Paintball Fragfest

Clan Barcar My pals at Clan Barcar, after nights of playing Halo2 online, decided to take our fragging hobby from virtual to real-life when we went to book an afternoon at TAG Paintball.
Spectra Enforcer goggles Located within Orchard Country Club at Yishun, TAG Paintball has an area around half a football field, filled with crates, obstacles and shields for some objective-based paintball shooting games. The gun, a Tippmann Pro/Carbine, is gas-powered ( filled with CO~2~ ) and shoots a small pellet the size of a marble at around 300km/h. The bullet contains a coloured paint within a gelatin skin that breaks upon impact. As it travels at such high speed, a direct pain will usually result in a loud scream in pain, before the bruises start appearing. That’s why we have to wear these cool looking ( see right ) goggles/masks once we step into the war-zone.
According to the marshal, some of our army and police units have bought similar paintball guns, to add some realism to their training. Getting hit on your body by a coloured pellet travelling at 300km/h helps bring the point across in taking good cover during training. He said that results from using paintball guns during training helped some army officers to realise that in FIBUA training, 70% of the trainees got shot by friendly-fire instead of by the enemy.
Fragging The game is split into two halves where in each half, teams are supposed to complete two objectives: 1) Shoot down two targets located at your opponents’ area; 2) Upon shooting them down, one member needs to retrieve a box located at the front of your team’s area and bring it back to your home-base. The team that wins both halves are declared the winner or else it’ll be a draw game.
Chargeeeee During the briefing by the marshall, one thing he kept emphasising was to play the game at your own pace, mindful of individual’s fitness level. He said that when a group of our nation’s elite Commandoes were there, the really gung-ho ones went into the game like they were on some rescue mission, dashing around, jumping from covers to covers. At the end of the game, some came out puking due to over-exertion. Taking that into account, we still went ahead with our games like there were no tomorrow. Running around like some small kids playing hide-and-seek, it was probably most guys’ fantasy, to really shoot at somebody else, flesh and blood, and to watch the paint go splatter!
But boy, after 5 minutes, we were all panting, especially under the mask. But with tired legs, we still try to outshoot our opponents and we managed to draw both our games. I was barely hit during the first game but on the second game, I was hit on my head, and my thighs. It was weird to get that loud “thud” on the mask then realised, shit, got hit. So with hands held high, had to run back to the first-aid area to be respawn.
Aftermath At the end of it, we were all exhausted. It looks deceptively easy but turned out to be physically exhausting. But it was great fun. Nothing beats having to run-around shooting each other, for fun. Can’t say the same for reservist training though.
But prices here in Singapore, are steep. For Sunday’s fragfest, we each had to pay around $60 for the rental of the area, the gun and about 200 pellets each and trust me, 200 pellets are NOT enough. For both games, we were mostly out of pellets at the end of the first half. So be prepared to foot more for more pellets.
The guys at Barcar have already look into alternatives, possibly going up north to have another go at paintball. So, why wait! Go gather your pals and go shoot paintball! You’ll be hook in no time.
More photos here

Closing down sale

Its that time of the year where I probably won’t post for a while. Why? I’m going to work on something I’ve neglected for a very long time.
And when that’s done, I’m going to work on this site. Looks stale and needs to rethink what this site will be in the future.
So tomorrow’s post on the aftermath of playing paintball, will be the last post on till god-knows-when.

Prepare for Yannisms

yannisms Yes, prepare yourselves for Yannisms.
Finally finished Yann’s site after much delay. It is my second WordPress site in a row! Actually quite fun developing with WordPress.
So, if you have in your address book, update it to is slow, very slow

Everytime I try to book tickets from Shaw Online, I get headaches.
First, the site doesn’t work on Safari and barely on Firefox. Secondly, the server seems to be running on a XT machine. Either that, it is a XT machine hooked up to the WWW via a 56K dial-up line.
It took me more than 10 minutes and countless of reloads to get from a blank page to a partial load ( see pic left ). Then another 5 minutes for it to load from partial to full.
partial load full page
Then there is the login boxes — if you see here, you wouldn’t notice it until you either make a good estimate with your mouse, or tab till you see a barely-visible blinking cursor. Best is, you can’t even see what you type. Yeah I know, its a Mac thing. But this is 2005.
Nobody puts up such disclaimer on their site anymore:
bq. Shaw Online is optimised for 800×600 resolution and higher using
at least Internet Explorer 5.5 & Macs (IE5.2) or Netscape 4.7 and above.
Hello! Didn’t you know that IE 5.2 Macs have been discontinued. Yeah, since 2003. 2 long years ago! If you don’t have the resources to build support for Safari, at least support Firefox!
I would have gone on, especially about booking system, but the site timed-out and I decided to choose Cineleisure or Golden Village to watch my movie.

