Fornication in a Convertible

copterluv This home movie captured by a US Army helicopter of a couple do’in it under the shack in a convertible. The wonders of modern night-vision technology. Try to listen to the commentary.
“_We have activity but I don’t think we need to report it. It appears to be fornication in a convertible_”
Watch it here


quicksilverOne of the most used application on my Mac is the app launcher LaunchBar. I just have to type a hotkey, the first few letters of the app or url or name, i can launch the app, go to the site or send an email without moving my mouse. the crunch is it costs USD19.95 for a home license.
However a new app, and guess what, a freeware, called QuickSilver is more than a suitable replacement. Although its still in beta testing, I’ve run it on my Pismo and it’s pretty stable so far. Besides being an app launcher, it also allows you to manage your clipboard, and also has a shelf function allowing you to drag/drop anything into it.
Go try it and check out this tutorial on how to use it.

Referrer Spam

I’ve been using Refer app on my site to see where people are coming from to my site.
Most of the time the results are from search engines and once in a while from sites that have links to my site.
Once in a while, there’ll be some unknown URLs that doesn’t make sense. Some have obvious words like viagra, or paris-hilton in the URLs. While searching around, found that these are what is now known as Referrer Spam. Like its other similarly irritating cousins, the Email Spam and the Comment Spam, its main objective was to direct people to their site or business, most of the time being p0rn sites.
The current version of Refer, 2.1, has a built-in filter where you can list out the keywords that will be filtered from the referral result. However, there’s a heap of referral spam from a particular source with 10-odd different URLs. Using the built-in filter will not be sufficient.
That’s where BotWhack 1.0 comes in. What this does is identifying the User agent or browser string that filters out the spamming bots. On the same page you’ll also find the complementary IPWhack plugin that will also allow you to filter out the source of the spam.
FYI, the spammer today was from marketscore dot com.

700 vs 3

Saw this on ST as I tried to catch-up with home news – Big hunt for robbers who fled to Tekong.
Apparently 3 clueless armed robbers from our neighbours up north decided to make a run for it and headed to Tekong of all places, the island where we train our NS boys.
Now among the 700 looking out for them, there are guardsmen, reconnaissance troops, the Special Operations Command and Gurkhas among the crack units deployed, along with 12 search dogs.
And till now, the 3 have yet been found.
According to CNA – “To search for three people in a forested area is not easy,” said Lt-Col Tan.
Oh…and this from a NS boy: Safe in barracks, the recruits took things more lightly. One sent this SMS message to his girlfriend: ‘Yeah! 16km road march cancelled…armed robbers running around Tekong.’
Should have ended that SMS with a big SHIOK AH!

Pepsi iTunes freebie

Yeah freebie! I got my free iTunes song after doing the cheapo method of ensuring getting that free tune. Although this won’t contribute to the 50 mil songs sold via iTMS, and Jobs was quick to point out that iTMS isn’t selling as fast as they hoped for.
On a slightly related note, here’s a cute Star Wars inspired short movie about the iPod. view the movie here