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old friend
Met up with an old friend a few days back and had a short but nice catch-up session. Although it was just few months since I’ve seen her, its quite surprising to see how one’s life can be changed in that short period. how some times things will just be different when you walk a different route. i’ve always known her to be the chirpy and ultimate friendly person, but now, i can visibly see the weariness and flicker of hopelessness. but i’ve faith in her to come out of her current situation much stronger than before.
on a lighter note, got to know from her how one friend is currently enjoying being an air stewardess overseas and also happily married; another enjoying motherhood with a baby with attitude; one’s back from studies while her husband has become another entrepreneur .
h6. turning green
well, had to dig out my old uniforms and realised i’ve outgrown them finally after almost 8 years. had to go buy a new set. as i can’t say much details just that i’ll be a platoon commander with some guys under me. get to go for some courses in the future and might even volunteer to go learn to try the ATTC. somehow at this time of my life, i sort of am excited of going for in-camps. it must be the weather.

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Malaysia withdraws criticism laid against Singapore over SARS

Took them long enough. In a CNA article, Malaysia’s Deputy Health Director-General decided to withdraw and clarified his comments made earlier .
bq. But at a news conference on Friday, Dr Marican clarified that he is not against the Singapore move and said some Malaysian ministers were uncomfortable reading his comments directed at Singapore.
translated as: I got hammered by my colleagues for talking rubbish so I better clarify before I get kicked out by the next election.
bq. “I’m not here to try to instigate or cast aspersions against Singapore. We value the cooperation, the help and the assistance that we receive from Singapore in terms of preventive and control measures. I must stress that Singapore has got the right to whatever they want in order to protect their members of the public. They got every right to do what they want. We’re not here to criticise.”
translated as: i misread the bilateral agreements and so they are doing the right things and i was wrong. so i must stress, they did what they did because it is what they should do.
bq.. At the news conference, Dr Marican also made it clear that Malaysia will not make the official complaint to the WHO regarding the the cases of SARS suspected patients who have slipped through the border into Malaysia from the republic.
He said that it is best that the matter be resolved bilaterally between the two health ministers to avoid the media having a field day on the issue.
p. translated as: God damn it. I’ve already made a fool once. I am not so stupid to complain to WHO and become a bigger fool. Stressed enough trying to correct my stupidity so let’s not make it worse. And you stupid press people anyhow report what I say. I’m only a deputy director. next time ask my health minister.


… sucks.
I hated it in school.
Same goes to the new show from Ch5 called Chemistry
the new show’s termed as a “romantic comedy” but after the pilot episode, its neither romantic…nor funny. maybe the other episode might be alil bit more funny. hope not.
by the trailers shown, you would think it would be just episodes of two opposite poles clashing with each other till they find love. unfortunately, the script writers dug out some old hollywood cliché and add in the “switch soul” twist. so it will be whole lotsa episodes of the guy in girl body and vice versa, the usual wearing female clothes, going to male toilet kindda jokes. been there done that. anything new guys? doesn’t help when they used some out of shape shot of the moon with some dry-ice clouds before the switch and some 80s “gold sprinkle” to show the switching. there’s actually an upcoming movie called Freaky Friday that has similar cross-soul-body, soul searching story cept its between a mom and daughter in that movie.

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Star Wars Kid

What do you get when you find yourself in a studio, with a video cam, a long pole, a Star Wars fan and a wild imagination?
starwarskidThis French Canadian boy was in that situation and what turned out, was a tape which found itself on the Internet and became an instant hit. The almost two minutes long tape shows the kid doing his best wielding the long metal pole with some self-made sound effect with much grace and technique. It was a surprise that he didn’t fall or hit the camera.
Thanks to the creative audience, someone added the Star Wars scrolling intro and the soundtrack with some lightsaber effects to it for a new remixed version.
go check out the star wars kid

Ping Pong SARS

We were so close to being taken off the SARS-hit list by WHO before the appearance of the latest SARS patient.
Coincidental that he is a Malaysian Singapore PR who happened to visit Johor Bahru before falling sick after the latest spat from Malaysian Press and Politicians that alleged that we aren’t serious in preventing the spread of SARS to other countries.
bq. Berita Harian Malaysia asked:
The nagging question is, why didn’t Singapore stop those suspected of Sars from leaving its borders to enter another country? Is Singapore really serious in its efforts to combat Sars? Perhaps Singapore wants citizens of other countries to be infected as well to lighten the burden of combating Sars alone.
Makes me wonder where’s the credibility of Malaysian journalists and politicians with their groundless stories.

A Nightmare on Friday the 13th

Freddy vs Jason Doesn’t the title sounds familar.
Think nightmare, claws, disfigured face, Friday the 13th…and hockey mask!
Someone smart alec decided to literally resurrect both Freddy Kruger and Jason Voorhees and put them together in a show called Freddy vs Jason
There were like 7 A Nightmare on Elm Street Series …6 actually with one last one which sees Freddy Kruger goes to hunt for actors and creators of the previous Nightmare movies. There were also 10 Friday the 13th with Jason X the last one which went high-tech and sent Jason into space with his hockey mask.

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