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Heh…nice sounding tag line yeah! Anyway, more details for the event was just posted at
As you can see in the banner up there, it’ll be held on 16 July 2005 ( Saturday … no ERP in Woodlands so no excuses ) at Woodlands Regional Library.
So mark that date on your calendar and go attend it, and maybe put a face to the bloggers you’ve always wanted to meet, kiss, slap or hammer. For all you know, you might find the love of your life there!

ERP on Saturdays?

The Land Transport Authority just announced more changes to the Electronic Road Pricing hours.
bq.. Pricing for the Orchard Road area will be extended on weekday evenings and Saturday afternoons.
The Land Transport Authority says that from October, motorists entering Orchard Road will pay ERP charges of 50 cents to a dollar up to 8pm on weekday evenings.
On Saturdays, road pricing to the area will be extended from 12 noon to 8pm.
New gantries will also be put up at Handy Road and on Orchard Road near the YMCA, as part of this “Orchard Road Cordon.”
From August, the Central Expressway will also come under new ERP charges on the northbound side on weekdays from 6 to 8pm.
Charges will also range from 50 cents to a dollar.
p. God damn-it! More reasons not to go town. First movie tickets are higher on weekends. Next public transports potentially will be more expensive. Now even ERP gets extended to Saturdays. Damn. I should go get my bicycle soon!

Strike with eyes open

AC Milan 5 - Liverpool 1 Yeah that betting slip really reads Milan Win 5-1. I went down to my neighbourhood Singapore Pools outlet looking to place some bets on tonight’s Champions’ League Final between Milan and Liverpool. I noticed there is a new game called Pick the Score where you can choose to bet on the exact score for the game.
So I decided to try my luck at picking both 2-1 score-line with my belief that both teams will want to score at least 2 goals, and probably only conceding one. I picked up the betting slip, and selected the correct option, marked the right game, then stupidly put the score-line into the selection column.
So I put selection 12 and 21, which ended with the 5-1 Milan win score-line and 0-1 Liverpool win score-line.
So if Liverpool really crash spectacularly and Milan roam to a 5-1 win, I’ll be S$1,500 rich! And probably my brother and my Pool-supporting friends will hate me for life. One can wish for miracles right?
Moral of the story — read the instructions carefully and Strike with your eyes open!
update – Final score: AC Milan 3 – 3 Liverpool ( Liverpool wins 3-2 on penalty )
There is hope! darn.
Joy for Liverpool as they played out the game of their lives to come back from 3-0 down at half-time to win with penalties. Just like Lehmann did it for Arsenal, it was much criticised Jerzy Dudek who won the Champions League Cup for Liverpool. His extra-time second half double saves against Shevchenko, and his 2 penalty saves was what Liverpool needed to secure the title. Miracles do happen.

Night Cycling

Embarking on a somewhat unknown adventure. Cycling to places which I normally will travel by car. What will happen? How will it happen? Beats me. If my legs not fail me, I’d write more when I return.

It’s been a while since I last cycled and I have never cycled long distance. Longest ever I guess was around Ubin or along East Coast park. So it was with much apprehension when Emma proposed a night cycling trip. He has been doing that frequently and had just finished one trip two days back. Damn those younglings with so much energy.
Setting up Anyway, so taking advantage of the long Vesak Day weekend, Emma organised the trip and me, Skunk, Owen, Joker, Gary and Kiat decided to rent some bikes at East Coast Park ( the shop after Beach Carbana, towards Bedok Jetty direction ) for our trip. It costs only S$10 per bike and they were all pretty good bikes, as far as my knowledge of bikes are concerned. Full suspensions with front and back gears, I felt safe. The last time at Ubin, my bike chain broke half-way along the trip and I had to peddle pedal ( bad english…smack ) back just to change it. So having these nice looking bikes put my heart at ease.
So at around 11.15pm we started our journey where our first target was to go Esplanade and check out the new Glutton Bay. Think about 5 minutes after we set off, we had our first casualty. As I mentioned earlier, the bikes we rented were quite state of the art kind. Unfortunately, so were the brakes. They were ultra sensitive. So Gary unfortunately weren’t familiar with it and hit his front brakes too hard and he literally flipped. The bike was in the air, flipped for 3 times, and so did Gary. He wasn’t the only one. About half an hour into the trip, Skunk also flipped just opposite Dunman High. So both got couple of bruises and cuts but were still good enough to carry on.

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Desecration of an Apple

Was looking through MUGS today when I happen to see this post about his passion for Apple, and starting a photo gallery of Apple products he owned.
main page Cool yeah, he got plenty of iPods … and a nice big Apple Cinema Display. But wait…what’s that on the Desktop?
what's that being shown on the desktop? There’s more of that sacrilegious behavior here, here and here. Please someone, save the poor Apple Cinema Display from displaying crap!

