For Sale : Nikon Coolpix 5700 with accessories

Nikon Coolpix 5700 with Accessories I’m selling this beloved Nikon Coolpix 5700 together with the accessories shown above. The complete kit consists of:
* Nikon Coolpix 5700 ( comes with one original battery, box, manuals, softwares included )
* WC-E80 Wide Angle Converter with UR-E8 Lens Adapter sold
* MB-E5700 Battery Pack sold
updatewilling to let go immediately for S$550. Please email or leave a comment.
update of update — my camera has been sold. hopefully I’ll get one soon enough to replace this and start taking more photos.
I have this camera since July 2002 and it is still in very good condition. Everything still works as it should be and still works as well as it was back in 2002.
For a full list of the specification, please refer to Nikon’s SG CP5700 page
To see some of the photos taken be me with this camera, you can view my fotos 2004 archive to have an idea of the images taken by this camera.
Reason I am selling is so that I can raise enough funds to buy a new Digital SLR camera. As much as possible I would like to sell this camera in the set as displayed as they work very well with each other. If you are interested, please drop me an email or leave a comment.

Backup for Tiger

The lao hor box After a short wait, I just got a call from Apple ( i think ) to notify that my copy of Apple’s new operating system OS X 10.4 aka Tiger will come tomorrow afternoon.
h3. Backup, backup … hummmm … backup
Like all upgrading of the operating system, the first thing to do before you jump in is to backup. Besides the usual stuff like your own documents, files, data or saved games etc, there are some other things you might want to backup. This is especially important when you’re planning to do a Clean Install — means reformat and install.
h3. Backing up your Mail
The data for your mails if you use is located in ~/Library/Mail. ~/ indicates your Home directory.
Each account will have an individual folder with the file name in this format [mail format]-[email username]@[mail domain]. mail-format cold be POP/IMAP/Mac depending on what your configuration. What you can do is backup these folders, and after you update the OS, configured the Mail with the same account information, you can replace the new data created such that your old mails will be reappear.
mailboxes If you have organised your mails be sorting them in your own mailboxes, remember to keep the data in Mailboxes … quite obvious.
If you use Junk Mail filter in, you might also want to keep the file LSMMap which contains the rules for filtering junk mails. I’m sure you wouldn’t want to go through the hassle of re-teaching again. [ tip from macosxhints ]
h3. Application Support
This folder located at ~/Library/Application Support contains configuration files and data that certain application might use. For example, Synergy the iTunes controller, stores its album art files it downloaded from Amazon in ~/Library/Application Support/Synergy/Album Covers.
So it would be good if you traverse through the Application Support folder to make sure you backup some of the necessary data and files. Some of the important ones includes AddressBook, Adium’s user information and Firefox profiles. You’d need to go through them to make sure you don’t miss anything out.
h3. Calendars
Also located in ~/Library/Calendars, keep them if you don’t want to fill in birthdays again. For .Mac users, you can always iSync the information to be retrieved later.
h3. ColorSync
Some of you might have colorsync your monitor to ensure color correctness need to backup the ColorSync Profiles located in ~/Library/ColorSync/Profiles so that you won’t have to redo the whole tedious process.
h3. Images
There is this folder located at ~/Library/Images which contains thumbnails of images of your contacts that are used by AddressBook, iChat or any other applications that links with the AddressBook. Good to keep this too.
h3. Keychains
Sometimes when you key in a username/password combi on a website using Safari, there’ll be this option whether to save it in your Keychain. This Keychain helps you to store login information/password which can be unlocked using a master password. You can access the keychain via the Keychain Access application inside /Applications/Utilities. That data is stored in ~/Library/Keychains. Back that up and you can reimport them after the upgrade. This way you won’t lose all the login information after the upgrade.
h3. Preferences
A big but necessary file which holds your preferences/configuration/registration information for applications you own. Back it up too! ~/Library/Preferences
h3. Safari
Don’t want to lose your bookmarks? Backup ~/Library/Safari, especially Bookmarks.plist which keeps all your bookmarks. .Mac users can also sync it via iSync.
h3. iTunes
Don’t want to lose your playlists? Make sure you backup your iTunes library file, located at ~/Music/iTunes/iTunes 4 Music Library
So it is important to backup your data. Not just before an operating system update, but frequently so that you won’t have to face the problems of retrieving data when your system crash. Which thankfully, seldom happens on a Mac.
Backing up is just one of the few things you need to take note before you click the install button. Here are few other writeups to help you prepare for the upgrade:
* How-to: Prep your Mac for a Tiger Upgrade
* Housecleaning Tips for Tiger

