iTunes 4.5

itunes 4.5yesterday marked the first year of apple’s itunes music store and besides the usual number games, itunes was also updated to version 4.5.
h6. first the number games
in 12 months, itms sold more than 70 million songs – that’s 2.7 million songs a week. however, this is 30% short of steve job’s estimate when itms was launched. but its still sufficient to be at the top of the list of other legal music download services.
there is also 700,000 songs from 5 major music companies and more than 450 independent music labels with still more songs being added weekly.
but after a year’s waiting, there is still no sign of itms expanding outside the borders of the usa.

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construction woes

the past month had been pretty bad for local construction industry, although the general health of this industry has been spiralling down, according to my dad who still works in the industry.
first was the cave-in along nicole highway on 20 April. The cave-in occured at the tunneling work of the circle line that killed 4.
then today another accident occurred at Ayer Rajah where there was a collapse of some structure resulting in two deaths and 29 people injuries.
my dad who’s been in this industry since my granddad was still around, has always lamented about how undercutting have caused the eroding of the industry. these undercutting might have resulted in low qc of workmanship and materials used for construction.
all in all, this past weeks have been pretty bad for an industry already badly struggling.

welcome to translate

this will be the new place for me. closed the previous blog as i feel it no longer represents me.
with the start of translate, i’ve also redesigned the whole site, starting with this place, followed by the rest of the site. i’ve stripped off most of the colors and stuck with a simple design, with shades of grey and dispensed with unnecessary items
more of the redesign will come.


After 4 different airports and many hours in 3 different planes, across several time zones – I am home.
Bitter sweet feelings as I step off the plane at 1.05am this morning.
* First surprise as I got home, my parent’s reaction when I woke them up.
* Next, my broken cable modem, which I just got replaced – thus this rather belated post.
* Arsenal losing to Chelsea and Real’s crumbling at Monaco – brings a smile to my tired face. Oh yah, finally got to watch soccer again.
* A scheduled 3 weeks date with the men in green in Australia come November – not looking forward to this.
* A couple of emails about prospective job openings – thanks to all who care.
And now, my eyes are so tired. I have not slept since coming off the plane. I hope this self-torture will allow me to switch back to SGT in the shortest time. Hopefully I can tahan tonight’s after-dinner session.
Maybe tomorrow, I will write more about the whole trip.
And maybe tomorrow, I will finish updating my photos from the trip.
And maybe after tomorrow, I will be able to set up my cafepress store to sell something with those photos.