Apple Software Upgrading

MacFixit has come up with a guideline when doing software updates. Good to keep these in mind in the future after all the boo boo with the 10.2.8 update.
* Before running the update, check your startup drive for damage and repair it, if necessary.
The easiest way to do this is to boot from the OS X Install CD and run Disk Utility (from the Installer menu). Click the First Aid tab, select your startup volume, and click “Repair Disk.” (If you know how, you can instead start your Mac in single-user mode and use fsck, as this runs the same repair routines.) If you have a third-party disk utility such as Alsoft’s DiskWarrior, you can also run that
* Before running the update, repair permissions on your boot volume.
To do this, launch Disk Utility while booted from your normal startup drive, click the First Aid tab, and then
* Install the update.
* After running the update, again repair permissions.
* If you still have problems, try applying the combo updater for the current release
To log in as single user mode, press the command (or Apple) key plus s. And to exit that mode, type reboot .

foto site

Finally got down to doing up a proper photo gallery using MT named, fotos.
The fotos section is basically divided to the main index page, individual photo album pages (using Category) and the individual photo pages. As I am not really doing a photoblog kind where the photos are put up like daily entries, so I skipped the archives by dates.
The main index page will show the latest photo uploaded followed by thumbnails of the photo albums that I’ve created. While in the photo album page, the thumbnails of all photos are displayed.

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Sidetrack is a cool lil Preference Pane app that gives you more functionality to the trackpad of your PowerBook.
What it does is it gives you horizontal and vertical scrolling abilities on designated areas on your trackpad, thus saving you the trouble of moving your cursor to the scroll bar and then scrolling.
Other functions include:
* Map hardware button to left or right click.
* Map trackpad taps to no action, left click, left click drag (with or without drag lock), or right click.
* Compatible with uContro, including uControl’s scroll emulation.
Its still a beta but so far it works quite well with my Pismo.
On a related note, it was quite surprising to know that the use of trackpad was first introduced on a PowerBook.

Microsoft lose to win?

The world is full of conspiracy theories and the latest to hit is about Microsoft’s rather feeble attempt at appealing the verdict against them in the patent related case with Eolas.
This ZDNet article The Patent fight That could Disrupt the Internet gives a darker twist to this legal pit hole faced by Eolas:
bq.. Web users as well as the many content authors who may have to retroactively reprogram their interactive content should be outraged. Not to mention Apple, Macromedia, Real, Sun and other vendors of technologies that depend on the presence of the plug-in architecture.
I purposely left out one plug-in — Microsoft Windows Media Player. Although Microsoft vigorously defended itself and has vowed to appeal the ruling, the verdict is more like a dream come true the Microsoft purists.
Never in Bill Gates’ or Steve Ballmer’s wildest dreams could Microsoft have hatched such a dastardly plan where a tiny company successfully sues for patent infringement and, as a result, Microsoft has to turn off access to its competitors’ technologies for almost every user of the Web (since most use Internet Explorer). At the very least, to keep Web-based content that was designed for the Windows Media Player from being interrupted, Microsoft could hardwire the Windows Media Player into Internet Explorer.
Imagine that. The world’s dominant Web browser supporting nothing but Microsoft technologies. After several governments, hundreds of lawyers, and still more trustbusters worked for nearly a decade to put an end to Microsoft’s monopolistic behaviour and predation, a federal court in Chicago hands a cornerstone of the Web experience to Microsoft on a silver platter.
p. But as always, it is still a theory and with Microsoft’s surprising openess with the Web community about this issue, plus other factors it might just be another conspiracy theorist’s fruitful ideas.

