Music to your ears…

“Rock and roll will never die. It is, however, being reborn.”
It was really all of the above when Apple announced the new iTunes, three new iPods, plus the new music servic, iTunes Music Store.
The new iTunes 4 will include the new Music Store as an integrated service in iTunes. Just a small button will bring you to the store. It also support the new AAC format which promises better quality at lower file size. It also has Rendezvous support which allows you to share and stream your playlist to other Macs in your LAN.
itunesAnother new feature is the ability to display the album cover. Although for existing ones, you’d need to drag/drop the image into iTunes for your tunes to be link to it. Luckily with Synergy, I have almost all the album covers for my songs, so just need to drag them when I’ve the time. It would have been good if we can select the tunes without the covers to hooked up via the web to download the covers, like when you do the “Get CD Track Names” function.

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Spurs 0 2 Man U, Man C 0 1 West Ham

Two important results at both sides of the table. Man U goes 5 points up against Arsenal but with one extra game. With Arsenal only drawing at Bolton, it was up to Man U to push up the pressure on the current champions.
A tough match for Man U with Spurs keeper Keller at top form. He basically kept them in the game with 4 stupendous saves against Van Nisterooy. But the goals eventually came when Scholes and Giggs combined for a simple header by Scholes. Spurs never really threatened after that (maybe doing their best to spoil their London rival’s chance) and Q Fortune swung in a sweet pass for Van Nisterooy to hit his 40th goal this season (in all competition).
Meanwhile, West Ham maintain their survival with a win at Man City. This keeps them 2 points away from Bolton and 3 points from Leeds. This result I feel is important not just to West Ham, but I feel in a way, this might affect how the championship will turn up.
Man U has two more games, Charlton at home and Everton away on the last day. Arsenal has to play Leeds and Southampton at home and then Sunderland away on the last day.
With Leeds just three points from the drop zone, they should go all out against Arsenal and it won’t be easy for the Gunners, especially with Viduka and Kewell still scoring. Should they drop another 2 points or horrors of horrors, lose to Leeds, the title will more or less be going back to Old Trafford.
Well, two more weeks and everything will be over.

Bang for Arsenal

They dropped two precious points at Bolton, letting Bolton come back from two goals down to finish the game at two a-piece.
Another defensive let down by Arsenal after very good work by Henry, Wiltord and Pires. Henry provided Wiltord with a simple tap in after the half, before Pires perfectly placed his shot to the bottom corner. A couple of changes to Arsenal’s defence after both Cygan and Lauren got injured. Problems for Arsenal as Campbell will be out for the rest of the season …
Bolton playing to maintain some buffer between themselves and West Ham came back strongly at the latter part of the game. Wonderful chip by Djorkaeff and a Martin Keown own goal … made it 2-2.
Now the momentum swings to Old Trafford as they are leading by 2 points with no game difference. Man U travels to Spurs and Arsenal hope their London rival will help them trip Man U.
Bolton in the mean time, keeps a 5 point cushion from West Ham.

What do you miss doing?

I missed driving down to the East Coast Park in the evening, strapped on my favorite RollarBlade and blade up and down the coast. With music blasting in my ear, wind blowing in my face, it was ultimate freedom and relaxation.
Why not now?
Blades died of old age and my dad sold my car.
And I’ve no $ to get either one now.
So do you have something you always do but stopped doing now? Blog it and do a trackback.

Becks to leave Old Trafford?

According to the Sun, Becks has requested for his manager to get him out of Old Trafford after the match against Real Madrid where he was benched for most of the game only to come out to score two goals.
He also sat out the game against Arsenal although during that period, his performance wasn’t at his usual high standard. But to leave him out for Veron who has been out for weeks, it was one pill which he can’t swallow.
But according to another Sun report, that will cost United £100 million if he were to go.
Meanwhile, Kluivert and Kewell might also be possible targets for Man United when they look to freshen up the squad in summer.
Anyway, this weekend another round of EPL action. Arsenal will try to grapple the lead back from Man U when they face Bolton away. Its an early kick off so don’t forget. Other major matchups including the London derby between Chelsea and Fulham, Newcastle against relegated Sunderland. Man U plays Spurs on Sunday while West Ham will fight on at Man City.
More good matches to watch.
But it also means a barren few months in summer without soccer. shrugs

The Real Hussein

the real hussein – requires Flash
bq. Osama’s down with this. Osama’s down with that.
And if he’s lucky he might get weapons from Iraq.
And that’s the reason why my regime got attacked.
If I react with chemicals, I’ll surely get jacked!

Synergy + KungTunes

update added the last song heard should I stop listening to iTunes…at least it won’t be so blank like before.
If you see on the left hand column, you’d see the tune I’m listening to at the moment. Now I’ve added the album cover for the fun of it.
I used the album covers downloaded by synergy, converted them to a smaller size and placed them in my server. As the covers were already named in a simple format … all I had to do is to tap into the data using KungTunes to get the relevant info.
Taking the tips from Tim, i was able to call up the album covers whenever the song loads up.
Nothing really useful cept I got to try out some basic php … and its also part of my upcoming redesign.

Champions League – Football at its best

12 goals in two matches … best display of attacking soccer from all 4 teams playing tonight.
Man U beat Real Madrid 4-3 but lose out on aggregate (5-6).
AC Milan defeated Ajax 3-2 with the same aggregate score.
Real showed how the old saying, Attack is the best form of defence, rings true with 3 important strikes which made Man U’s task almost impossible. Ronaldo still looks bulky but quick feet and a powerful right foot, got those 3 goals against a rather subdue Barthez.
Beckham scored twice after coming in for Veron and tomorrow’s paper will crucify Fergie for taking the risk with Veron who just returned from injury.
Ajax almost prevented the Milan derby from happening as they were minutes away from getting through with 2 away goals. But a last minute Tomasson goal after a good chip by Inzaghi made it 3 Italian teams in the semi-finals including Inter Milan and Juventus. A change in fortune for Italian clubs as they were absent in the last 3 season’s Champion’s League semi-finals.
So, no more Man U playing the finals at their home ground, Old Trafford. It will be between Real or Juventus against either AC or Inter Milan.

SARS Update

Too many things happening.
And most of them ain’t good news.
Here’s a list of SARS site that might be interesting if you want to keep track:
* Prime Minister Goh’s Open Letter
* Ministry of Health SARS Site
* Channel News Asia Sars site
* Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome info site
* CDC SARS site
* WHO SARS site
* Google News on SARS
* Google SARS Conspiracy
* SARS from space
Ok…the google link is more for a controversial look at SARS…with how the some countries have covered-up the scale of the outbreak, it is not unusual for such ideas to pop up.
update : added one more link of an article in The Sun which I think is more a hoax than anything, but well, worth a read.