iPod – what's next?

ipodWith the rumour grapevines predicting new iPods on a certain Tuesday because Apple tends to favor Tuesdays for new product announcements and it will most probably be a bump in harddisk to 40Gb rather than a revamp of its functions.
On 23 October 2001, the next generation mp3 player was launched with the 5Gb model that packs up to 1,000 CD-quality songs into an ultra-portable, 6.5 ounce design that fits in your pocket.
The iPod was updated once in July 2002 with the newer 10Gb and 20Gb…boosting the amount one can carry around.
But frankly speaking…how many people actually has 20GB of Mp3s in their computer? Well maybe some do, but how many actually listen to all 20GB to require one to carry one around? I own the first gen iPod…a meagre 5GB which at this time…I only use up maybe 25% of it!

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Are you an annoying blogger?

Feel like you fulfil any of these 10 Habits of Highly Annoying Bloggers
well for myself…i think i’m only guilty for maybe pt 2…and like wise pt 8. guess being at home most of the time makes one less of being original!?
i think many bloggers are not as tech-savy as some to know things like RSS or Trackback(pt 10) as many go about the easy way to blog…getting those ready-made-fill-in-forms-and-blog sites…oh well…most of the time, those blogs aren’t interesting to me…
but hey, before any of you out there that does that start to comment-spam me with knife-sharp comments…its just my own preference…oh-keiii!
there are like thousands and thousands of blogs in the WWW…which I guess one has to do some “filtering” to only read bout the latest and the bestest…or also funniest…so…if yours aren’t on my blogroll list…bite me!

Problems of modern family

BEN (not his real name) went berserk when his mother fired their maid a few months ago. Though only four, he began screaming at his mother, saying he hated her.
The reason was clear enough to his mother, who did not want to be named: She had got rid of his emotional blanket.
from Straits Times – I Hate you mum, I want the maid!?
a very unfortunate symptom of modern family upbringing. mom and dad both goes out to work. employs a maid to help manage the household and the child.
results you get a child that’s more dependant on the maid than the mom. its no wonder that to me and some of my friends, we all agree that the younger generation isn’t as well brought up as before.
ok, whether one’s brought up well or not is subjective. but looking at those kids that hang out in town…i always wonder wtf went wrong with parents! i mean there are like tons of kids smoking before they even have any facial hair!
this is one big problem that’s the next generation of parents will have to deal with before it worsen beyond repair. gee…who’ll be the next generation of parents… me !

You won't know what hits you…till it blows you away!

That’s what some scientists are contemplating in the case if a catastrophic asteroid were discovered to be heading Earth’s way. In a news article in The Independent, UK, scientists suggested that the best option should such a giant asteroid were to be discovered, was to keep it a secret!
bq.. “When a problem arises with high uncertainty, there is an opportunity to spin the problem to avoid global panic. If you can’t do anything about a warning, then there is no point in issuing a warning at all,” Dr Sommer told the association yesterday.
“If an extinction-type impact is inevitable, then ignorance for the populace is bliss. As a matter of common sense, if you can’t intercept it and you can’t move people out of the way in time, there’s nothing you can do in terms of reducing the costs of the potential impact,” he said.
“Overreaction not just by the public but by policy-makers scurrying around before the thing actually hits because we can’t do anything about it anyway … to a large extent you are better off not adding to your social costs,” said Dr Sommer, who is also an adviser on terrorism.
p. so i guess if one fine day you wake up and stare out of your window to discover a second moon over your sky…then…it would be best to lie down and pull the blanket over your face and go back to sleep.

Some new songs to learn…

“I just called to say I bought you I just called to say you’re unemployed
I just called to say I bought you
And to tell you that we’re truly overjoyed.”
for next Christmas…or for your next Mac User Group outing…
Coming soon to your nearest music store is David Pogue’s song book!
Containing some evergreen Christmas carols like… MicrosoftHappily Addicted to the Web … and some romantic tunes like The Girl I Met by Email … or the favorite … I Just Called to Say I Bought you.
or you are a musical fan…how bout this popular tune … SuperDriveiMaciLifeQuickTimeiCaliPhoto by Alexis

Space Shuttle Columbia lost

From NASA:

A Space Shuttle contingency has been declared in Mission Control, Houston, as a result of the loss of communication with the Space Shuttle Columbia at approximately 9 a.m. EST Saturday as it descended toward a landing at the Kennedy Space Center, Fla. It was scheduled to touchdown at 9:16 a.m. EST.
Communication and tracking of the shuttle was lost at 9 a.m. EST at an altitude of about 203,000 feet in the area above north central Texas. At the time communications were lost. The shuttle was traveling approximately 12,500 miles per hour (Mach 18). No communication and tracking information were received in Mission Control after that time.