Link-a-lor Episode 2

Apple stuff
* No more FireWire cable for new ipodphoto – is the technology created/designed/influenced by Apple being relegated as second class citizen to USB2
* Witch — cool app to switch between windows ( not just application )
h3. Funny and interesting stuff
* Post Singapore Idol activity -You get to sign girls’ lingerie for auction. ( via singapore official porn site )
* See Beyonce bounce ( alil NSFW )
* If you are famous and has a equally famous dog, don’t use the dog’s name as a password for your phone or risk getting it hacked ( another NSFW )
* Wet dream for most bloggers — getting paid to blog
* Play the Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy Adventure Game — updated with graphics compared to just the blue screen I used to play on my old XT
* Getting the iShit in Iraq
h3. Design stuffs
* Fontleech — constantly-growing index of the best free font sites on the web

Straits Times free no more

It had to come soon after they requires registration for viewing the Straits Times Interactive. They just announced that they are turning to a subscriber-only website from a mass mail just sent out.
Wham Bang Thank you Madm. You have just effectively marked the end of your online presence.
bq. We believe that we have a good and valuable product that users will want to pay for. It’s also not a tenable business model to charge for the print edition of the newspaper and not for its online edition.
So when you are facing decreasing subscription for your print edition, to make up for it, you start charging for your online edition. Smart.
What’s worse. You don’t even get a peep at the day’s content. Even oldies like New York Times gives you the day’s news and they don’t even charge for subscription.
the first perks that they mentioned, is of all things — all the showbiz gossip and lifestyle features you see in the print edition of Life will be available online. i get better stuff on the www — and earlier too.
The other slightly more meaningful perk is an increase of their archive from three days to seven days back.
bq. A subscription will cost S$72 for six months (S$12 a month), or S$120 for a year (S$10 a month). A one-month subscription will cost S$15.
For me – bugmenot
On a related note, with the change in the service, SG Chronicle might end its service come April.
Read Brown’s take — there are some good links on why that tenable business model is not as tenable as they want us to believe.
Oh and wonder who wrote that email ( see below ). Try reading this paragraph fast and see whether you understand it the first time.
bq.. You will want to know whether you will get anything more, now that you have to pay.
The answer is yes.
p. My eyes…my eyes…
Read letter from ST in full here.

A little bit of Singapore in every shuffle

according to this posting in mugs, some plastic components of Apple products are produced here in Singapore by a company called Fisher Tech Ltd. Most of it can’t be seen but if you pull out your ipodshuffle cap, the word Singapore can be found inside it near where the ball bearings are, as well as the cap for the lanyard.
h3. NPNT1!
anyone with a iPod shuffle can snap a photo? no shuffle to test lah.
fn1. NPNT – No Photo No Talk