Sick. I want to be happy.

Today I feel sick. Not because of what just happened but maybe the consecutive late nights of following my favorite sport on TV is making me sick.
So I am only putting up links of things that put a smile on my face for a few seconds. Hopefully it’ll do for you too.
* Dude falling
For me, these photographs put a smile on my face whenever I see them.
From Electrin From Electrin From jazzzmin From jazzzmin From .............ian From .............ian From yannie From -ScarlettveinZ- From -ScarlettveinZ- From -ScarlettveinZ- From -ScarlettveinZ- From greyscalefuzz From LaDonnaaa From LaDonnaaa From LaDonnaaa From iDip From christy_fu From djwudi From Ccming From Ccming From freshlysqueezed From Bees

MaxOnline Ultimate

MaxOnline Ultimate Starhub just launched their new broadband package, MaxOnline Ultimate! At a cost of $121.80 per month, you get 25Mbps download and 1Mbps upload speed.
bq. Targeted at heavy Internet users, MaxOnline Ultimate allows subscribers to enjoy always-on, unlimited broadband access to the Internet at an unparalleled download speed of up to 25 Mbps.  In addition, MaxOnline Ultimate provides upload speeds of up to 1 Mbps, almost four times higher than what is presently available in typical Singapore residential packages. This is also a perfect solution for home networking households with multiple Internet users and devices connected to the Internet.
When Starhub launched the 6.5Mbps package, there were reports that there weren’t any discernible increase in download speed, especially for foreign sites. But since Ultimate is almost 4 times faster, there should be a marked increase. Furthermore, the 1Mbps upload speed will definitely help in uploading site changes for me. However, I don’t think I’ll upgrade to it as it isn’t necessary. So what can one do with 25Mbps of bandwidth?
* According to a pal I know, using his 6.5Mbps package, at a certain site, he can download 15 clips at a time. So with 25Mbps, he can download almost 60 clips at a short!
* Halo 2 - ContainmentProbably can host a 16-men custom game on XBox Halo2 with the new Containment map with no lag.
* Start your own web server? ( although current packages blocked port 80 for easy web serving, not clear whether it will apply to the Ultimate plan )
* Forget about TV. Your computer will be your poor man’s TIVO‘s+tivo
* Start your own streaming radio station – beat the lush out of Lush99.5
* You can also get a webcam and start doing webcast show…provided you have something nice to watch.
update – existing MaxOnline 2.0Mbps users should reboot your modem to get an increase in upload speed to 256kbps.

A gift

flickr pro gift Saw this email sitting in my gmail account last weekend and was absolutely delighted and surprised. I had to double check to make sure I wasn’t seeing some spam or something as it was almost 3plus in the morning. But it is correct. My Miyagi has been very kind to gift me a flickr pro account. Big thanks to you, Mr Miyagi.
bq. Because you take good photos. So you better upload all of ’em!
Although I have my own foto gallery, I find that putting it in flickr gave my photos more exposure. as it is, i’ve uploaded photos i have taken and adored from 2002, 2003 to 2004. However, with the camera being put on sale there won’t be any new photos for a hopefully short period of time, until the replacement comes in.
But in the mean time, hope you like those photographs I have on my flickr and my gallery

