Friday 5

This week’s Friday 5
You have just won one million dollars:
1. Who do you call first?
2. What is the first thing you buy for yourself?
Mini Cooper S Works
3. What is the first thing you buy for someone else?
Couple of iPods
4. Do you give any away? If yes, to whom?
Yes. Family.
5. Do you invest any? If so, how?
Yes. Shares. House.


Got this when I started ICQ today
bq. him: jimmy! ur picture is vulgar! me: tsk tsk..the flower?
him: yessssssss. extremelyyyyyyyy vulgar!
me: u think tooooo much lah!
him: it looks like ahem…someone ready to “receive”…cos all the flower parts is like a body…then…butt cheeks….then…somemore purple…purple opening…with petals and all…i tot it was some sex doll at first
him: really bad angle!
me: kow tow…you’re the champion!
him: don’t u think so now tt u look at it again?
me: noooooooooo
him: then somemore the colour combi is so sexual
me: its a innocent orchid flower…
me: eh…u need a gf….
him: like white white white = purity..then the purple part opening to the observer…inviting the observer….to depurify…
him: ok fine i’ve got a deprived sex life
me: if not why would u see in such an angle…
him: dunno man…i mean the picture was just screaming “f me”….
him: NOT that i go around ahem-ing any weird objects
me: i will not bring you to my backyard if u do come my house
To understand this conversation, look at this photo

Can't think of a present? Tie a ribbon around a Blog!

Was looking through this post from Judi Sohn about how she easily set up a Movable Type blog for a friend/relative and how through their blogs, they can keep track of each other’s daily life besides the usual email and messenger apps or like she said, ping each other.
With more people getting into blogging, it would be quite a nice idea to send a blog as a gift, tied with a suitable domain name! With webhosting cost getting lower, create a blog ( Movable Type ) and maybe some easy to use photo gallery ( Gallery ) with photos of each other and friends, top it up with a suitable domain name for the person – and you get a unique geek gift!

Crash Boom Bang!

Not exactly like the Roxette album but that’s what happened this evening.
Had a rather bad crash while driving my parents home after visiting on the first day of the Chinese New Year. Yes. First day. Thankfully, none of us were hurt. The car wasn’t that fortunate. Tyres were all flattened and the front right wheel might have broken the axis and some front bumper dents/scratches. Not too sure what else is damaged though as the work shop will only be open on Saturday. Will try to put up some photos of the damage after the visit to the workshop.
Reason why I crashed the car was we went to see a supposedly haunted landmark along Ponggol and I ran against some cement blocks placed to redirect traffic as I was pointing out the building to my parents.

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Monkey Business

Was looking through my newsreader and one piece of Yahoo Most Popular news caught my attention: Singaporeans Urged to Act Like Monkeys. Even the URL was eye-catching – singapore_going_bananas!
Thanks to our DPM, the Zoo’s Monkey enclosure should have a steady increase in visitors while fruit sellers, will also have a windfall with increase demand for bananas.
bq. “Be like a monkey. When things happen, you have to be nimble. Take advantage of opportunities, don’t be cast down, but rise to the challenge if it does occur,”
Read the full report in Today Online

No.1 we don't really want

According to Amnesty International, we have the world’s highest per capita execution rate.
The new report entitled The death penalty – A hidden toll of executions states that Singapore has already 400 executions since 1991 and it was three times the number of executions, relative to the size of its population, as the next country on the list – Saudi Arabia. Most of the cases were for drug trafficking offences.
This issue was recently brought up during PM Goh’s appearance on BBC’s HardTalk program where he was quizzed about the number of executions done in that year.

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I've been "X"

xboxlogoJust got my XBox couple of days back from the Starhub MaxOnline offer. Tie down for another 18 months and get the XBox FOC.
Yeps. Its FREE!
In case you are interested, the offer is still on till end of the month!
However, the offer doesn’t come with any game. It also only come with one controller. So you’d need to go buy more if you want to play with someone else.

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Rocking good time

God of Rock, thank you for this chance to kick ass. We are your humble servants. Please give us the power to blow people’s minds with our high voltage rock. In your name we pray, Amen.
And they did blow my mind! I totally enjoyed the movie School of Rock last weekend!
With so many reviews on the web about this block buster, I’ll spare you guys my horrible attempt.
Being a musician myself, I totally feel for Dewey’s character to perform, to shine and be the star. I also feel alot for the kids in the show, enjoying the time doing something funky and fun instead of the stifling classical stuff.

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