Being a Mac faithful

Steve Jobs Every time Steve Jobs decide to don his favourite black turtle neck top and weaves his magic slide-clicker, Mac faithfuls like me here will stay up late at night trying to catch the latest. Reading it the next morning won’t be as exciting as constantly pressing Shift+R across the multiple tabs that were opened in Safari, each tab painfully trying to retrieve the latest one-liner from Mac news sites that were covering the event live.
Ironically last night, most of those sites had a media blackout as the California Theatre was both cellular and WIFI dead inside. Somehow, I managed to find a live relay of events in an IRC chatroom and was able to update my other site as the show went on. At the same time, I was cutting and pasting what I just posted on the Mac User Groups Singapore forum as there were some other faithfuls who were like me, awake at that witching hour.
By the time the event ended, it was slightly past 2.30a.m. and the next thing usually was to head straight to and try to download the latest version of whatever Steve Jobs had unveiled earlier, iTunes 6 being that last night. By the time I finish installing iTunes 6, fiddling with the new iTMS, checking out the new TV show pages, it was time for England vs Poland, which at the end of it, I think was much less exciting then watching the live chat-fest earlier.
So it is, after the late night, I woke up with hundreds of news, reviews, comments and critics of what went on yesterday. Usually I will patiently sift through them and post some of them onto iHeartApple. But since starting the day late, plus I had to zip from town, handling payment for my Dad’s new ride ( more on this later ), then to Changi and set-up my XBox for a clan chalet this weekend ( more on that later too ), I have to leave my prying fingers from reading those pages.
Plus I have an interview tomorrow morning with a certain telco who are looking for content engineer for a certain new phone service that they are going to implement and I have yet to read up on it…anway, priorities, priorities…making a living is more important than updating my site. Although I got that interview lined-up, I am crossing my fat fingers that I will get another phone call for another interview which I am more looking forward to – but not while I’m at it tomorrow.
Anyway, so that’s the story of a Mac faithful, living at the wrong part of the world.

Movable Type turns four

Movable Type 8 Oct 2001 – the date Movable Type was released. Back then, it was just a blogging software, started by husband and wife team, Ben and Mena.
bq. You’ve found MOVABLE TYPE. What started as a pet personal project has grown into something that we decided to release upon the weblogging masses.
Four years onwards, SixApart, the company they founded, has offices in the US, Europe and Japan. Besides Movable Type, they also Typepad, their hosted blogging service and LiveJournal, which they acquired early this year.
Most importantly, Movable Type, has evolved to be more than just a blogging software. It is a Publishing Platform which can work from basic blogging or a complex content management system with plugins from MT’s community of plugin developers.
This site, have been powered by Movable Type since her inception. I have considered using other systems over the years but have always return to Movable Type. It might not be easy to pick-up but once you have your first site running, the next will be a breeze. Customising it has never been easier, with its clear documentation of its template system and tags. And if you have problems, there is always the support community to look for guidance and solutions.
Enjoy your fourth birthday Movable Type, there’s plenty more time for innovation and growth.

7.6 magnitude earthquake hits South Asia

A major earthquake shook cities and villages across the south Asian subcontinent on Saturday, “wiping out” several villages in Pakistan and leaving more than 1,000 people feared dead.
The earthquake, with a magnitude of 7.6, struck at 0350 GMT (4:50 a.m. British time) and was centred in forest-clad mountains of Pakistani Kashmir, near the Indian border, about 95 km (60 miles) northeast of Islamabad.
via Reuters
p. Besides Pakistan, the earthquake were also felt at north India and Afghanistan. Casualties are expected to hit the thousands. Hopefully the three countries and others around the world will be quick to render aid to those in need.
bq. Pakistan says more than 18,000 have been killed by Saturday’s powerful earthquake that also hit northern India and Afghanistan
via BBC News

So much TV, so little time

A bunch of new shows premiered over the past weeks and a few returning shows are back! Managed to catch some of them and here’s a list of shows worth catching.
Arrested Development Arrested Development · Fox Official site · at · now watching: Season 3 · Must watch!
Battlestar Galactica Battlestar Galactica · Sci Fi Official site · · now watching: Season 2 (back in Jan’06) · Must watch!
Bones Bones · Fox Official site · · now watching: Season 1 · Catch only if you have spare time.

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coming soon - this gif i used when i first started According to the Internet Archive, the first content on this site was put up around March 2002.
Fast forward to today, I can’t remember how many times since I have tear up a design, or thrash a template just to get something fresh that I like. Being my own client, is probably the toughest work I’ll do. I’ll never be happy with what I have done and it will never be just right.
It’s the same now, as I type this. There are kinks here and there, and stuff which I know that can be done better. With infinite time, and infinite patience, I might get there. However, that’s something which I don’t.
It’s plain and might seem similar to somebody else’s site. I can’t agree more. I don’t feel the spark to come up with something smashing or unique. Not that I’m not motivated to, but it just isn’t there anymore. To be very honest, I doubt it was ever there.
bq.. So dear site,
it’s time again for a reboot. It might not be as pretty as you deserve to be, but I hope you’ll like it.
It’s the best I can do.
Your humble master.