League. They had easy defence to overcome. So when they are faced with international defenders, one eventually requested to be left out of the team a few days before the tournament starts.

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MediaCorp lameness grows

Today’s news on Mediacorps’ reply about the Asian TV Awards show.
bq. Mr Farrell Meisel, Group Chief Operating Officer of MediaCorp, said: “We are a business like other businesses, so we’ve got to ensure that there’s profitability, and profitability comes by producing programming that garners good and large audiences. bq. “This awards show has never garnered an audience, it has never made money and ultimately we’ve got to bring value to our advertisers, to our viewers and ultimately our shareholders.”
Its a joke how only when Mediacorp loses out to their main competitor, MediaWorks, they decides that its not profitable to hold the show.
It just basically shows that MediaCorp’s losing their touch in almost every part of television production. Programming is bad. Marketing is bad. Instead of improving their own shows and getting better shows from overseas, they only matter about how much viewership they garner over others.

Screw MediaCorp

Someone ought to go shoot the whole programming dept and marketing dept in Mediacorp.
I just managed to catch the premier episode of The West Wing’s 3rd Season at 12 midnight. And that was only because I happen to see a glimpse of it listed on the timeslot on screen before the showing of the Thursday movie …
Firstly, I don’t think I’ve seen any trailers on the new season showing. Not a single blip. ( email me if that’s incorrect )
Next, they have to put it at 12am. Is this prime time slot for a multi-Emmy awards winning show? Its like Boston Public. The show starts past midnight. Who they expect to watch this?

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Few post back, I mentioned something about how relationships within the circle of friends are changing.
And one issue brought up is the lack of “openness” among friends as we grow older. You know how when you are young and have a group of friends, you’d sometimes gather and have “chit-chat” sessions … I had mine last time with my JC mates and we’d called it the “Open Heart Open Mind” sessions. Its kindda no holds bar kind of thing and everything and anything were discussed.
But as we grow older, we tend to keep more things among ourselves and with the decreased in time for get together, it just slowly pushes the closeness apart.
Maybe that’s what some of my friends are feeling. Things happened and things changed without much awareness. Many things are kept close to the heart and losing that “importance” once felt.
Does this signifies a growing superficiality?


A concept which has eluded me for a few years….ever since leaving school, haven’t had such a good full-blooded cheong session.
ok … call me a suaku1 or whatever … but it was my first time at mohamed sultan road …and we went to this place called “Double O”.
Drink’s pretty cheap … $12 for a jug. and $3 for a shot.
So, it basically meant drink lots … and quite a lot.
In the end, out of the 8 that went, 2 conked out. 1 almost nearly conked.
but it was fun. mabbe i’m getting old … and trying to “regain” some youth back …
or maybe i’m just drunk.
fn1. suaku – hokkien term for ignorant

Dorsal subluxation … flexion deformity of the first metatarsal

Medical terms in a doctor’s handbook, no..its a line from this years’ Literary Review Bad Sex award winner, “Tread Softly” by Wendy Perriam. The award’s given to the “_worst description of sex in a contemporary novel_”.
Excerpt from the winning entry:
Tread Softly by Wendy Perriam (Peter Owen)
bq. She lay back on the bed while he positioned himself above her, then she slid her feet up his chest and on to his shoulders – Mr Hughes’s shoulders. She closed her eyes, saw his dark-as-treacle-toffee eyes gazing down at her. Weirdly, he was clad in pin-stripes at the same time as being naked. Pin-stripes were erotic, the uniform of fathers, two-dimensional fathers. Even Mr Hughes’s penis had a seductive pin-striped foreskin. Enticingly rough yet soft inside her. The jargon he’d used at the consultation had become bewitching love-talk: ‘. . . dislocation of the second MTPJ . . . titanium hemi-implant . . . ‘

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Content minus Presentation

As I get to know more about CSS, I’m trying hard to create my site which obeys one basic rule : Content and Presentation should be separated.
Before CSS was developed, webpages were designed with limited presentation styles using HTML. With tables and 1-pixel sized images…we can try to layout our images and navigations etc to create something decent.
But as I learn more about CSS, I am trying to achieve a clear line between my contents and how i present it.
With MT, I can have a good testbed as MT is template driven. So with a proper stylesheet and clear definition of where contents should be, I am able to achieve that.
One more thing I just added, is to put up the top images, without using the img tag. This way, I can just change a new image, by altering the style sheet, without having to go through all the templates…thanks to Jeffrey Zeldman and his Daily Reports with that tip.