28 August 2005 7.30pm

That marked the time when In Song began.
Less than two hours later, when the last note of our new song, titled In Song, floated across the Esplanade Concert Hall, there was a sense of immense joy, and satisfaction as we have put up a splendid show. It wasn’t perfect, but I could feel, and see in every members’ eyes that it was the best we have performed, ever.
Personally, it was a relief.
Over the past few months, realised there were many things that me and my fellow EXCO weren’t aware when it comes to putting up a concert at Esplanade. From ticketing with SISTIC, to planning all the nitty-gritty details with the Esplanade front-of-house, tech crew etc, or even having to get insurance for the performance. Although Esplanade were prompt with their replies when we asked them, it would have been helpful if they came up with some kind of check-list for the things that the organisers need to do before the concert.
Although we always complain about SISTIC being more or less the monopoly when it comes to ticketing ( there is Ticketcharge but most of the big events are with SISTIC ), I have to admit that the services they provided to us were marvellous. Gary Ong who serviced our account was extremely helpful with my frequent calls over the last few days to settle ticketing issues. That said, I wonder how much of our earnings will be filtered away…
Anyway, I am glad to have Yann, Minyi and Kiat in my EXCO.
Yann handled the PR issues for the choir and the team she hand picked worked hard to push for more media coverage, sponsorships for our concert. As expected, we were given the cold shoulders by the major media companies and had less than a blip in terms of publicity with their various tiny listings.
A bright side of this was our program booklet. Yokie outdid himself when he came up with this simple single fold design that has a slot for a CD. The simple but effective design, allows us to put our concert information within the booklet. Unfortunately, we didn’t manage to clear at least 50% of the booklets. I wonder how he is going to outdo himself next time?
Minyi was always there to get the weekly running of our practices in order. She was especially thorough with getting our ladies’ saris in place, making sure everyone has their little trinklets in place, and together with Sandy, really becoming the nannies of the girls, especially the new members.
And Kiat. After being unceremoniously handled the task of being the treasurer, he took it in stride and really handled our money pretty well, so far. He is also an important link to the younger members which made it easy for the whole choir to gel together.

Words I should have said then – me. 9 Feb 2007.

In Song 2005

In less than 12 hours time, I’ll be at the Esplanade, putting up the final preparations for the choir’s annual concert, In Song 2005 – Perfect Fourths.
After more than eight months of planning, organising and hundreds of hours of singing, we will be putting up a show which I think will be one of the best Victoria Chorale has done. We have a good numbers of quality singers, and the choir is peaking at the right time, for once. We also have a strong repertoire of songs from composers spanning four different countries, each with their unique sound.
The members, both young and old ( ahem ) have gelled rather nicely, sharing each other’s experience and knowledge to each other and something which I really appreciate, is that the younger members are willing to step-up and contribute. I do wish really wish I still see them at Siglap next year.
However, one tinge of regret, is our lack of ability to sell this concert to the general public. At 7.30 p.m. later, we will perform to a half-filled Esplanade Concert Hall. However much we tried to get some coverage from the media, their lukewarm response to us were very disheartening. It is a recurring problem and I guess besides doing something outrageous, choral singing will be much neglected by our local media.
Anyway, whether it is half-filled, half-empty, the choir will put up a good show. I know, caused I’ll be singing too! 😉 So if you suddenly realised that you have no plans on this Sunday evening, pop by Esplanade to get tickets to our show! There are plenty of good seats around.
Time to go to sleep. Will post more after our concert.
h4. Eight and a half hour to go
Screwed. Couldn’t sleep last nite. Tossed and turned. Woke up and wrote a thank-you speech. Waited for Sales Report. Ran through song lyrics. Ran through the to-do lists to see which had not been done. Somehow managed to fall asleep around 3+. Woke up at 8. Took off my spects. Went back to sleep again. Woke up at 9. I’m so screwed.
Oh yes. Sales report came in around 6 this morning. 56% sold. 97 more tickets sold yesterday. A total of 967 tickets issued and 624 to go. Sistic do have a rather comprehensive Sales Report.