iPod updates

its so pink i can't open my eyes For once, product updates didn’t occur in the wee morning. after some frantic refreshing of the apple store since the brb stickie image appeared, Apple with as little fanfare updated the ipod family.
h3. ipodmini
gets a new 6Gb model with 18 hours battery life (eat that zen micro!) at S$438. the 4Gb model also has the same battery life and a nicer price of S$348. thankfully, the bronze (some say gold) model is dropped.
There are also new iPod mini armbands in 5 different colours! Please somebody get a pink iPod mini and wear a Pink armband running around in a pink tee and pink shorts…and maybe pink shoes too! ( don’t ask me why… )
h3. ipodlink
no more 40Gb model. there is only the 20Gb at S$528. nothing new besides the pricing. it might signal the beginning of the end for the originals with iPod photo taking over the mantle.
h3. ipodphoto
price drops to S$788 for the 60Gb model while there is a new 30Gb model taking over the 40Gb, priced at S$618. There is a new iPod Camera Connector allowing direct transfer from your digicams to your iPod photo for storage, instant viewing and slideshow playback — a badly missed feature when iPod photo was launched. ( no detailed information as the product will be launched in March ).
update — the appearance of the iPod Camera Connector ( thanks Hunter for the tip-off )
BUT — some accessories that were included when iPod photo was launched have been withdrawn from it, resulting in the S$300 price reduction. ( via Phantomlee78’s research at MUGS )
bq.. Accessories that are excluded from the new iPod photo
AV cable: $34
Firewire: $34.32
Dock: $68
Power adapter: $54
Carrying case $54
Total value: $244.32
So let say you want all those accessories
30GB: $618 + $244.32 = $862.32
60GB: $244.32 + $788 = $1032.32
1st generation ipod photo 40GB: $888
1st generation ipod photo 60GB: $1088
h3. Education pricing
Only available at the online store.
iPod photo 30GB – S$568.05, iPod photo 60GB – S$724.50; iPod mini 4GB – S$312.90, iPod mini 6GB – S$393.75; iPod 20GB – S$486.15. ( via adri )
h3. Firmware update
Get the newest firmware update with something new for everyone, including my oldie 5Gb.
Thankfully there is no BlueTooth iPod or for that matter, something revolutionary launched with just one press release. That should be reserved for some MacWorld in the future.
Perennial question — will i buy?
Short answer: No. I still have no need beyond my oldie 5Gb. Maybe a shuffle … maybe.

Boulevard of Broken Songs

Boulevard of Broken Songs Heard this new mash-up song on the radio a few days back and absolutely loved it! Called Boulevard of Broken Songs, it was mashed by this guy called Party Ben and includes Green Day’s Boulevard of Broken Dreams, Oasis’ Wonderwall, Travis’ Writing to Reach You and Eminem’s Sing (For the Moment) which also included sampling from Aerosmith’s Dream On.
bq. Since I do a weekly mix show already (the Sixx Mixx Fridays at 6 pm on Live 105, San Francisco), I always have to come up with interesting remixes or weird segues. One week in late September I was listening to the Green Day original and it seemed strangely familiar. After a few days of mulling it over, I realized the song I was thinking of was Oasis “Wonderwall”. I just started putting them together and it worked. The Travis and Eminem just sort of popped in there randomly, although, I wanted the Aerosmith original, but it wasn’t on iTunes, and I was making the mix at like 5 pm on Friday and didn’t have time to go to the record store. Then I remembered the Eminem track that samples Aerosmith. So, there wasn’t really any “inspiration” as much as there just was “desperation” to finish my show–there’s nothing like a deadline to get you in gear.
Read about Party Ben in an interview with G4. Also check out his other mash-ups at his download page.

Road rage gets $1000 fine

rage (rāj) n. a. Violent, explosive anger. See synonyms at anger. b. A fit of anger.
Man’s car driven by his wife got into accident with another. Enraged, man got out and attacked the other driver by punching and strangling before being pulled away by man’s wife. Usually such cases either end with a fine or a jail term.
However, since 1992, Chief Justice Yong Pung How declared that jail sentences should be handed out to all road-rage offenders. In 2000, he reversed a judgment and sent a company director who punched a cabby at a carpark into jail instead of a paltry $1000 fine.
In this latest case, the magistrate ruled out the jail sentence for the chairman of Premier Taxi Timothy Chua because the attack was not premeditate and he had demostrated genuine remorse and tried to compensate his victim, Toh Tong Lee, the next day.
bq.. ‘His culpability to a large extent is mitigated by the seriousness of the traffic accident, his attempts to correct the wrong he had done and his genuine remorse before the start of civil proceedings,’ she said.
Chua, she said, had attacked Mr Toh on the spur of the moment, and had not used a weapon.
Said one lawyer: ‘The magistrate must have considered the mitigating factors in Chua’s case to be extraordinary to impose just a fine.’
p. Extraordinary. I am sure Mr Chua did not ponder about wacking up poor Mr Toh before both cars got into an accident. I am sure any sane drivers would not even consider going for another’s throat whenever there is an accident. And do you need a weapon to inflict injuries on people? People who were murdered by another via strangulation, no weapons involved?
Lastly, when you done something wrong, what’s the next step naturally — apologise and feel genuine remorse and maybe if you are rich, drive a Mercedes and chairman of some big firm, ironically a Taxi company, you would also try to compensate ( some would say buy-out ) the victim.
And the magistrate of your trial says these are all mitigating factors and you’ll only be fined $1000. That is so not right.
h3. update – Road rage: Appeal against fine for taxi boss
ST reports that the prosecution is appealing against the fine sentence meted out in the case against Chua.
bq. She noted that Mr Toh had contributed to the accident, the seriousness of which had enraged Chua, and that Chua had attacked Mr Toh on the spur of the moment.