Passing the baton

visual map The musical baton which was hurled out across the local blogosphere is rapidly spreading.
Just for the fun of it, I’ve created a low-tech visual map of the sites that were handled the baton and who they passed it on to. Sites that have not put up the meme are not included in this. I have not gone through all the links yet, so more to come tomorrow.
I think one who’s better with Flash can possibly make an interactive one out of the information.
update — edited visual map with more blogs … yes, including Ah 9’s and Belle’s.

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Revenge of the Sith

Star Wars' Last Supper Caught THE show to watch just now, and in case you were in some god-forsaken place like Tattoine, the show is Star Wars 3 – Revenge of the Sith where we find out the how/why/what/who of things we saw in Star Wars Episode IV, V and VI.
For example like how badly injured Darth Vader was by Obi Wan to become the Darth Vadar as we know him. Or the way the Jedis were decimated by the Siths…or how the Emperor became Prune Face.
The actions and the CGI definitely gets better over the years. For one, Yoda don’t look so comical when he whips out his green lightsabre and leaps around as he fought against the Emperor. In ‘Attack of the Clones’ he looked like a green glob jumping around the screen and that cliche Wong Fei Hong pose takes the cake!
However, one thing that George Lucas cannot do well is the romance in the story. Listening to Anakin and Padmé talk can really bring out the best of your goose pimples. And Hayden Christensen can’t act. I think if you swop him with James Lye, you wouldn’t notice any difference.
Bad hairday Natalie PortmanOh and Padmé’s costumes/hairdo/headgears. Strings of pearls for your pj? Or that awful leather headgear? I’d rather have her with her head shaved. As you should realised by now, I adore Natalie Portman and it is a waste of her talents and her looks in Star Wars. Only thing she did in SW3 was giving various looks of pain, anguish and the only acting she needed to put in any effort was during the child-birth scene.
But all in all, for fans of the Star Wars series, or fans of sci-fi movies or just about everyone else, go catch it. Don’t think there’ll be any movie in years to come to be able to capture the imagination of people from different generations.
Oh and go to cinemas like Prince at Beach Road where there are big screens and not many people. But then, such places also mean you won’t get to see scenes like this.
Heh. Go read yann’s take for a much better review and see why she is the journalist and I am just me.

A musical baton

The musical baton is being hurled and twirled all over the blogosphere across the oceans. So for the fun of it, I did a mighty jump and intercepted one of those batons and gonna throw this around here.
h3. Total volume of music files on my computer:
18.59Gb — 3188 songs, 9 days 21 hours 20 minutes and 20 seconds of music
h3. The last CD I bought was:
How to Dismantle an Atomic Bomb by U2 ( worth every single cent )
h3. Song playing right now:
None. Watching a TV show right now.
h3. Five songs I listen to a lot, or that mean a lot to me:
* Make it Up by Carla Werner from Departure
* Day Before by Campfire Girls from Tell Them Hi
* Something Beautiful by Carla Werner from Something Beautiful Single
* Shatterwall by Shea Seger from The May Street Project
* They Can’t Save Us Now by Kill Hannah from For Never & Ever
( Based on play counts on iTunes )
h3. Five people to whom I’m passing the baton:
# Yann
# mr brown
# cowboy caleb
# adri ( esp since she’s back )
# zhiyang

XBox 360

XBox 360 This thing on the right is the new XBox 360, the new gaming console from Microsoft.
bq. The 360 is a sleek console that lives in high-def sound and video, can extract media from your PC or mobile devices and can change it’s look to fit your personality. The console will come with a wireless controller, a small removable 20 GB hard drive and built-in HD DVD playback. You will also be able to buy a digital camera, a WiFi adapter and up to three more wireless controllers for the console.
More details have been pouring out since the launch of the XBox 360 over at MTV yesterday. Here are some of them:
* All games will be Live enabled
* All games will be High-definition ready and multichannel surround sound
* There will be a Media Center Extender for Windows XP allowing connection to your PC and other multimedia devices
* Live audio/video chat
* Online marketplace to download, view and purchase new contents
Read more at Kotaku’s coverage of the XBox 360
Although no price was announced, it will be ready for the Christmas sales period.
Watch this 5 min XBox 360 ‘Ourcolony’ Trailer ( requires Windows Media player ).
The video does have a very much Apple-ish feel and in a story at, they mentioned that they hope to model the XBox 360 on Apple’s ipod success and follows the thinking of Apple CEO Steve Jobs.
bq. Our initial thinking was there can only be one [Xbox 360 SKU], but you know, that just limits options,” says Allard. “I don’t wanna think that way. If Steve Jobs thought that way, iPod sales would have [plateaued] because there’s a finite market for people that want 20GB white things that play music at a price point that’s above $200. And that’s all he could do with iPod.” Elsewhere in the article, Allard explains that after “lots of color studies,” the company chose a white and metal design based partially on “consumer preference and value. They associate a lot of value with the lighter colors. Most people actually came back and said, ‘This reminds me of iPod.’
— read the full article – The United Color of Microsoft at via iPodLounge
The XBox 360 also uses the same IBM PowerPC processors found in the new G5 machines. Think its not long when people hack it to install OS X.