AppleExpo Paris – new iMac G5

imac-g5 bq. Where did the computer go?
That’s the tagline of the new iMac that was launched at AppleExpo Paris by Phil Schiller, taking the place of Steve Job who is still recovering from his operation.
h6. Yummy design
So where did the computer go? A 1.6 or 1.8 GHz G5 processor, plus the harddisk, SuperDrive and a NVidia 5200 graphics processor, all squeezed within a 2″ thick screen enclosure. Yep, no extra CPU casing — just a screen — 17″ or 20″, swivels on an aluminium stand.

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No EPL on TV?

the games will be broadcast live for the rest of the season.
bq.. The statement also said that the ‘significantly higher cost of English Premier League broadcast rights in Asia’ was a deciding factor influencing the negotiation process over the past few months.
But both parties agreed to continue with the EPL broadcasts as viewers’ enjoyment of the EPL matches was ‘of primary concern to Starhub and ESPN throughout the negotiations.’
p. finally – it will be a big PR boo-boo if an agreement is not met. ESPN had already invested in the broadcast fee with EPL while StarHub marketed EPL as one of the biggest selling point for getting the sports package — so it is a no-brainer that the agreement is made.

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Singapore Idol – group 1

After all the hoohaa, the real competition started today with the first group of ten singers performing. Contrary to how American Idol was, the show’s not live and the voting only lasts one hour. But who’s complaining. It’s not nothing new for MediaCorp to do that. Remember the BananaMan? According to reports he didn’t get to see the 4 judges and MediaCorp edited and post-recorded Ken Lim’s comments which we thought was said to that joker. Not surprisngly, when they rebroadcast that episode, Ken Lim’s comments were snipped off.

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Photo used

Got one of my photo used in a brochure by Ernst & Young for their Entrepreneur Of The Year – World Summit Singapore 2005. Must thank PopArtGirl for recommending my photos.
So if you happen to be invited and receive it, go look for the little photo on page 17 ( under Summit Program ) … it’s mine!
Although no mula ( read $ ) was given, its a start … so anyone out there like to buy a print or use my photos for stock art?


lijiawei h6. update
unfortunately it was not meant to be. just like jing jun hong 4 years back, Li Jiawei failed to enter the finals game after losing 4-3 to the North Korean Kim Hyang Mi. It was especially sore when Jiawei was leading 3-1 with her whitewashing Kim 11-0 in the second game. On hindsight, it might have been better if she had let Kim scored a few points in that game – it might have just been the kick that spurred Kim to be more determine to win the semi-finals.
I rushed with my girl to Toa Payoh to catch the game with 200+ other locals at the Table Tennis HQ and it had a great atmosphere with little flags fluttering and that noisy blow-up clappers. There were yells of joys whenever Li scored a point, and also a hall of sighs whenever she lost one. In the end, a warm round of applause ran around the hall after the final result set in.
A wasted opportunity.

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More Changes

Every web site needs a site search. Period.
This from one of the issues stated in Mark Pilgrim’s Dive Into Accessibility.
I did not implement it when I did a redesign as the search function implemented by MT made it difficult to adopt the search results to my site design. Thankfully, through Mike Davidson’s entry, I found the solution that will bridge MT’s perl implementation of search with php that will allow me to skin it however I like.

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Happy Birthday Singapore

A little late but Singapore celebrated its 39th birthday on the 9th of August.
As a kid I always like to go to watch the National Day Parade, either at Kallang National Stadium or at the Padang. The marching in of the uniform groups, the dances and the singing always brought out the goosebumps. Last but not least, the perennial crowd favourite, the fireworks right at the end of the show would bring the noise level to a max!
I was almost in the 1994 NDP as part of the Colours parade – the guys in the smart number one uniform, with the officer carrying the State or Unit flags while being escorted by a specialists with a rifle – I was a reserve for the escort role. Thankfully I was the reserved as I sprained my ankle that morning, and because it rained and also of the bad choreography, that year’s marching in of the Colours was screwed.

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