Link-a-lor Episode 22

Another biggie episode today. It is getting closer to the arrival of Tiger, to be exact. I have already ordered my copy which hopefully should arrive on 29 April. But…I have an idea of how Tiger works on my old Pismo. Oh yeah, it runs on this almost 4 year old plus 500MHz G3 with 256Mb ram.
Before we continue, overheard in the office today:
bq. Girl: It said my cookies aren’t turned on? What am I supposed to do, pour some milk on myself and show them my tits?
h3. Tiger stuff
* Jobs takes swipe at Longhorn
They are shameless copying us … they can’t even copy fast. You’ve been served!
* Tiger’s Tale
A glimpse of Tiger from Times.
* Tiger feature – Burn Folders
Need a fast and easy way for frequent burning of your data — use a burn folder.
h3. Apple stuff
* Macs making inroads on NASA’s Cassini mission
Navigate space crafts with Macs, soon.
* Apple Mythology and Desktop Security
if security concerns are your most important driver for desktop change, and Microsoft Office compatibility is your most significant barrier, then switching to Macs actually offers you the best of all possible worlds. Microsoft Office on Unix/Risc with a better GUI, longer product life, some cash savings and a performance bonus thrown in
* A Digital crime wave
A list of tips to help protect your WinPC, but most important tip given was to ditch the WinPC for a Mac. Most agreed.
* Controlling iTunes with your PSP
Another reason to eye that little piece of devil called PSP.
* WYSIWYG comes to Safari 1.3
A possible inline web editor for Safari of the future?
* Tip — More Safari tips
* Tip — How to fax to multiple recipients in OS X 10.3
You do know that most Macs come with a modem and can use as fax machine?
* Nothing to do with your overpriced iPod socks? Make a puppet out of them.
h3. Design and blogging stuff
* Wonderful Vanishing Point Tool in Photoshop CS2
Allows cloning, paint and transform image objects while retaining perspective. Watch the video and just go WOW.
h3. Tech stuff
* Make Opera CEO swim from Norway to the USA
by helping the download count of the Opera 8 exceed one million within 4 days of the launch.
* Creative’s Zen Nano
F – U – G – L – Y
* Pushing LDR to its limit
If only we have such unlimited free in-network calling here.
* Playboy reaches out to PSP
Why am i not surprised.
* A layman’s translation of Adobe’s FAQ regarding their acquisition of Macromedia
The full FAQ can be downloaded.
* New Microsoft Longhorn marketing campaign — launch with ad made on a Mac
h3. Fun and interesting stuff
* Remember Tommy Seebach’s cover of the Apache, here are the different covers of the same song, minus the irky video.
* Jesus Christ Superstar Jesus Christ Supercop
Not for the faint hearted.
* Overzealous Airport Security
Making penguins walk through metal detector at the Denver International Airport.
* Spying Area 51 with Google Maps
Also more unexplained hidden airstrip found
* Email the Pope
Need some e-confessions to make to the new Pope? Drop him an email — benedictxvi at vatican dot va. But please don’t spam him.
* Gambling on
Calculated guess for the domain before the conclave.
* Error 404 — file not found
And read the laments of the web server.
* Oops list
Hope you don’t have something like that to photograph.
* Pope and Darth Vadar
Repent or the holy light saber will be whipped out!
* The Porn Myth
Does porn turn men off the real thing?
* Cell Phone tombstone
Ring ring, this is me speaking from my grave.
* Motion induced blindness
Watch the dots disappear in front of your eyes.
* Woman thief hid mobile phone in vagina
Wonder which phone did she steal that is small enough to slip in…

