Super Shiner

super shiner Whether it was just a publicity stunt or not, LuxPro have come up with a new product and it’s called the Super Shiner which well, still looks like the ipodshuffle and sports the same features as the Super Shuffle.
I want to buy one.
[ hat tip to oeyvind ]
update — eh it is now referred as Super Tangent…maybe they are pulling another fast one.

Happy Birthday to me

31st and counting.
An hour and a half after the clock strike 12 and I was just finishing touching-up the last of the photographs taken yesterday morning. It was for a company’s annual report and was the first time doing it. After looking through them, I can only say that you won’t find them on my fotos site. Didn’t really like what I took but I didn’t really have any idea what to expect. A clinic, a lab and an office, all with fluorescent lamps and no natural lights. Didn’t matter anyway since it was raining cats and dogs.
Taking photos aside, the client was with me when we took a cab from the clinic in town to their office. Along the ride, she realised I wasn’t as old as she thought I was, as she had the impression from D who got me the work who’s couple of years my junior. And apparently she knew some people from my JC days who accordingly to her, is doing very well and are multi-millionaires. Eh…ok, i thought as I think back to those days and those two guys she mentioned. Few years back I might thought — damn, must find out how they do it etc etc. In the cab, I just shrugged my shoulders and thought, good for them.
After taking the photos, decided to call mb out for lunch since it was around lunch time when I reached Raffles Place. Being active bloggers, the lunch was spent going over blogs, people who blog, what to blog, how to blog and what to do about blogging in the future. mb is really doing alot for blogging in more ways we can see, and he is really passionate about it. if given the chance, he’d probably quit his job and just blog, do his podcast and come up with some funky ideas with his other kakis and then blog about them. there is that zeal in him that somehow will make things happen.
so, another birthday. just another birthday.
my present hey thanks for all the well wishes man. really appreciate it. feel so loved!
anyway, had a lovely dinner at the Kuishin-Bo restaurant with yann to celebrate my hatch-day. The food was pretty ok, except with buffet, you tend to overeat and which I did. The Kamameshi was good with seafood pretty fresh and all, cept maybe the soup base was a little salty. You’d probably want to take that early for the soup and the food in it to be warm up sufficiently. The sashimi stuff I guess were good and fresh as Yann had a feast with those. I’m not into the raw stuff so, next. Teppanyaki was pretty alright, but i think i’d rather get the ones at the Bugis Junction foodcourt where they cook for you and are more generous with the black pepper sauce. nothing beats having good food with the best of company. 🙂
thank you.

Earthquake at Indonesia

Another strong earthquake with magnitude of 8.2 on the Richter Scale hit Sumatra, Indonesia at 12:10am Singapore Time and the epicenter is 200km off the northern part of Sumatra and 30km deep. No report of tsunami yet but the warnings have been issued.
mr brown got first hand report from Faith-T who stays in Ponggol.
bq.. We’re mid-way through an episode of Frasier when suddenly we felt the tremors. It was pretty freaky! We were watching telly in bed and I heard loud creaks and felt my bed swaying back and forth. For a nanosecond I almost thought my cat was playing under the bed again — yes, and she had gained super strength… Look, it’s past midnight, I’m sleepy, my brain’s not all there, ok?
Turns out there’s a quake measuring 8.5 on the richter scale near North Sumatra. And we felt it all the way here in Punggol.
p. while Caleb seems to be more prepared for such emergency when he himself also felt the tremors.
bq. I immediately grabbed my knapsack which usually contains my essential stuff (passport, bank books etc) and threw in some underwear, jackets etc. Then I put on a pair of denim jeans and ran for dear life to the lift. When I got downstairs, there were families dressed in their PJ’s looking scared and confused.
nash1126’s posting at SPUG was instantaneous, clocked at 12.11am:
bq. My block is shaking!!!!!!!
update more blogging reports …
Ah 9, who probably was woken up by a smaller quake at around 4a.m. and ended up having a long sms conversation with his pal Donny that revolves around being shaken and ending up banging everything in sight.
bq. Donny’s sms : Wah.. Nbcb… It’s the end of the world! Do what u wanna do! Stop all the fantasies of having sex with that sexy neighbor! Rape her!
( speechless and sleepy im not sure bout the sexy neighbour…but i do have a sexy malay girl neighbour living further down the corrider…real sweet and sexy looking…nope i do not have intentions to rape anyone. )
but ah 9 was quick to put up a disclaimer saying all lewd jokes are mentioned in good faith…no real intentions to carry them out. What could two horny corny guys talk about at 4.50am in the morning…earthquakes and women…what else. So please don’t go flame him for being insensitive. 4 a.m. ok…his brain was probably still sleeping, though another head might be wide awake. 😉
Lancerlord meanwhile was wondering whether the nightly ritual of blogging and visiting other’s blogs have gone to his head.
bq. Well, I didn’t react much after feeling the tremors. My only thoughts were “Fwah kaoz! I’ve been surfing too long. What has blogging done to my head!”. I didn’t bothered also partially because my considerate neighbours staying upstairs had decided to use KungFu Hustler to test their home entertainment system…in the middle of the night!…at 11.30pm! All the cling clang cling clang kaboom bang had already made my windows vibrate.
all in all, think Jeff Jarvis sums it up when he says bloggers are morons
bq. Blogging has fried our brains. Instead of evacuating after the tremor, we, bloggers staying in high rise apartments, sit here n blog about it, oblivious to the risk should the building topple over or collapse. I, for one, was furiously typing away as the floor swayed under me instead of making plans to leave my apartment. Should I laugh or cry at this stupidity that has befallen me?
I would probably be doing that if I had felt it. Moron me.

