Happy Birthday to me

I’m getting older again.
Others who share this great date:
* artists Goya and Van Gogh
* actor Warren Beatty
* musician Eric Clapton, Norah Jones
* singer Celine Dion and … MC Hammer!!
Not bad!
Anyone else famous that’s born on this date?

Cool TV Ad: Subaru Forester – "This is not the beach"

This ad for Subaru Forester starts off with two eskimos fishing outside their igloo.
Beach music with repeated words of “Surf surf” fades in followed by a red Subaru Forester zooming past. After a while, it reverse and stops in front of the igloo.
The scene cuts into the two beach dudes looking out at the eskimos and the passenger flipping his map…then he turned to his mate at the wheel…
“_This is not the beach_!”

SARS update

From a World Health Organisation Update:
bq.. *Progress towards identification of the virus *
Research attention is increasingly focusing on the Coronavirus family, though viruses from the Paramyxovirus and other families are also being considered as scientists cast the widest possible net in their search for the cause of SARS. Many are of the opinion that a diagnostic test could rapidly follow conclusive identification of the pathogen. Experts in the network are also considering the theory that SARS is caused by co-infection with two new viruses that somehow need each other in order to cause severe disease in humans. Evidence is strongly pointing to a new virus, or possibly two new viruses, that have not previously been known to infect humans or cause severe disease.
Hypotheses include a virus known to cause disease in an animal host that has jumped the species barrier to infect humans, or a known human virus that has mutated to acquire properties that are causing much more severe disease in humans. It is increasingly certain, however, that SARS is a serious new disease caused by a newly recognized pathogen.
p. Currently from an initial 3 index cases, it has spread to over 70 others within 2 weeks, and 2 deaths related to one of the index case although that patient is on her way to recovery.
A FAQ link from the Ministry of Health.

self-centred kids?!

read this here
bq. I was hopping mad because I had to miss my first period, Geog lecture (Physical Geog, k.. my weakest) then, I also had facil duty, which I also had to miss. Not to mention the Econs lecture I had later on in the day.
this kid posted this after he was told by his school to see a doctor after he went to school with flu syndroms during this SARS period.
is this the new generation of Singaporeans?

Miss Singapore Universe 2003 – winner is

Bernice Wong, a political science graduate.
Ok. I give up. Out of the 4 i chose…only 1 got into the top 3…and she was 2nd runner-up.
With a rather politically correct approach with such pageants, I’m sure she won’t go far in the Miss Universe competition to be held in Panama come June.


I think i’m running dry soon! Money that is.
Looked through the bills and managed to do some planning to get some $ back after pre-paying some hosting bills for the choir. Had to downgrade my mobile plan too as well, i wasn’t using much of the mobile nowadays. Got another late charge payment on credit but stupidly, the late charge is higher than the amount I owe. Darn.
Found out my site’s hosting contract will end in June…so it should give me enough time to get enough funds to look for a better hosting plan.
Progress for the site has been almost non-existant. Not sure why. The goal post just seems to shift and sway…maybe its just a mirage.

Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS)

SARS outbreak has increased here the past few days. The Govt has closed schools from Pre-Pri to Junior Colleges till the first Sunday of April after the first death by SARS occurred.
SARS is an atypical pneumonia for which cause has not been determined. It has spread to 12 countries with 487 SARS cases and it has been increasing. Especially among the medical people who treated the earlier patients without ample protection.
The cause of this has not been determined but earlier cases were traced back to Hong Kong and China.
Besides closing down schools, the Govt has issued quarantined orders to almost 740 people who has families, friends, or worked in hospitals with SARS patients for them to stay home to prevent the spreading of the disease.
Those who are out there…do be careful.
More news on SARS

MUGS got hacked?

Might still see it if you go to the main page
Update: The Mac User Group Singapore site was hacked today by USG, a group of pro-Islamic hackers and seems like they have deleted most of the data and changed the front page to with the words below. MUGS admin have so far placed back the index page but rest of the pages, including the Forum is still out.
bq. War is terrorism, stop the terrorists.
Justice For All.
USG (UNIX Security Guards)
dumb ass.
USG (Unix Security Guards), an anti-Israel alliance was formed in early May this year and has been responsible for 87 overt digital attacks since. They consist of four member groups: Egyptian Fighter, rD, Inkubus, and ShellCode. Egyptian Fighter was responsible for the largest number of digital attacks this year on Israeli (.il) sites. USG and its members are collectively responsible for 161 overt digital attacks to date. [ from techtv news ]
stupid dumb ass.

It has begun

first missiles were fired at Baghdad this morning at about 10.40am (GMT +8) marking the beginning of the disarmament of Iraq.

Although the full scale attack has not begin, it will just be a matter of hours before the rest of the US-led forces begin to ride into Iraq.

Hopefully the first cruise missile that was used as a “decapitation attack” did what it was meant to do…


Not the new season of 24 starring Kiefer Sutherland but rather the amount of time US President George W Bush has set as the ultimatum to Saddam Hussein to leave Iraq before the Coalition forces will enter Iraq.

With almost certainty that Saddam will not leave Baghdad, we will be treated to another live fireworks show maybe by this weekend. It will be another few weeks of CNN, CNA, BBC, CNBC…which will be more exciting than HBO

Besides all these, will the red carpet for the Oscars still be laid out?