Anita Mui died : 1963 – 2003

I’m sad to hear another good artist pass away. I think most of them have just cool down since Leslie and Roman Tam passed away and now its Anita’s turn.

Anyway what happen can’t be help. I wish the three of them live happily in another world.


I felt like a peeping tom today. Not the perverted kind.
Just that this afternoon while I was combing through my photographs to be sent for printing, I happened to notice some new referrals and I popped over to see where they were from. What I saw caught me by surprised.
It was some blogger sites by some of my close friends. Why surprised?
Well the very fact they existed was a surprised. Guess I feel like an outsider trying to look into the inner sanctum. I suppose they have every right not to tell me but well, its a funny feeling to find out without being told.

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Spring Cleaning in Winter

Oh well we don’t have snow, but it seems like we are going through some serious monsoon period. It has been raining for the past few days since I returned back home. Just hoped I’ve not taken over the mantle held by Rob McKenna, the unknown Rain God who has categorized 231 types of precipitation, none of which he likes, in the Douglas Adam book So Long, and Thanks for All the Fish.
Anyway, Dad has booked some guys to repaint the whole house so I’ve been repacking my whole room. So far I’ve cleared 2 big trash bags full of junks plus two more smaller bags. More to come.
BTW, I’ve updated the fotos section to include the photos taken in Genting last week.

Missing me

I was out of touched with the WWW for the past week. Thus the blank page. I was in Gentings, Malaysia to help out at the 21st Century Cultural Arts Development International Choral Festival. It was pretty hectic as I was helping out in running the competition and was sort of like the PA for the judges.
As such, I was deprived from the Internet as the hotel has no Internet access in its room and only had a pathetic cybercafe where you pay 10RM per hour or so.
Anyway, I’m back and have some time to process some of the photos I took while at Genting. Will have more photos and updates as I have the time.
On a slightly wet and sour note, its Christmas time in 5 more days so I shan’t go pissing about missing the showing of LOTR:ROTK because some people conveniently forgot to inform the starting time of the show after booking the tickets, causing me to drive all the way down just to miss the show. It didn’t help that the weather was pissing all day long and the usual route to the cinema was packed with cars. But well, ITS freaking CHRISTMAS and its time for jolly making. So. No bad feelings. I’ll just go pop down some cinema on Monday to catch it myself.

Its been a bad day

In no particular order,
* Nearly got ran over by some fucking idiot Mat driver in a cargo truck on PIE. Fucker travelled at almost 80km/h for a vehicle restricted to 50km/h, Switched 3 lanes with no regards for anyone, Cut into my lane as i’m picking up my speed. Lastly, he still dare to stick his fucking middle finger. I hope you wake up the next day, drive out and your brake pad mulfunction and you plunge into the deepest canal and sink and die, you bastard!
* Stupid driver that insists to park at Mandarin Hotel’s carpark even though the freaking FULL sign is flashing red on top of his car. Caused a massive jam along the slip road that lead into the Hotel and also Cineleisure’s carpark. Can’t you read the freaking sign?
* If someone call you twice in few minutes, doesn’t it say something like please return call ASAP if you don’t pick up? Doesn’t 2 miss call signify anything?
* Helped to hopefully mend a misunderstand between two person, and to find the two of them going at each other’s throat again. Grow up.
* I hate last minute organisation. It only means one thing. Prepare to get Fucked. If you knew that you have only 4 person to help manage over 2000 people, wouldn’t you have like arrange for them to be there early? Especially so when you’re going to be in foreign place.
I hope this is like the bottom of the curve, where the only thing is up. I hate to be pissed off when I’m going overseas.

Bad, Bad Websites

I can’t stand it anymore. I’ve complained to someone there before and I attempted to send an email describing the problems but to no avail.
update they have finally relaunched their website.
Take a look at Power 98 FM’s website.
The left frame contains multiple missing images. The link to the feedback page is\contents_talkback_form.htm … what’s with the forward slash \ ?
When I attempted to email them, I hit into another problem. I can’t find the email address. Yah, i had to copy out the link, correct it, and then open that page to find the email to send to. And then the email bounced. Goodness.
And all these without having a go at the look of the website.
For a national radio station’s website, don’t they know how essential the different avenues the website can help to promote its programs and promotions! Furthermore, how can anyone from that station go about working day in day out without noticing that their website got some fundamental coding errors? Are they blind or am I living on another parallel universe?

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Got BlueJacked?

To the couple at Lips Restaurant who got BlueJacked by me last Friday ( you’d see the message – BlueJacked … N-Rage ) … eh … hi.
bluejackSo what is Bluejacking? Check out this whatis at
In a nutshell, you can send a business card wirelessly via BlueTooth to any BT-enabled phone near you without (most of the time, depending on phone) needing permission from the owner.
The fun part is that the owner will not know who sent it as BT sending is via the phone, not through your SIM-card, so your phone number will not be sent…unless you’re cuckoo enough to send your own business card.
So, to top it off, if you can have visual of the person you’re sending to, you can observe the reactions of the person.
So to the couple that got Give your bf a big wet kiss since its Christmas message … hope your bf got that kiss!

A view of the Internet

opte Ever wonder where you are in the bigger, much bigger scheme of things when you are logged onto the Internet? Or how the Internet might look like if someone were to draw lines linking everyone up?
The Opte Project was developed to do that.
bq. This project was created to make a visual representation of a space that is very much one-dimensional, a metaphysical universe. The data represented and collected here serves a multitude of purposes: Modeling the Internet, analyzing wasted IP space, IP space distribution, detecting the result of natural disasters, weather, war, and esthetics/art.

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Tiger Airways

The Tiger Beer girls or normally called, Tiger Girls have a new and possibly more glamorous competitor.
SIA, together 3 other parties just set up an Asian budget airline called Tiger Airways that will begin flying in the second half of 2004.
So in future, Tiger Girls belong to Tiger Beer…or Tiger Airways?