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Link-a-lor Episode 13

The long weekend that was just alittle too short, meant that most of the time was spent either at pubs, choir practice and weddings. So lotsa interesting stuff been popping up on the internet which also meant another bumper issue.
h3. Apple stuff
Like the itch which always returns behind your back, the issue about Mac OS X being vulnerable in the future when more people make the switch have always been brought up time and time again. Yes Macs are not perfect, or impregnable. Yet companies like Symantec pops up with FUDs about how Macs increasingly becoming targets for hackers and malware authors once market share increases? Does Symantec knows something we all don’t know? Or has sales of anti-virus software for Macs decreasing till they need something to boost their bottomline?
For Mac users, please do not be paranoid and go to the nearest store to get the latest anti-virus software. We are still safe. There are no place to hide for such malwares to survive or be executed without being discovered. And if you don’t enable root access, you need not be paranoid over such stories.
* Tiger to bring rotation to a monitor near you
If this really is true, there are possibilities of tablet kind of laptops or laptop-minis from Apple that will utilise this.
* iPods are bad for health
because it encourages kids to be selfish and lonely. Oh no.
* PodShirt
Wear your ipodshuffle on your iShirt!
* Home on the iPod
A good guide to making full use of your iPod for more than music listening
* iPod Camera Connector supports video, audio importing
Besides photos, the connector allows other media being imported into the iPod, clearly showing the new chip that runs the iPod has much more potential for more uses with its USB support
* Annihilation of an iTrip
Making sure the non-working iTrip is destroyed, with photographic evidence. Burn baby burn!
* DIY iTrip
Why buy when you can build one yourself?
* iTunes phone on the rocks
Will that phone ever see the light of day?
* iTunes Custom Cards details emerge
Darn, I want my iTMS now!
* With Mac mini, Apple builds a smaller box
A brief look at some of the thinking behind the design of the macmini.
* Re-Imagining Apple: Apple gear we hope to see
A group of images rendered by Robert Brunner, Apple’s chief designer in the early 90s on what Apple might come up with in the future. My personal favorite is a toss-up between the iPhone and the iHomme
* One whole day without my PowerBook
A match-up between having a girlfriend and a PowerBook.
h3. Other tech stuff
* Napster To Go – Review and Features Guide
I’m still not really convinced with the subscription model and the review was also not kind to the Creative Zen Micro which promptly crashed and had to be replaced.
* Take your Porn on the Road
With PSP hitting the States, it probably will start another round of porning for the mobile/gaming people since the PSP can view vids. With iPods you have iBod … so PSP gonna have?
* EarthCore, a podcast novel
Something like a modern day War of the World broadcast but utilising podcasting instead to spread the story out.
h3. Design and blogging stuff
* CSS Rounded Box Generator
As the title says, getting the CSS code to generate rounded boxes
* Portfolio checklists
13 items for a better portfolio.
* Portfolio design – minimalism or not-so minimalism
Should your portfolio outdesign your previous work or should the work shines?
* Feedster’s Corporate Blogging Policy
Not applicable to all, but can be used as a guideline for those who work in the bigger corporations to safeguard yourself.
* The Ten Commandments of Freelancing
A must read for those who earn their living on their own.
* Malarkey Image replacement
Another method in image replacement
h3. Fun and interesting stuff
* Boobie fan message
A new link to an older post (NSFW)
* Credit card prank II
A continuation of the earlier credit card prank. Don’t try this here as signing off as My Butt will probably make you a friend of the man in blue.
* A Collection of street art
NYT’s slideshow. Maybe we should stick up some sexyblogger pics at our museums.
* Sims-style anti-teen-pregnancy ad from Belgium
Sims playing viewers will probably understand the video. [ via BoingBoing ]
* Wing Music
The artist, Wing, who was featured in SouthPark season 9 episode 3. There is also the WingTunes Official fan club
* Very bad logo
Very wrong.
* Flickr buddies
See your buddies in a flash [ via LancerLord ]


creative commons - attribution n. 1. The act of attributing, especially the act of establishing a particular person as the creator of a work of art.
Especially when it comes to blogging, sometimes when we have nothing much to write, in-order to make sure the blog doesn’t grow stale, some of us like to put links or short paras to interesting news or articles found at other sites. And as a form of courtesy, proper attribution for the source of the content that we gather it from is given and a trackback ping is sent if it is possible.
With my site, I have no issues with people quoting what I wrote, since I seldom have much for people to quote. But the least I expect is a link back to the page where the content was taken. As for photographs, especially those that are hosted on my server, I’ve implemented a simple solution to prevent hotlinking of them on other sites, except those I participate in, eg. MUGS or ClubSnap. This is done so as to prevent bandwidth leaching. However, that can’t really be controlled if the images are hosted elsewhere, like Flickr.

