Sleep tonight
And may your dreams
Be realized
If the thunder cloud
Passes rain
So let it rain
Rain down him
So let it be
So let it be
Sleep tonight
And may your dreams
Be realized
If the thundercloud
Passes rain
So let it rain
Let it rain
Rain on him
p. one of my favorite song from U2, covered by King’s Singers. Sang it once in Victoria Concert Hall with my group. That day was simply heavenly…

I sleep better with Mac part deux

Ok. Some might say that there’s no virus for Mac because there’s less of us around thus there’s no impact in targeting Mac system.
But in this O’Reilly article, Size Doesn’t Matter, the writer talks about the myth surrounding why there are less or no virus targeting Mac system.
bq.. But what is it that helps keep us safe from harm? Is it because we have a minority platform? Is it because of stronger security concerns by Apple’s developers? Or have we inherited Unix’s legacy of security? While all of these come into play, far too many people seem to be pointing to the first.
If you want to be a malicious person, there are plenty of challenges for bad purposes in computing as well. And if you’re looking to get your foot in the door, Microsoft Windows offers plenty of easy entrances. Due to the general lack of consideration for security in Windows, one can write a pretty destructive program with very little effort. The operating system itself does very little to restrict a user’s actions, nor does it do much to restrict the actions of an application that might be running on that user’s computer.

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I sleep better with my Mac.

With the aftermath of Blaster and SoBig wrecking havoc around the globe, causing substantial network and PCs downtimes, its interesting to look at what Mac users like me face. Oh wait. Virus on a Mac…what’s that?
TMO has an interesting editorial, Mac Viruses By The Numbers – Word Macro: 553, Classic Mac: 26, OS X: Zero, that talks about what we face on the Mac platform.
Do note that its a rather layman approach in the writer’s research. But well, most of us are non-techies anyway.
As the title of the editorial says it all, out of the more than 71,000 virus listed in Network Associates’ (NA) Virus Information Library, there are 579 virus listed that will affect the Macintosh system. Out of which, 553 are Macro virus which basically affect various versions of Microsoft Word/Excel.
That leaves 26 virus which affect the Mac system.
And out of these 26, plus the earlier 553 Macro virus, they target the older Mac operating system, namely pre OS X days.
No virus targetting Mac OS X.
However, it was an empirical approach in writing this editorial – but the number says it all.

Box y'all

Just a rather commonly used tip for keepsake.
There’s a problem with how IE5.x/Windows calculate the width of a CSS box. When we specify the width of any object, the correct way to display is that the width will be the dimension of the content, not including padding , border or margin. But for IE5.x/Windows, it includes the padding and border within the specified width .
So if you have an object with width 300px, border 10px and padding 20px, with IE5.x/Windows, the actual width of the content will be only ( 300 – 10*2 – 20 *2) 260px instead of 300px.
In order to overcome this, we have to implement the box model hack developed by Tantek Çelik (who created the rendering engine for IE5.x/Mac) to fool IE5.x/Windows to correctly render the box. The solution is actually a bug to fool another bug. Irony.

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Must be wondering love-ha?
Actually this is a mnemonic used to represent how one should list the anchor element pseudo-class rules in your style sheet if you want your links to appear as it you’ve stated. If in other manner, a none text-decoration might appear with an underline.
Reason why this occurs is because of selector specificity. er what?

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Concert look back

Its over. Concert was well, over and done with. I had my chance to sing at Esplanade and well, it was enjoyable. The concert hall is really beautiful to sing in there, the acoustics are marvellous but it is a huge place to really sing well.
I guess we were all overawed by the place and the occasion and we over-sung. I personally was quite drained after the first half when we did Handel’s Dixit Dominus. After the break I felt much better but guess the voice was strained and thus couldn’t sing as well as i can. Didn’t helped when some of the songs went sharp.
Mood after the concert was alil sombre. I guess the feeling of a unsatisfactory performance was all around. Or maybe its just me.
Some serious mind-set changes need to be done for Chorale to really grow. We will definitely not going professional in the future, not even semi-pro. There’s no money to pull people to come. The key thing that made Chorale last 15 years is passion.
Passion for singing. Singing with friends ain’t enough to bring Chorale to the next level. We are on a plateau now. People come, people go, but there’s no improvement.
Unfortunately, this passion is missing. Practices are like going through motion and the performance day was, subdued. Doesn’t help when VC is not near the top of people’s priority.

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Pioneer A06

Finally my Power Mac is back home, where it should be.
Instead of replacing it at AppleCare, I went down Funan to purchase the Pioneer DVR-A06 Drive to replace my A04 which died peacefully. RIP.
Cost me $435 to get that drive, might be cheaper if you go down to SLS. Anyway, to get it work on the PowerMac, OS 10.2.6, you’d have to download a patch found at Xlr8yourmac to make it fully functional. Prior to the patch, the A06 will not be detected by Apple apps like DiskCopy etc.
Oh well, I’m happy now, my desktop is back and I can get back to serious gaming…i mean work.

PC Users : The weakest link

Its becoming seasonal that every few months there’ll be a major rush by Microsoft to come up with announcements for users to patch their Windows system with a series of security patches before the subsequent news of a new viral attack.
The latest to hit is called the MSBlaster which will infect and make use of a system loophole to infect other PCs and ultimately, launch a Denial-Of-Service attack at Microsoft Update site, which ironically, will be the place where people go to get their patches and updates. The creator also made a dig at Bill Gates by carrying a message in the virus:
bq. Billy Gates why do you make this possible? Stop making money and fix your software!!”

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Ouch Ouch Apple bites

As you know my Power Mac went for a holiday and I just called Apple Care @ AMK to find out the status.
I was told, my Superdrive needs to be replaced and then they quoted me the price. I was shocked.
He said that it will cost me $857 + $100+ GST = $995 to replace the drive!
Damn. Immediately went to look around and ask around, and found that I can buy the Pioneer A04 Superdrive, which is what Apple used for my PowerMac for almost half the price or less. Which makes me wonder why they charge at such exorbitant prices.
Have to go visit SLS soon. Darn. Burnt too many CDs. I should have charged all those whom I burnt CDs for…