Discovering Hideout

It started with an email and a blog post looking for some help in migrating the existing site to a new server for Hideout, with a specific request for the migration to include changing the content management system to use WordPress or something as easy to use as WP. With some helpful referral from Jo ( from SarongPartyFrens ) and Mr Miyagi, I got the ok from HellSBel, the co-owner of Hideout and one of the Frens at SarongPartyFrens to do the job. h3. WP, MT? MT, WP?
Initially, I proposed using MovableType since it was one software I was totally familiar with. Plus the last time I touched on WordPress was for Yann’s Intransit, I gave up trying to customise it as I couldn’t make head or tails with their documentation. Most of the time, you’d be referred to their Support forum which by itself, is not a very easy place to locate solutions. However, the WP community is pretty responsive with your queries so you’d normally get some answers after a short wait of a few hours to a day or two. Secondly, they had a Wiki which somehow was quite haphazardly organised.
The somewhat saving grace now is the new WordPress Codex which replaced the old Wiki. In it, there is much organising of essential information like WordPress Tags and how to use them. As compared to what MovableType currently has, it was pretty clear which was much easier to comprehend. But the Codex does made alot of difference when I start to explore WordPress.
Another reason that I was more biased towards MovableType was that WordPress is more a blogging tool than a more general use content management system. But the new version 1.5 incorporated a new feature called Pages, which is what they considered as static pages ( although contents from WP are still dynamically generated) which can be used for putting up contents that are not updated periodically, eg. About, Contact pages.
So, with some gentle persuasion from HellSBel — she has been using WP with her blogging at SarongPartyFrens ( note, its SarongPartyFrens not SarongPartyGirl ) so she’d prefer WP to run Hideout, plus some helpful tip from Jo, also from SarongPartyFrens, I jumped right into the migration with WordPress.
h3. Getting down and dirty
So, first to go was to un-tablelising the existing site. Breaking the site up to individual sections allows semantic coding and using CSS to control the layout and formatting of the site makes it easier to port the site to WordPress’s templates, or whichever kind of template system you’re using.
Basically now, the Hideout site consists of:
# The Header
# The main wrapper containing the content and the optional right column
# The footer
So with the new Themes system in WordPress, I just need to break the code up and plonked them into individual templates, and also recreating a few unique ones for specific pages and so all she needs to do is to update her content within WordPress’s administrative pages.
The birth of the WordPress Codex really made the customising of the templates less of a hair-tearing event, especially the listing of the Template Tags and the Conditional Tags.
So far, the only problem with the site is the use of %category% to generate permalinks which doesn’t seem to work with servers that run Apache versions prior to 2. So her blog posts still uses ugly ?p=123 links.
h3. Flashify me
I included the use of sIFR 2.0 – Scalable Inman Flash Replacement to replaced the headers of the content to display them with the same typeface as the navigation. Why? Because I can…
Also updated the gallery page with SlideShowPro which will speed up viewing of photos taken at various events there. Also incorporated SSPAdmin to make updating of the gallery a breeze.
h3. AOB of the migration
The mailing list is powered by Dada Mail which was much easier to customise as compared to phplist but probably not as feature-filled as phplist. But well, the key word is easier — easier to customise, easier to use.
h3. At the end of the day
The site is up and almost everything is running as it should be, cept the Permalink and some configuration problem with SSPAdmin, is quietly running under a new server, new code and a new content management system.
I have to say, with much better documentation, WordPress is a good tool to use for blogging and simple content management. I almost can do everything I wanted to do on the Hideout site with WP, and like everyone says, its fast.
Anyway, Hideout is a good place to go for a little chill-out session. Some might say the deco is a wee bit tacky ( yes you Sam… ), but if you are into cosy places and have some pretty cool local DJs spinning ( not him though ), then go try Hideout. Oh, if there isn’t any DJ spinning, and if you ask nicely, you might get them to play your music if you brought your iPod. Doubt they’ll accept any Creatives though.

Sit On My Face

Sit on my face and tell me that you love me
I’ll sit on your face and tell you I love you too
I love to hear you o-ra-lise
When I’m between your thighs
You blow me away.
Sit on my face and let my lips embrace you
I’ll sit on your face and then I’ll love you truly
Life can be fine if we both sixty nine
If we sit on our faces
In all sorts of places
And play till we’re blown away.


NippleGate is brewing around our local blogosphere. Technically, it isn’t so much about the nipples but more about breasts, but BreastsGate didn’t sound as nice as NippleGate.
Best thing is, the set of mammaries in question are not on the two parties involved.
Party 1 – Bloggerette XX
bq. I don’t want to sound mean, but in fact I see nothing wonderful about it. Average, so very average. If it were a random porn picture I saw at a porn website, I think nobody would even look at it twice. Just because it belonged to a blogger some have known for some time, people start to say things like, “Wah, not bad ah her body?”… Like why? Why do you say it like you expected it to be bad, or like it’s totally so awesome, you can never have imagined?
with a rather lame closing…
bq. p/s: To the blogger in question: I know there is no-point telling you not to take offence, and I know it is not ur fault that the men think you are hot (oh wait u did publish the pics), but do try to understand it was never against you but against ugly tits. Or maybe it’s a bad angle or Bad Boob Day? Was never personal. At least I kept you anonymous.
On the other side, Barffie, the self-proclaimed anti-XX personnel
bq. I would rather see more of SPG’s professionally taken (nude) photos than her self-shot, self-DIed, self-whored (clothed) ones. Even the promotional photographs of our Local Brand’s ambassador, are so sub-standard. Make her pose in awkward, unflattering positions and did anybody notice a power socket somewhere behind her, in the photos? But I digress. That’s the photographer’s fault.
and her closing…
bq. BTW: SPG’s boobs are not that bad lah. Puffy nipples only… Don’t our XX observe renaissance paintings? The sirens and Venuses and Aphrodites have boobs like that. Maybe check out Botticelli’s Birth of Venus… It’s a classic shape. I don’t think XX’s breasts are that fantastic either. One word. SMALL.
cue applause
a related but no nipple/tit/breasts mentioned from asiapundit’s an open letter to xiaxue
bq.. However, Wendy, for you to slam SPG for being an attention-seeking woman with the “courage to be labelled as a term which most sneer at” seems more than a little hypocritical.
After all, you are best known globally for a post on how to measure a man’s penis with your hands.

You can be amusing, but you really shouldn’t try to stake a moralistic high ground. SPG is proud of her body and her writings. The general consensus is that her writings are better than yours. I won’t digress to compare your other assets. But, trust me, you wouldn’t want me to.
p. ooo. advantage asiapundit
Let the tit fight begin!