Euro 04 – England and France – OUT

Quarter Finals 1 ( Match Day 13 )
The two teams that some had thought before the competition started to be in the finals, are out. England suffered another penalty tragedy while the France’s lucky run in the competition ended.
Portugal, the host nation with the whole country and their past reputation on their shoulders, mightily rose to the occasion to beat the English. The game after the extra periods were tied at 2-2. England led early from Owen’s first and last goal in the competition with his usual quickfeet and quick thinking which were sorely lacking early on. As it was, there was pretty much a lack of any creative playing after that and Sven thought he might try a Trappattoni when he pulled Scholes and Gerrard with defensive midfielders P Neville and Owen Hargreaves. And not surprising Portugal coach, Scolari brought on attacking replacements Postiga and Rui Costa who subsequently scored for them. England managed to pull one back five minutes before the end of the 2nd half of the extra period to bring the game to penalty shoot out.

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Euro 04 – Italy out

Group C ( Match Day 11 )
As expected, Denmark and Sweden get the result which guaranteed both teams progression to the quarter-finals which meant goodbye to the Italians.
Before the ball was kicked, with how the rules on settling qualification were set, Italians were already complaining about how Denmark and Sweden will play to a 2-2 draw to eliminate them. And as expected, that was what happened, with Sweden scoring the equaliser right at the end of the game. I would think that if the places were switched, the Italians will do likewise. If the Italians had scored more goals in earlier games then they wouldn’t have to be in that position. They were fortunate not to lose their game against Bulgaria except for the injury time winner.

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2nd chances.

yannLife is never about 2nd chances – a mantra i subscribe to.
You make decisions that can never be taken back. Paths taken seldom have U-Turn signs to make that trip back. Life seldom hands you that second chance to undo mistakes you made.
I never expected one to be given to me, especially from one who is dear to me.
A second chance to undo mistakes made a year back.
A second chance to make good promises made when we decided to share a life together.
A second chance to be a better person, for myself, and for her.
I still believe that life is never about 2nd chances. But when one is gifted to you, make sure you damn well take that chance and make it good. I know i will.
For that, I thank you.

RIP – Airport Card

Had my first hardware failure on any of the two Mac systems I have at home. After almost 3 year plus of almost daily use, my airport card in my G4 Power Mac Quicksilver passed away peacefully today.
It took its last breathe last night after I switched off my Mac to get some quiet sleep. Although the system detected the card, it failed to connect to my base station no matter what I did. Its like having the heart beat without any brain signals – clinically brain dead. Switched it over to my Pismo to try to revive it but to no avail.
After 3 year plus of good service, it had to go.
Rest well – Airport Card
* Serial number PW210S67LP6
* Airport ID 0030651EBC88

Euro 04 – Czech mate, German bore

Group D ( Match Day 8 )
Was glad to stay up for the Czech Republic vs Netherlands match. It was a thriller right from the start. Compared to the German vs Latvia match which was pretty much a bore.
To make things worse, the cafe I went to catch the German Latvia match didn’t had cable and had to rely on Indonesian transmission which was at best like watching it without wearing my spects. The game itself was rather forgettable except for a fine 30 yard run from Latvian Maris Verpakovskis who however shot tamely at Oliver Kahn. Didn’t watch the 2nd half as I decided to spare my eyes from being even more screwed.

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