The Unsung Olympics Gold Medalists

In the run up to the Olympics Games in Athens, we are constantly seeing substantial media exposure to the Games itself and, of course, to the hardworking athletes who will be representing the nation. But unknown to many, Singapore is already an Olympics winner, although not in the sporting arena.
The competition in question is the 3rd Choir Olympics held in Bremen, Germany. In the world’s biggest choral competition, with 83 participating countries, Singapore put up a good fight and emerged fourth, behind only to China, host Germany and South Africa.

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Movable Type on the Mac

Finally gotten down to installing Movable Type onto my Mac based on the tutorial found at MacZealots. The instructions are more or less straight forward and easy to follow. The tutorial will also teach you how to setup MySQL and other modules required to run MT.
To access my MySQL server, I downloaded CocoaMySQL – a free, easy-to-use GUI to access your database.
Together with the installation of PHP using the package prepared at Entropy … I have my exact site running off my Power Mac in around an hour’s time.

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Come here y'all

come-hereSo if you know your HTML from your XHTML, that CSS is not some secondary school acronym and the mention of usability doesn’t only apply to things that can be used – you are welcome to become another Singapore Web Standards Enthusiasts.
So if you are into coding with web standards and not just depend on some WYSIWYG application to develop your site, if you are into coding for the site rather than for a specific browser, if you are interested in providing access of your website to people with disabilities, or if you are just interested in making a better website – drop us a note

iPod – the best just got better

ipod-4g Apple today launched the 4th generation iPod. The new iPods have slimmed a little more this time but also boast a longer battery life. It has the same click wheel design similar to the ipodmini and also some changes in its menu interface.
With the new iPods, there are currently only the 40Gb and the 20Gb, costing S$ 748 and S$ 548 respectively. It also marked the end of the 15Gb iPods which took some business off the iPod minis as they were closely priced but with marked difference in capacity.
Like what my girl would say: whine – i like……


mygirl Yep, that’s my girl wearing her mortar board before her graduation. FYI, she got her Bachelor of Communication Studies with Honours and is out to look for an interesting job in the media/PR industry. Anyone who wants a diligent, smart and creative person to work for them… ‘k i am biased and most probably understated her abilities. But I’m not kidding to say that she will definitely be a plus to any company who gets to employ her.
So what are you waiting for?

Victoria Chorale gets runner-up in Choir Olympics

So proud of my friends who put Victoria Chorale and Singapore on the world map of choral singing. They were at the Choir Olympics held at Bremen, Germany, competing in two categories – Folklore A cappella and Mixed Youth Choir category.
As VC had not compete in the past two years, they had to go through the qualifying rounds held in the earlier part of the Olympics. And they blew the whole competition away with respective top scores during the qualifying rounds.

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Why Mac OS X is Better

From a developer’s point of view – James1 from reflects on why Macs are better than PCs.
bq.. So what about the argument of the Mac being a small market? My response: Define market. First off, I can develop in a host of languages deployable on any platform. Second, in my tribe, Macs are rampant. For example, at this year’s Emerging Tech Conference the machines in tow were about 50/50 Mac vs. Intel. Note that I said Intel and not Windows. The Intel machines seemed evenly divided between Windows and Linux.
For the people I care about, the market share is biased towards the Mac. I guess if I really wanted to sell software to people who buy their machines at Wal-Mart, then I’d be all behind Windows or whatever. But as it is, in the circles I run in, Windows is so 1999.
p. Always good to arm myself with more reasons to share with friends when they ask that question – Why Macs are better than PCs?
fn1. A little background on James Duncan Davidson

ALA – Smarter Image Hotlinking Prevention

A List Apart has published a new article on how to prevent hotlinking of your images with some easy php and mod_rewrites. The advantage of the method brought by ALA is that you can disallow embedding but still allow linking and also redirecting them to customised gallery pages for direct linkers.
Note that you’d require an Apache server capable of running PHP, with mod_rewrite enabled.
Will implement it even though I don’t think people hotlink my images.