ST Front Page photos

st-frontpage25jul03Two days after declaring the apparent killing of Uday and Qusay Hussein by American forces, the photos of the two sons of Saddam Hussein was splashed on all major newspapers and news websites.
It was quite a surprise that today’s Straits Times front page, they put up the two photos right smack up there with not any “viewer discretion warning”. Although you can’t really hide the photos on a printed paper, but why put it at the front page? Wouldn’t it be more appropriate if a disclaimer is placed on the front page while the photos appear in the inner pages, giving readers a chance to decide whether they’d like to view it.
Most of the web news sites were more sensitive to readers by giving the options of viewing it.
bq. MSNBC displayed a black box at the top of its story about the pictures with an editor’s note that the pictures were graphic. It instructed users to click on a button below the box if they wanted to see a slideshow of the pictures.

Speak Good English

There’s this on-going campaign called Speak Good English Movement 2003 … its one of the many that’s running around the country.
The mission of this campaign is to promote the usage of good English among Singaporeans. And this year, they are encouraging the message of speaking simply and clearly so that we are understood by others. All’s fine and dandy. Its how they advertise this campaign that gives me the goosies.
The current one being aired is of the ever-lurvy-durvy star couple Andrea De Cruz and Pierre Png, the former still embroiled in the Slim 10 case which is becoming more a freak show with each day’s exposure be used for the new 1000 episode soap opera, maybe they can call it Days of my Slim 10 Life .

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Quit notice

Learnt my lesson. Gonna save a few times if I’m writing a longer post.
Anyway, I informed the committee that I’m leaving the choir after the end of the concert.
Oh yah, shameless plug. Come to watch me in action for the last time with VC. Our annual concert In Song will be held at the Esplanade Concert Hall on the 22 Aug. Yes. Its the last time you’ll see me in action. Yah. Ok.
Anyway, finally decided to do that. Its been almost ten years with Chorale. My first performance with VC was when I was still undergoing BMT. Together with another 2 guys from my batch, we were three botaks wearing nice black suits singing at Victoria Concert Hall. In these ten years, I’ve gone through 4 overseas competition, many concerts, plus couple of oversea tours including Hawaii, S Korea. We’ve also done two full length production of Mikado and Pirates of Penzance, with me doing the lead in Pirates. Most experiences have been wonderful. Nothing beats standing in front of the stage and singing those songs.
Looking back alil more, I started singing when I was in P5. Dragged into the choir by my Chinese teacher who unfortunately was also the conductor. It was not an easy ECA to pick up as choir then was considered a sissy activity. It didn’t help when our uniform was pink and white. Yah. Pink. Have to dig out those old photos to show. It was…awesomely horrible.

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Brave Bijani Sisters

update Laleh also failed to survive the highly risky separation , she died an hour and a half later after Ladan died.
The eldest of the two twin, Ladan Bijani passed away after being separated from her twin sister Laleh Bijani. The twin sisters who were joint at the head had grown up together for 29 years and had came here to undergo a world’s first attempt at separation for adults. They knew about the risks involved and were willing to risk it.
Unfortunately, Ladan failed to recover from the dangerous operation and passed away hours after the separation. I really hope that Laleh will pull through. They are really courageous to grow up in their circumstances and not be hampered by their conditions to graduate as Law graduates. Really sad that they never get to see each other face to face, a simple day to day thing which many of us take for granted.
bq. If God wants us to live the rest of our lives as two separate independent individuals, we will – Ladan Bijani