Premier CEO escapes jail term

Remember Premier Taxi chairman’s road rage case?
bq. In this latest case, the magistrate ruled out the jail sentence for the chairman of Premier Taxi Timothy Chua because the attack was not premeditate and he had demostrated genuine remorse and tried to compensate his victim, Toh Tong Lee, the next day.
The prosecutor for that case made an appeal for enhanced punishment, in this case, jail sentence, which was meted out for prior cases of road rage. However, the Appeal Court rejected the appeal claiming that it was an exceptional case.
bq.. Justice Lai said he’s more inclined towards Magistrate Ngoh Siew Yen’s findings that Chua’s response was that of a normal man who was traumatised by the accident, and that his concern for his wife’s safety had caused him to let his judgement slip.
During the appeal, Justice Lai stressed that there could not be mandatory jail sentences for all road rage cases because no two cases are alike.
In the case of Chua, it has been established that he had acted out of anger at the spur of the moment.
p. What’s wrong with that? If you are concern for your wife’s safety, would you get out of your car to go bash up the person who caused the accident? But since both cars have stopped, what danger are there? Secondly, if you gotten out of your vehicle and went ahead to bash up the other party, it IS considered road rage. There is intent to cause hurt to the other party. It is also never premeditate and usually at the spur of the moment. But the intent to hurt is there. So what is so special about this case?
Inadvertently, the issue of favoritism towards the elite in certain areas of our society will surface consider that Timothy Chua is very much not the normal man as you and me. But I so hate to be proven true, especially in our judiciary system.

Coldplay Speed of Sound

Coldplay’s new single is called Speed of Sound and after listening to it on their site, i think it is going to be BIG. Go take a listen. If you have an iTMS account, you can also get the song via iTunes.
The song is the first single from their new album X&Y whose interesting preview of the album cover contains hidden coded blocks which was based on a binary code known as ‘Baudot’.
bq.. Coldplay Speed of Sound how long before I get in
before it starts, before I begin
how long before we decide
before I know what it feels like
where do, where do I go
if you never tried then you’ll never know
how long do I have to climb
up on this side of this mountain of mine
look up, I look up at night
planets are moving at the speed of light
come up, up in the trees
every chance that you get
is a chance you seize
how long I can stand
with my head stuck under the sand
I start before I can stop
before I say things that I made up
and all that noise, all that sound
all these pieces that i have found
and the earth is gone flying at the speed of sound
to show how it all began
birds come flying from the underground
if you could see it then you’d understand
ideas that you’ll never find
all the inventors could never design
all the buildings that you put up
Japan and China were all lit up
the first sign that I couldn’t read
all the land that I couldn’t see
somethings you have to believe
but others are puzzles, puzzling me
and all that noise, all that sound
all those pieces that I have found
and the earth is gone flying at the speed of sound
to show how it all began
birds come flying from the underground
if you could see it then you’d understand
all those signs I knew what they meant
something you can’t invent
something […], something […]
words go flying at the speed of sound
to show how it all began
birds came flying from the underground
if you could see it then you’d understand
oh, when you see it then you’ll understand

I blame you, you and you for the $100 entrance fee

Yes. Thanks to those who kaopehkaobu-ed1 that having a casino will mean the collapse of moral fibre of our future generation, I have to pay $100 entrance fee.
Those who signed those petitions, or pretend to represent the majority of the population should automatically have their names and their families name added to the casino ban-list and barred from entering the casino when they are ready in 2009.
Furthermore, none in their families should even get a job in the new Integrated Resorts. You know, its for their own good that they don’t work there, just in case they have no self-discipline and decide to throw their well earned mula at the blackjack table and when they lose till ting-kor2, then they say gahmen never listen to them back in 2005.
Anyway, if you don’t use the $100 to go to the new IRs, you probably can take that $100 to book coach tickets to bring you to Genting and you’d still have some change for food. Ringgit cheaper lah. Or take a boat ride up to Batam. Rupiah also cheaper.
But go all the way there to get your ass kicked? Remember our Total Defence mantra? We must all stay relevant through rapid change and development, help fellow Singaporeans and have pride in our country! So if want to gamble, make sure you gamble in our own backyard. 😉
fn1. kaopehkaobu — translation: cry father cry mother ( hokkien dialect ). refers to complaining openly, creating a racket.
fn2. ting-kor — translation: lose your pants ( hokkien dialect). refers to having your ass kicked and u lose everything.