ntuc club It was just announced that NTUC will take over the former chic club Embassy located at Esplanade and renamed it as NTUC Club and it will be launched on May 1 – Labour Day. With this new Club, it will be their seventh club NTUC owns throughout the island.
bq.. There will be a name change, and those signature see-through glass floors will be no more.
In its place will be a ‘Zen, very modern’ design, said NTUC Club’s deputy chief executive, Mr Lim Eng Lee, in an attempt to break from the past.
‘We want a clean slate. The glass floors were very Embassy.’
Other changes can be expected from a redecoration effort that will cost about $1.2 million.
Exactly what will be done is still being decided, but NTUC Club hopes that the new nightspot will give it what it is not commonly associated with: a hip quotient.
p. Yep. Hip. NTUC.
happening From these photos, those clubs seem to be quite happening! Got leather, metal cages and nurses…nurses! Wow!
So while devouring packs of Chicken McNuggets, me and my friends came up with things we hope to see but probably won’t when NTUC Club opens —
* Big giant screen showing psychedelic videos will suddenly display next week’s discount items at NTUC Fairprice
* Besides the bar counter, there will be a Cheers mini-store
* Bring ten used NTUC Fairprice plastic bags to redeem one free drink – eco-friendly
* Likewise, unused drink coupons can be used to redeem one free drink at Fairprice or Cheers
* Glow-in-the-dark stamp you get upon entering the NTUC Club can be used for 10% discounts at NTUC Fairprice or Cheers. Cashier counters at said locations will install UV lightsticks.
* Besides Long Island Tea, one can also order diao-her1 or tuck giu2.
* NTUC Fairprice adverts on newspapers includes vouchers for free entry to NTUC Club
fn1. diao-her — Hokkien for fishing, common term used for a cup of Lipton tea ( think action when using tea-bag )
fn2. tuck giu — Hokkien for football, common term used for a cup of Milo ( think of the visuals on Milo cans )

Huayi – Thunderstorm

View from the back That’s the view of the Singapore Chinese Orchestra from the back of the Esplanade Concert Hall where the choir sits during the rehearsal for the performance of Thunderstorm 雷雨 last Friday.
There were plenty of time in-between segments where we had to sing so I decided to whip out my phone to snap some photos.
Decos from the ceiling Performance was a breeze and enjoyable time, especially when I sat beside this mega bass from Shanghai Opera House Chorus. He had such a rich and big voice, and I had to sing with additional effort just so I could hear myself. The SCO was impeccable as usual. Playing effortlessly with much poise and professionalism. An interesting observation — during rehearsals, they will stop playing once the clock strikes 10pm, even if we have not finish the whole run-thru. And we also wonder, how much they actually earn, we have seen a few of them driving mercs and other nice cars, especially the key players.
Side effect of a week of intense rehearsals and performance — segments of the tunes and lyrics keep floating around my head … and unconsciously mouthing the lyrics and when the friends gather, we start singing it again. shrugs
Oh well, after last week’s hectic schedules where we even had rehearsals at Valentine’s Day, the efforts were worth it as it was one of the better performances we participated in and now, I’m gonna look forward to six months of drudgery to prepare for our annual concert in August.