Victoria, Thy Sons Are We

Victoria, Thy Sons Are We h4. An email to all Victorians – reposted from Victoria School – We Will Not Forget
Fellow Victorians,
As many of you who are reading this may know, there is a plan to turn VS into a co-ed school. For them to do so would be to kill years of tradition we have had as a boys’ school. We simply cannot let this happen.
As it stands, a petition against this is in the works. We need to create more awareness on the issue. Spread the word to other victorians you know past and present. This is also a plea for Victorians to write in to the papers to air their views against the issue.
Some Victorian brothers in tertiary institutions have started to wear their VS badges on their right sleeves in support against this plan. For those of you that can, please do so and help this cause.
Please repost this so that more Victorians can know of this.
We cannot and must not let our Victorian tradition be killed like this.
Take part in the petition here · We Will Not Forget · A statement from OVA ( requires Acrobat Reader )
bq.. After considering the matter, we are of the view that VS should retain her single-sex status. The main reason being we are not convinced that offering the Integrated Programme is the only way for VS to react to the changes in the education landscape.
We feel that VS should not jump hastily onto the proverbial bandwagon and put herself on the IP path without considering other options. We are confident that VS, using her innovative and enterprising spirit, as well as her wealth of experience, is able to meet the challenges ahead without relinquishing her single-sex status.
We also feel that the assumptions underlying the rationale for VS going the IP way is open to debate. For example, while it is true that the better PSLE students will continue to choose schools offering IP, it would be a mistake to assume that those who do not opt for the Integrated Programme will not excel in their academic pursuits.
Furthermore, considering the fact that VS was located at Geylang Bahru, which is not the best location for attracting the top PSLE students, VS has done relatively well in the past. VS did exceptionally well last year, not only in the academic field but also in the Co-Curricular Activities. With the added advantage of being in a better location and with better facilities now, we are not persuaded that giving up our 129 years old all-boys tradition is the only way for VS to meet the challenges ahead.

Torrent for NDP'2005

Within half an hour of the last firework shooting up into the dark sky, some enterprising fellow have already put up a torrent for our NDP, taped straight from Channel 5.
It’s 2.6 Gb of National Day pride…not sure what MediaCorp will say about it, but well, I guess for those who are overseas and missed the live webcast at ndp.org.sg can try getting it instead.
Just checked – currently there is a connection error and the seeder seems to have disappeared.

Busy with

Since the last entry, many things have happened. In no particular order:
* The Mothership says kiss my one-button-mouse-ass goodbye.
* The NKF board resigned
* The Man who looks good in Yellow wins the Tour de France for the seventh time and then quits.
* SWH blabbers and blabbers again
* Some blogs got hacked
* London got bombed again
* Growing disdain of a certain editor of a certain meta-blog
* A spunky new Library opens in town
* iHeartApple meets the world, world meets iHeartApple
* Somewhere some King passed away, and some King being elected
* Historical repair job of a multi-million spaceship by plucking out a piece of fabric
* Start of a new tv show called Over There
* Dolly has a new friend
Plus many many more which I can’t remember.
So yeah did I mentioned that my new site is done? Meet iHeartApple.
iHeartApple Took me many months but I finally worked out the tweaks and launched it. Heh no balloons or fireworks, just happy to put it up. I have since migrated most of the Mac-related posts from here over to the new site.
iHeartApple serve as a place for me to pour my endless lurve on the Apple…jus kiddin’. I hope it’ll fill a spot here for local Mac users to find information about their favourite Apple. So far, there is that guide to e-banking, a list of local podcasters in Jalan Podcast Singapura plus directory of local Mac resellers and service centres. In the pipeline, maybe a forum, a photo gallery and then world domination. I can dream, can’t i.
Akan datang So what will happen to this place? Well, it’ll still be here for my words, work and photos. Started working on the design and hopefully it’ll be something fine-looking and lasting. Have found some interesting design widgets that uses the latest fad, AJAX, for creating some cool ways of interacting with the site. But no fancy fade-ins/outs will cover a piece of crap writing. So, hopefully I can improve on my C6-GP engwish and write better stuff here.
Oh my fingers are also itchy from CWS … Camera-Withdrawal-Symdrom. But well, the cam is gone and a replacement is still far from getting, so I’ll have to make-do with 1.3megapixel cam photos.
But this is the thing on my mind for most of the time these past few weeks. Yeah, the annual concert is just three weeks away. It will be my first as the boss of the choir. And having receive daily sales report from SISTIC, the fear of singing to an almost empty Esplanade Concert Hall is growing. I don’t really know what else we can do besides writing letters to schools, bullying friends to go. With limited funds, we can’t spend on putting up glossy full-page advertisements in magazines nor papers to advertise the performance. And without the allure of pretty faces like some pop groups, nor having the reputation of any musical groups with names prefixed by Singapore, it’s even tougher to get local media to report about us.
But putting those worries aside, I am very glad that every members in the choir is working their arse off to make it a good show. Even those who are currently located in South Africa, Taiwan while serving their country, have brought their scores there to hopefully keep up with training here. And those back here, are slowly grinding every minute we meet to achieve that promise of choral excellence that the choir strives for. It’ll be a stressful next three weeks, with practices both on Saturdays and Sundays.
So on 28 August 2005, the day after Singapore gets her next President, if you have no plans made for the evening, and the thought of looking for a nice way to spend a Sunday evening listening to songs from Indonesia, Japan, New Zealand and Lithuania, please, drop by to watch Victoria Chorale presents In Song 2005 – Perfect Fourths. I promise that it will be an enjoyable evening.
Victoria Chorale presents - In Song 2005 - Perfect Fourths