Something to show

Mugsite update – site was launched at Sitex 2004.
Finally I won something for web design. It feels good to be rewarded and more importantly, being acknowledge by peers and strangers alike for designing something.
This something is my attempt at redesigning the site for Mac Users Group, Singapore, a user group which I frequent and participate. ( Oh, I am known as MacBiff there … )
Although it is not like the Webbys, I am overjoyed to have come up with the winning design. The design hopefully encapsulate the essence of MUGS, and also help the site gets more eye-balls. Oh, and the code is web standards compliant.
Hope to launch the site with the MUGS committee by end November. Stay tune!
Oh, the prize I am getting is the pink ipodmini!


update – oh cool, i am getting the rates agreed earlier. but still, a lesson learnt, everything needs to be in black and white — most of the time.
Just found out I am $20 poorer a day. Went to confirm the amount of days I will work to realised the daily rate submitted was $20 lower than what was agreed on the phone.
Lesson learnt — verbal confirmation means shit. Always remember to send an email to confirm what was discussed. Should’ve known better.
I’ll end on 10 Nov, making it 20 days of work. $400 woosh. Darn.

iPod rejuvenated

Ipod-U2 I am lagging behind … when I woke up this morning, NNW had plenty of news about the new ipodphoto and the ipodu2.
first the ipodphoto has a color screen, shows photos and allows you to plug to your tv to display your photos while the music plays. at both 40Gb and 60Gb, there’s plenty of space to store music and photos.
but wait. its just 2″ display. 5cm. think i’ll squint till my eyes go haywire. and you still need your computer to transfer those photos. maybe belkin had insights to the development blueprints … though i have not know of any reports whether images transferred via the media reader will be displayed on screen. i suppose apple stop short of making ipod the swiss-army knife device which many dreamt of.
p(update). UPDATE Apparently, photos transferred from a media card to the ipodphoto will not be shown on the display according to this review.
bq. For example, I assumed that if you attached a media card reader to the iPod, it would not only download pictures from the reader but also display those pictures on the iPod. Not so. The iPod stores its pictures in special thumbnail files.

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A weekend with numbers

2046 The masthead is the poster from the movie 2046 which I caught with my girl last Sunday. The movie by Wong Kar Wai and has a whole list of A-star actors from Asia. It is a very pretty movie, under the cultured hands of Christopher Doyle, every scene, every angle was carefully thought out to give meaning to everything we see. I felt the movie was a tad too long, too draggy — ok…i admit that I dozed off. Just a few minutes.
Considering it was reportedly a 5 year production, maybe there were too much footage for Wong to leave out in the cutting room. Wonder whether there will be a director’s cut of this show. 5 DVD long perhaps?

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Morning ride

morning ride Sometimes in the morning when I’m stuck in the middle of the morning train, I wish I was an aerodynamic engineer so that I can figure out how to stand at the right angle to get the maximum breeze as the train moves. Or maybe I just need to find which air-vent works in which cabin. However, getting the air also mean one other thing, if there’s someone with BO upstream, you’ll also get the full splendor of the BO.
What’s worse? A mix of garlic and chinese medicine — especially the one you use to sooth aching muscle aches or bruises. I actually felt like having morning-sickness.
Ever notice how fast people walk in the morning — to the train, to the office … and many of them are in heels! Say if we find the fastest walkers, give them intensive training, we’ll have new Olympic medal hopefuls just in time for Beijing 2008!

Its been a while

Twelve days to be exact since anything new appeared here. No I have not been MIA … nor have I been slacking. Nope. I have been hard at work…yes…work.
h3. work #1
I have been redoing the look of this site. Yeah. It still looks rather grey, for at least a few more days it will be. I mean someone said it looks good…why not keep it up for awhile more. But I feel that it needed some brightening up. Its October…
I have most of the templates done, been able to do some testing especially after upgrading MT to the latest 3.11. Thankfully not much problem as I am still keeping all my pages static. I might venture into using dynamic generation when I have more time to play with it as it doesn’t play well with some of the plugins I am using currently. Its a different ball game and such things need time to tinkle.
So, maybe over the weekend a new design will show itself. Maybe.

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Esprit Vertical Catwalk

Esprit Vertical Catwalk Soar like a bird. That’s what I thought of when I snapped this during the Esprit Vertical Catwalk show at Raffles City yesterday. Not so much of soaring since there’s no wing…and they are hoooked onto the safety rope, but that’s irrelevant.
Anyway, although this also appear on my photo gallery…