Lobangs galore

Happen to come across two websites that put up latest lobangs1 that are available here. From major shopping centres to eateries, you can get them either in your PDA or mail box.
# sglobang
Can be added to your PDA via Avantgo.
# ViVi.List@CommonTown
There’s a weekly mailing list that you can subscribe to.
Happy Shopping.
fn1. lobang – hokkien word meaning special offers, opportunities, can be applied variedly in shopping, job opportunities, pronounced as low-bung.

Blog with care

An innocuous posting about seeing several boxes of some wonderfully new and powerful Apple G5s appearing at Microsoft’s Richmond loading dock, got the author, the sack from his job he had that resides in the same compound.

It’s very unfortunate for anyone to get sack from a job at this point of time, anywhere in the world. But the circumstances in which he got it, is beyond comprehension.

Microsoft has the right to decide that because of what you said, you’re no longer welcome on the Microsoft campus

Looking through the post that started this episode, you wouldn’t find anything incriminating, like disclosing company secrets or something that might discredit the company. It was merely showing something that everyone knows, is no big secret. So he gets the sack, just because someone in the parent company didn’t like what was written.

All I can say is, just sometimes, look through what you have typed before you press the publish button, especially if your bread and butter is provided by someone else.

I am a

Took one of those Sparks Personality test and found that I’m a _ Judge – ( DICT – Dominant Introvert Concrete Thinker)_
bq.. Like just 3% of the population you are a JUDGE (DICT). Your affinity for facts and analytical approach to life help you some complex problems and make tough decisions that others cannot. But don’t think you don’t act like a bitch a lot of the time. You jump into arguments and hold grudges like crazy. Try jumping into the sack and holding buttocks, instead. You could probably use some love.
While some may see you as a bit overbearing and arrogant, your friends know that you are a trustworthy person with depth and a strong sense of righteousness. Although you are introverted and somewhat reserved, you have a forceful personality that your friends appreciate and your enemies fear. God help them. God help all of us.
p. Yes. God help them. God help all of us.
[ via Yann ]

I lurvvee my Apple

osx-panther Another week past with many many Apple news. In no particular order…
# Panther gets released into the wild!
The new Mac OSX – now up to 10.3 – was finally launched today. Its the 4th upgrade in 3 years for Mac OS, starting with 10.0 in March 2001, 10.1 in September 2001 and 10.2, Jaguar, in August 2002. I should be upgrading my Power Mac this weekend once I sort out and backup my data. You can never be too sure what upgrading can do to your machine, so be careful. Need to also check all the apps you use to make sure they work in Panther or there’s an update for it.
# iSync 1.3 now works with my N-Gage without having to hack the files. The icon for N-Gage also appears nicely. But then, its now being reported that N-Gage sales aren’t exactly doing well even if Nokia says otherwise.
# I bought my first tunes from iTMS after I signed in with my friend’s address with the gift certificate I got last week. The song I bought was Fallen by Sarah McLachlan
# new iBooks got launched couple of days back bringing the end for G3 chips as the new iBooks uses G4 chips up to 1GHz.
A very exciting week indeed for Mac lurvers!

Apple Singapore – NO Education Advantage

Was very surprised and equally disappointed to find how much advantage Apple Singapore offers to the Education market.
Take for example Apple’s latest OS release, 10.3 nicknamed Panther. The OS is being retailed in Apple SG store at $230.19 with GST (5%). The education price is at $218.4. Do abit of maths and the discount is only a meagre 5.12%. That’s like buying the retail price and have no GST!
Flip to the Apple’s US Store. The price for Panther is US$129 while for education market its US$69. A massive 46% discount.

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Zircon Gov Pawn Starz rocks

zircongov I was at Bar None last night to catch the Zircon Gov. Pawn Starz do their maiden gig. The show also featured the Observatory and Stoned Revivals.
Was there around 8-odd as the show was scheduled to start at 8. Thinking I might have missed part of the earlier group, I rushed down and found that the first band will only start at 9. I guess typical of almost every Singaporean event (excluding Army activities), the show started late. Almost half an hour. Was fortunate to grab a seat, a beer and struck up some conversation with this freelance writer. [ Note to self – need to remember people’s names after 3 minutes ]
Anyway, 9+ crowd was getting bigger and host of big names start to arrive. Can see some local celebs among the crowd. Saw Madeline Tan, still looking very good.

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iTMS Gift Certificate is non-US friendly

itms-giftcert One of the new features of iTMS is the ability to gift a friend gift certificates allowing the purchase of songs through iTMS. Sounds jolly and nice for us who don’t stay in the US of A.
At the moment, the store only allows purchases with US-based credit cards. So with gift certs, maybe its possible that we can redeem it, and start getting the tunes.
So I got Michael in the US to send me a US$10 gift certificate after sending him the money via PayPal. After receiving it in my mail box, there’s this big REDEEM NOW button which one can click. It automatically switch to iTunes Music Store to the redeeming page. And its there where I got stuck.
Although I have a .Mac address, which meant I automatically have an account in iTMS. But I still need to activate the account, which also meant that I’ve to key-in information like address, telephone number. The only optional thing, ironically, was the credit card info. So I’m back to square one.

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