Macs in Charity

Adri is looking to bring some old Macs to Calcutta for her Youth Expedition Project which will equip local children who were rescued from child prostitution for proper education. So far she has collected a few iMac DVs but most of them lacks RAM muscles. So if you have any spare RAMs please contact her.
bq.. In the second week of December, I’m going to be heading to Calcutta on a Youth Expedition Project, and my team is working with a local NGO there that rehabilitates rescued child prostitutes. These girls are aged between 6 and 18, and have either been tricked and trafficked into prostitution, or given no choice in the matter because their mothers were also prostitutes. Our group is helping Sanlaap, a Calcutta NGO that shelters and educates them, in a variety of manners – education, construction, financial assistance, etc.
I was given the task of sourcing out old computers to bring there – and obviously, as a passionate Mac user, I refused to give them old Pentium boxes. Kind souls have donated a few iMac DVs, and I have them here with me now. To cut the long story short, they’re very good machines but the slight problem is they have only 128MB RAM, and run OS9.1. I’d like to upgrade them to Panther before taking them along, so at the least they can use modern software with these machines

I declare war on the MP3 market!

iBetter not puke And with those words, plus US$100 million backing, Creative plans to rule the world.
Hoo-ah! Just like Master Chief frags all Covenants and Floods to pieces, Creative CEO, Sim Wong Hoo’s bold words today plans to hold no prisoners in his bid to out-invest, out-market and last but not least, out-copy everyone else in the portable audio device market. He already started copying how Apple used to advertise. Creative isn’t it?
To start off this fresh round of attacks, he dangled the offer of trading in an old ipod to get a new Zen Micro for the first 5 people, and reduced price for the next in a campaign he called, iBetter. Huh? Do a trade-up to a Zen Micro? Don’t he mean trade-down? Like what James say: iBetter? Haha.
He also started this competition where you select which are the most favourite and least favourite color amongst the ten different colors. Guess what, the top prize is a Creative Zen Micro Collector’s Series — consists of ten Zen Micros in all ten colours, and wait, check this out, all autographed by Mr Sim Wong Hoo!
I nearly choked when I saw that this morning. Like Mrs Brown said: he think he is U2 ah?
But hey, I signed up for the competition. Do the maths. Each Zen Micro retails at $529. If I win the top prize, its ten Zen Micros. Sell it a reduced prize (i doubt having Mr Sim’s autograph will inflate the value…unlike U2) and if I get rid of all ten, I should have enough to buy much better stuff. Like a new PowerBook or couple of iPods, with cash to spare on accessories.
So let’s all wish Mr Sim and his merry men all the best as they thump their chest and attempt to conquer the world.
And also wish that I get chosen to be the lucky winner!

Vanity tip for babies – breastfeed for straight teeth

According to Italian researchers, babies grow up to have straighter teeth if they were breast-fed when young.
bq.. Babies who breastfeed draw milk up by squeezing the lips and tongue rather than sucking.
In comparison, babies feeding from a bottle use the tongue with a piston-like motion to compress the artificial teat against the palate.
p. I don’t remember that!
So mothers-to-be, to save on future costly dental visits for your children, start breast-feeding.
[ via BBC News – Breastfeed for straight teeth ]

Sentosa turn-off

Sentosa Monkey This poor fella who had the shock of his life when he brought his family to Sentosa for a day tour which made him felt liked he had visited a pig sty!
Isn’t it an unspoken knowledge that locals no longer visit Sentosa, except the young and full-bodied, well tanned and wearing only strings — travel across to Silosa Beach to play balls … i meant volleyballs.
The place is tour-agent haven…for them to skim off clueless tourists who wants to have a bit of sun and look at the history of Singapore, or learn about legendary sea dragons and mythical mermaids within the innards of the 37m high monstrosity called Merlion.
The food is expensive, the tickets too all the major attractions are expensive. The last time i’ve been there was to go to the beach, with my own food and drinks. Unfortunately, I didn’t go there to play volleyball.

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The hippy, the starched pants and the geeks

Or according to Today, a rising star, an established leader and the geeks — SMU, NUS and NTU respectively.
This survey, done on undergrads, JC and poly students, tries to identify the 3 major universities and how those students perceive those schools.
For me, its pretty clear. Need not look at their syllabus nor their results. Just look at where they are located.
SMU will be located right smacked in town. They are only minutes away from, Orchard Road. The hippest place in this island. You have more malls, cinemas and foodcourts per sq feet than any other location.
NUS is located at the West Coast. Minutes from Holland V, Sixth Avenue and only slightly away from districts with houses you’d only see on television. Mind you, those houses have drive-ways … and beat that, a fountain, right in the middle. Chances are, they have more cars than you have matchbox models. Needless to say, these area contains the most CEOs, white pants etc.
Lastly, NTU. Beside the campus, the most populated area nearby, are the cemetries along Lim Chu Kang road. Only ONE major mall nearby. And that meant a thirty minutes ride on the bus, if you are lucky.
So, need a better way to classify the 3 universities?

Halo 2 overdose

Capture the Flag A sign that you play too much Halo 2 on XBox Live — you start dreaming about it.
In the dream, the game was Capture the Flag, or CTF. Idea of the game in most FPS is to capture the opponents’ flag and bring it back to your base to score.
The dream had a twist. Game was played on our streets, with no weapons. But all of us were on bicycles. Yep. Riding on bikes, chasing after a flag. So you get stunt bikes, mountain bikes…i don’t think i recall having Lance Armstrong in my team…but it was fast and furious.
Unfortunately, I remember chasing after the opponent with the flag, pedaling like I am doing the Tour de France but failing to stop him from returning the flag to his base.
And I woke up.

Master Chief is back

After weeks of hype, I got my copy of Halo 2 as the clock struck twelve. Yep, got bitten by the hype and went Funan to grab my copy with PopArtGirl’s boyfriend. Surprisingly there were only small groups of people gathering outside the few shops that were opened for the launch. I would have imagine long queues snaking around the lobby. Anyway, managed to get a small discount from the limited edition plus the xbox live starter’s kit.
After playing the campaign portion of the game, I hooked up the XBox to the Internet and started playing on XBox Live. Together with those guys from my last workplace, it had been nights of fragging, especially with the long weekend the past week. The gf has already called tagged herself as a XBox Widow although I try as much to play the game at hours where my company is not needed — a matter of compromise, as usual. Maybe she can use that as her gametag if she ever gets onto Live.
My Avatar Talking about gametag, look for MacBiff if you are looking for someone to join your party for the next “Capture the Flag” session.
Oh, with the improvements in the stats collection system done up by Bungie, you can even keep track of my gaming progress with a RSS feed. But I will seriously question your sanity if you do that.

a longer day

As I write these words, George W Bush has been reelected for another term in the office of the world’s powerful nation.
after a long day of voting, counting, and doubting, john kerry conceded defeat to bush with bush probably winning both by electoral and popular vote count.
i can’t say whether it is/will be a good choice for the americans and the world, but i guess at the end of the day, there are not enough voters who voted because they don’t like bush, and not enough voters who think kerry can do good if elected.