Books for sale

Been sitting on this for a very long time. Here’s some books that I am clearing from my shelves at very low much lower prices. As much as possible, it will be sold locally (aka Singapore only). COD preferred.
Almost all the books are in pristine condition. Please feel free to contact me via email if you are interested.

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Singapore Idol – group 2

I didn’t get to catch this week’s broadcast as I was out doing errands. So what’s the next best thing — listening it on 89.3FM, TVMedia’s radio channel. It turn out to be an interesting way to listen to Singapore Idol wannabes instead of watching them. Take away all the glitz and glitters, take away all the distracting moves and you get to listen to them sing.

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Skype for Mac

skype A little late but Skype finally released a Mac version. So what’s great about Skype? Well, it allows you to do voice-chat with another using the same software. Nothing new there. But the quality is pretty good!
Go try and maybe save some money to buy the new iMac.

Movable Type 3.1

Just when I thought I was going to hit the sack after going through the new iMac, SixApart just released MT 3.1.
bq. We’re extremely excited about this new release, and also about how quickly this free update is coming on the heels of Movable Type 3.0 Developer Edition. Whereas it took more than a year between 2.6 and 3.0, we’re now releasing 3.1 only three months after 3.0 Developer Edition. The release of 3.0, combined with the changes in licensing, has allowed us to recommit resources to Movable Type development, and that’s a big reason why you’re seeing major features in a free update released so soon after 3.0.

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