From my footy-pal, akm
bq.. A new entry in our national lexicon
du·rai ( dü rī )
— loosely used with matters pertaining to buffoony, idiocy and related concepts.
eg. Don’t be a durai leh! ( tone will indicate spectrum from nincompoop to idiocy )
— Might be used to indicate evasiveness
eg. Dont durai durai hor! ( stop fudging the issue ! )
— particularly effective when used extravagantly and whenever inappropriate, especially when it doesnt make sense.
eg. Dont durai yourself , Dont make me durai lah

Words to the dastard

Excerpt of a speech by London Mayor Ken Livingston said before flying back London from Singapore with regards to the tragic events that happened:
bq.. This was not a terrorist attack against the mighty and powerful, it was not aimed at presidents or prime ministers. It was aimed at ordinary, working-class Londoners, black and white, Muslim and Christian, Hindu and Jews, young and old; an indiscriminate attempt to slaughter, irrespective of any consideration for age, for castes, for religions, whatever.
Undaunted That isn’t an ideology, that isn’t even a perverted faith. It is just an indiscriminate attempt at mass murder. We know what the objective is. They seek to divide Londoners. They seek to turn Londoners against each other.
I said yesterday to the International Olympic Committee, this city of London is the greatest in the world because everybody lives side by side in harmony. And Londoners will not be divided by this cowardly attack.
They will stand together in solidarity around those who have been injured and those who have been bereaved. That is why I am proud to be the mayor of that city.
Finally, I wish to speak through you, directly, to those who came to London today to take lives. I do know that you do not fear to give your own lives. That is why you are so dangerous. But I do know that you fear you may fail in your long-term objective to destroy our free society.
I can show you why you’ll fail. In the days that follow, look at our airports, look at our seaports, and look at our railway stations. And even after your cowardly attacks, people from the rest of Britain, people from around the world will arrive in London to become Londoners and to fulfil their dreams and achieve their potential.
They choose to come to London, as so many have come before, because they come to be free, they come to live the life they choose, they come to be able to be themselves.
They flee you, because you tell them how they should live. They don’t want that. And however many of us you kill, you will not stop their flight to our cities where freedom is strong and where people can live in harmony with one another.
Whatever you do, however many you kill, you will fail.