Charlie's Angels – Full Throttle = Full Torture

Just caught the Charlie’s Angels – Full Throttle last night and barely came out after some Full Torture.
The story as usual wasn’t much a story. With the Angels going after some baddies trying to reclaim two rings that’ll disclose the hidden identities of people who undergone the Witness Protection Program.
From the start, there was lots of actions and special effects, but I think the director McG (how short can a name go?) really pushed the envelope too much that the enveloped turned into a baff bag. The action sequences were exciting but were so far fetched it made Tom Cruises’ Mission Impossible looked like something your grandma can do. Granted it is a action-adventure but I feel it make them look like glamofied & beautified X-Mens without blue scales.
Anyway, Cameron Diaz, Lucy Liu and Drew Berrymore returned to act out this sequel. They more or less looks the same and acted the same as the earlier piece. This time they flaunted more flesh and more butts (yummy) especially Cameron Diaz’s butt…yum yum.

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Lotsa stuff to update but never find the time.
h6. Chalet
Spent less than a night there for choir’s annual chalet session. Didn’t stayed over as I’ve to return the car and had some work to do. Besides having a lucrative session at the mahjong table, there wasn’t much happening.
h6. Work
Nah, haven’t gotten to finding a decent job. But got a small lil project to do a few pages to earn some much needed cash. But but but, I’ve been constantly side-tracked by CM4 … trying to curb my end season depression . Fancy seeing myself winning the Treble, League, FA-Cup and Champions League Cup … and seeing Arsenge Whiner get the sacked after Arsenal dropped to 6th. What joy.
h6. Bruce Almighty
Just caught this movie starring Jim Carrey as a guy leading a mediocre life having Godly powers. The show’s enjoyable but then, most of the funny parts you’d most probably have caught it either on TV or movie trailers. So, advise is watch it during weekdays when its cheaper. And stay around during the credits to catch some NG shots.

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Miss Universe 2003 Results

Nope. Miss Singapore Bernice Wong didn’t make it to the semi-finals. Absolutely not even close. She looked horrible on stage. Her hair was unkempt and looked like she overslept and rushed onto stage. Miss Dominican Republic Amelia Vega was crowned Miss Universe.

Anyway, Miss Japan Miyako Miyazaki, 宮崎 京, was darn sexy in that night gown she wore ( see photo above ). Beats Bernice left right center.

Try harder man Singapore.

beezy weekend

went around town early Saturday to meet my mechanic, the bumper and then her mechanic to settle on the price of the repairs. as it wasn’t too major, we settled on a price for her to pay for the repairs, instead of going through insurance agency to settle it. that’s the end of that chapter.
after that, went for choir and settled back to some serious singing after the arts festival performance. as there were a number of absentees, the singing was on the whole bad. didn’t help when nelly was around to conduct dixit, our major work for the first half. with only two sop 1s, it was a massacre. if there were chickens to slaughter, they would have sounded much better.
guess its an eye opener for nelly to see how lacking we are with our preparation. with only 9 practices to go, we have yet to learn 3 songs and we haven’t even sorted out the mistakes in the other songs. questioned the exco on having additional practices and was told to have more sectionals after nelly commented that sectionals were ineffective. i would think the exco would be more demanding and request for that plus scheduling more combine practices and requesting nelly to attend. but well, so far, nothing done. 9 practices and counting. in between that there’ll be PYT recording which thankfully i won’t be attending.

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