Trip to Singapore Botanic Gardens

Every year around this period, when I go down to renew the insurance for my mom’s car at Bukit Timah, it will end up as some photo session. Last year it was the Bidadari cemetry.
This year is no difference. Except instead of going to a place of death and decay, I went to a place full of life and energy, the Singapore Botanic Gardens for a walk. I haven’t been to that place for many many years. I can’t even remember when I last walked around the place.
The SBG is such a wonderfully nice place to hang-out. Although it was a hot and humid day, I thoroughly enjoyed the few hours I took walking around and snapping photos of the abundance of nature in there. Call me a swakoo but i can’t wait to go back there again.
The SBG is such a contradiction in a place like Singapore where skyscrapers, people and traffic overwhelms our daily life. The peaceful greenery is very soothing to the eye and the mind. There’s no noise, no crowds and only green and more green.
Anyway, go through my Botanic Gardens album and hopefully it’ll motivate you to take a nice walk down there.

Middle Earth survived with iPods

In the extended DVD of Lord of the Rings – Two Towers there was a documentary on how iPods were used by digital artists involved in the production of the movie. They carried data from their studios back home to do more work and also described how Peter Jackson the director, used his iPod to download the data from access points via their own exclusive “fat pipes” back home to view the work during the movie’s production.
Haven’t seen the DVD myself but it just proof the versatility of the iPod beside it being a music player. Its firewire capability and high hard disk capacity makes it more than just a cool player as compared to many of the wannabes out there.
I remember back when OS X was launched, with only a meagre harddisk space in my Pismo, I wasn’t able to backup my data to do the switch to OS X. So what I did was to install OS X on my first gen 5Gb iPod, and boot my Pismo off the iPod to experience OS X. And nowadays, I also used it to backup my work frequently.
Oh well, there’s much more one can say about how great the iPod is, but this suffice:
[via iPodLounge]

74% Un-telligent!

which is significantly higher than the current average of 60%.
Here is the custom report of your personality that led our team of geeks to conclude (with confidence) that you are resourceful, sly, and guaranteed to get away with everything:
bq.. The subject shows a below average amount of intelligence, and his sense of observation is weaker than normal; in a lot of ways, his brain capacity is similar to that of a gorilla – he couldn’t find his own ass in an empty room! Not that it isn’t big enough.
Finally, the subject displayed a insane and twisted (rather brilliant) sense of humor, a fair and productive sense of morality, and a barbaric self-confidence. The balance of these three traits is important; high levels of confidence, medium levels of morality, and a good level of humor make for the strongest individuals.
p. From Spark dot com – Un-Telligence Test

Busking and the Merlion

I was at Marina Square to catch some action in this year’s Singapore Buskers’ Festival. Happen to catch The New York Street Boys performing their own street-style percussion show. Somewhat like a shrunk version of STOMP.
There’s also the Leopard Man aka Gavin Hay from Australia who’s a self-taught juggler.
This year’s Buskers’ Festival ends on the 23rd of this month with performances at Marina Square, Clark Quay, Robertson Walk, UE Square and Orchard Road. Hopefully I have the time to catch more acts! I paid $50 bucks for them! Well not really pay them. But what happened was that they will collect some money for a few charities in Singapore after their show, and me being the kind soul felt obliged to donate some money. But then, after selling my clie, I forgot to bank in my money and only had $50 notes in my wallet. So…lesson is, always carry small change!
After the shows, I walked down to Esplanade to take some photos.

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Out for a week

Turned green for the whole of last week, thus the lack of posting. It was one of the most dreaded affair for most guys when we have to go back for In Camp Training, or more commonly known as Reservist.
For the uninitiated, every male in Singapore has to go serve in the army once we hit 18. After two years plus in National Service, we’ll be freed to resume studies/work. But we are still liable for call-ups for training. So to many, its a disruption in their normal life, working etc to go back for these in camp training.
For one who’s waking hours never before 9…waking up at 6 to drive down to camp was a big struggle. Especially so when I sleep late. Thankfully, the training was quite ok as it was more a refreshing course to learn back the stuff I did last time, around 8 years back. It was also fortunate that the guys I work with are quite sociable and so it wasn’t so bad.
Got to know some people during the camp whom I’ll most probably be seeing again in a few month’s time.
After waking up so early during the week, I thought maybe I can have a nice sleep on Saturday…but I woke up…at 7.30 in the morning. Blah. Go through tons of news, emails. Need to get back to my normal life again…