Happy Birthday SM Lee

Lee Kuan YewThe man most regarded as the founding father for modern Singapore celebrated his 80th birthday on 16 September 2003.
For most from my generation and the younger ones, we can only read or watch about how SM Lee with his own single-minded, strong handed ways brought Singapore to where we are now, both the good and the bad.
ST has a feature on the web to celebrate his birthday. Do read and see how the mind of his still works with quite alot of zeal and energy.
bq.. ST: Mr Rajaratnam once said that one tragedy is that you are confined to a small stage that is Singapore. Have you ever wished you could apply your wisdom and skills onto a larger stage?
SM Lee: I have to play with the cards that have been dealt to me. I once said – only half in jest – in a dinner speech in November 1978 in honour of Deng Xiaoping, that if I were born in China, I would not be among the leaders. But had he been born in Singapore, he would certainly emerge at the top.
It is whimsy to imagine what I would do or be if I were born in a larger country. I am just grateful that I have been able to help make something of Singapore.
p. We are also grateful in many ways that he is also born here.

web embedding problems

Microsoft has faced many legal problems the past few years, and most of the time, the problems they face and many times, judgements that were against Microsoft have been cheered and hailed by the world.
However, their case against a lil known company called Eolas which claimed the software giant had stolen browser technology relating to plug-ins, and the eventual ruling against Microsoft which will cost them $521 million, has sent not cheers but rather worrying ripples amongst many, especially web developers.
Eolas “filed suit against Microsoft in 1999, alleging that the Redmond, Wash., giant infringed on one of its patents when enabling Internet Explorer to use plug-ins and applets in the software.”

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Missing the point with messaging

In this case, its with any form of IM or SMS. I’m subscribe to couple of IM services, including ICQ, Yahoo and AIM, via iChat. I’ve also constantly sent and received SMS from friends, and colleagues.
However prevalent these are in modern communication, one fundamental aspect that such communication can presently never exhibit, is emotion. In the future, with the advance in broadband, 3G etc, we might not require short messages and everything can be done with video. But that’s the future.
Here and now, IMs and SMS have been limited in expressing emotions as its purely ASCII characters being transmitted from one end to another. Besides utilising all A-Z and 0-9, we have attempted to transmit bare emotions with 🙂 , smilies. Besides using colons and brackets, modern IM services added graphical smilies which if we believed what we saw in Forrest Gump, was created when he ran past mud and it got splashed onto a yellow tee.

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Added a side column called somewhere’lse which are links of sites or pages which I read about from other blogs or sites. Got the ideas from eclecticism post on how he created his Destinations page.
bq. Each post gets a normal title, the URL of the link goes in the main post body, and any descriptive text goes in the extended entry
All the links are in a new blog, and like how Wudi says it above, that’s how I put the links, the title and the description together.
In my case, as I also created individual pages for each entries to cater to comments/trackbacks, I use the MTEntryMore tags only for the individual archives, while for the leftside column, I make use of the MTEntryExcerpt that will contain less information.
And inorder to have the data from both blogs to appear both sides, I make use of this plugin called OtherBlog written by David Raynes . This allow me to port my MTTags and their relevant information from one side to the other.
You can see this in effect at the leftside drop-down menu for Archives by Categories which will also list the categories from somewhere’lse to the main blog and vice-versa.
Only con is that I’ve to rebuild both sides inorder for both sides to be updated accurately.
Now all I need is interesting links to fill up.

Spam Reporting

Couple of days backed I received two spam email from a new local online shopping site that claims that being an online presence, thus doesn’t have any physical store. Well, that’s quite ok, but if you look at the site, you’d notice that they don’t have any address of an office or where you can find them should anything happen. Well, I ain’t gonna comment on the credibility of such online shops, just don’t get burn.
Anyway, as I looked at the header of the email, i found that the sender most probably used a software on his PC to send his email as the IP number of the source is from Stupidly he left a vital clue to his identity when his userid(radicpunk) was recorded on the email.
Being the curious me, I went to do a google on that userid, and found a few listing of the person and also at those sites, the reference to that online shop. A few more clicks later, you’d find out the person’s name, his fondness for Korean culture and that he most probably took a trip to Korea around the end of last year. And a casual search though the online store’s website, you’d find that he is also the site’s Webmaster & Operations. 1+1 = 2. gotcha.
I hate spam. So when I saw that Maxonline was involved, I went to look at Starhub’s website to look for a contact for spam abuse complains. But no matter where I looked, I couldn’t find anything and had to resort to e-mailing the customer service.

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