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Creative banging Paris Hilton

Damn, did I say bang? No i meant to say, Creative banking on Paris Hilton. That is according to the Straits Times’ exclusive report that Creative are seeking Paris to promote their products, in an apparent attempt to try to wriggle their way into the US market. Who’s a better person than Paris right? You know, the one who takes nudie shots with her girl pals on her SideKick, or the one that has a DVD called one night in paris about her sex shows with her ex and then went on to try to steal a copy of that DVD. God, what an absolutely good choice!
paris goes zen Cool. Maybe that’ll be their main ad campaign, with alil bit of Paris and alil bit of the iPods ads.
As mentioned by littlecartnoodles, Creative must be following iRiver’s footstep in getting a famous US personality to sell their products. Coincidentally, both stars have sex videos out in the market. How creative can that be!
update — someone either emailed Engadget or they found the news link at SG Chronicle but the news is up at Engadget – Creative not so creative getting Paris to plug the Zen Micro. Awesome
bq. Is there anything in the gadget world Ms. Hilton won’t plug these days? She already did the Sidekick (despite the fact that it came back to bite her), then she did V Cast-exclusive eps of The Simple Life, now she’s “desperately” obsessed with Creative’s pink-model Zen Micro? Sim Wong Hoo (who we previously noted for seriously throwing down the gauntlet and calling out Apple) has to be all smiles about this one, though, since they’ve never really had star-power before—let’s just hope Paris doesn’t let them down and leave her Micro somewhere all loaded up with home sex recordings in MP3, or something.

Transparent screen

Transparent Screen My take of the the transparent screens with my Apple 17″ Display and my QuickSilver at the side. There’s quite a cable mess right behind with cables for my speakers, keyboard, trackball and telephone lines.

Link-a-lor Episode 12

After yesterday’s Godzilla of a link-a-lors, today’s episode is much much smaller, like a Pokemon.
h3. Must Watch of the Day
* Swinging Monkey Evading Tigers
Ok, that’s a rather stupid title I gave but check out the video clip of this rather psycho monkey giving its best against two tiger cubs.
h3. Apple stuff
* PyMusique Strikes Back
An ongoing one man vs corporation battle between DVD Jon and Apple. PyMusique basically allows purchase from iTMS without all the DRM so that users can play their music outside iTunes or iPods, especially useful for Linux users or people with other brands of MP3 players
* ryan phillippe with ipod shuffle Ryan Phillippe and his swinging iPod shuffle
For the girls [ via Pink is the New Blog ]
h3. Tech stuff
* Yahoo finally goes 1Gb
In a bid to stay relevant with GMail soon to come out of beta-hood.
h3. Fun and interesting stuff
* Purseuing
The purse and bag blog — ok this is here because I happened to bookmark it. Don’t ask me why.
* How to build an Audience for your blog
Good advice for those who craves for more hits on their blogs from Cowbow Caleb
* Skyline Ranking
Singapore is 5th on this list which ranks cities by the visual impact of their skyline. Their method of calculating the score is based on points given for each building’s floor count. Hong Kong is first while New York City is second. In terms of the number of buildings, we are third with 3,499 high-rise buildings.


are you sexy? Ok. I am a little late in posting about the sexyblogger fever that is infecting the local blogsphere. From the young to the not-so-young, from the hairy one to the more hairy one.
Of course, none come close to the original, the one and only XiaXue, who sometime back got her commercial break with localbrand, a local tee-shirt company where her photo which appeared on their front page which somehow got plucked and ended up on Tony Pierce’s site.
mr brown and mr miyagi soon started off this tongue-thing meme. I’m quite sure both of them are jealous of her assets and are trying all-out to wrestle the crown of THE SEXY BLOGGER from her. Anyway, from those who submitted to flickr, brown and miyagi definitely face more competition from the likes of adri, or lynnylchan, or La Idler. However i think dannybunny probably takes the cake. Check brown’s I’m too sexy thread for links to other tongue-ie or via flickr.
update — the sexiest of them all — the tongue to rule them all!
yann Anyway, localbrand was quick to pick up this sexyblogger fad by announcing a 20% discount for anyone who show up at their retail shops and do the tongue-thing while purchasing their tees. However, please try it at home before you go out and shock the hell out of some unsuspecting ah-sors.
As for me? Eh the tongue-thing is alittle too traumatic for my tongue to attempt. So here’s my rep:
tongue me So please, show us your best tongue photo and put it up at flickr and tag it with sexyblogger.
Let’s all tongue the world!
update of an update
me tongue Ok. With good food, the tongue just snakes out.