My new…

Got a few new things over the weekend before the Chinese New Year. Those few things came partly with the complements of last month’s pay that came just before the break. Speaking of which, I’m happy to say that I got confirmation and by 1st Feb, I will be a full member of the firm I am working with. Apparently I’m nice to work with and been efficient with my work, or so I’ve been told. Well, good way to start off the Chinese New Year.
So to celebrate, I got myself a new pair of shoes. Two in fact.
Onitsuka Tiger The first is the Onitsuka Tiger Black/Gold RunSpark. Oh yes, it has so much bling! Any idea why Onitsuka Tiger stuffs are priced that way?
Nike Total 90III Second is a pair of new Nike Total 90 III FG (Red/Chrome), which I think is an older model. As compared to the photo here, the main shade of the boots is red while the sides are chrome. Together with that, bought a pair of Adidas shin guards, a matching pair of socks and also one Adidas black ClimaCool jersey to complete the set.
For CNY, got a new pair of shirt at Tang’s Island Shop which never fails to come up with nice looking shirt and is not size-ist. Wanted to get a FCUK shirt but the only sizes they have are S and XS. Who in the world wear XS sizes?
Oh well. These are the new stuff I got the past weekends. Happy New Year people.
PS: Above shopping was done with the kind assistance of Little Miss Shopaholic.

Five Things

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bq. Name five of life’s simple pleasures that you like most, then pick five people to do the same. Try to be original and creative and not use things that someone else has already used:
# Getting under my new quilt cover with the aircon blowing
# Seeing that slight increment in my GoogleAdsense account
# Digging gold within my nostrils
# Getting 100% download notification from Azureus
# Making her smile
I am spreading my love to:
* Yann
* YC
* Blimbo
* Michael

Macworld Expo 2006

Foxtrot This is the first in many years that I didn’t stay up to catch the Keynote address by Steve Jobs at Macworld Expo SF. But by this morning when I woke up, I got my news alert via a SMS from my geeky gf of all the new stuff that Apple is showcasing.
Since almost any and every news site/blog have already talked about the keynote, I’ll just do a link dump of all things that were updated while iHeartApple is taking a long holiday: iLife, iWork, OS X 10.4.4, Quicktime 7.0.4, iTunes 6.0.2, iPod Radio Remote control, iMac and MacBook Pro.
On the day after Creative Technology hail its fourth consecutive year of winning a Best of CES award, Apple announced that they sold 14 million iPods the last holiday season, compared to 4.5 million for the 2004 holiday season — that averaged to more than 100 sold every minute. The total number of iPods Apple has sold since the music player was first introduced in 2001 — 42 million. Sim Wong Hoo must surely wish he could trade those useless awards for a mere fraction of Apple’s sales numbers.
Jobs looking at the new iMac Anyway, you can catch the streaming of the keynote address here — but it’ll probably be choppy and stuttering as probably everyone else will want to see it too. A better bet is to catch the new Intel Ad that Jobs premiered and, if you wondered why the tune is so familiar, thank Michael, for he id it to be by Moby.
Some notable blog posts/news stories about the latest releases:
* Looking into the specs between MacBook Pro 15.4 inch and PowerBook 15 inch – better or worse – you make your own choice
* Comparison charts – Old vs New | Apple vs non-Apple
* Lies or a Question of Semantics – Twice faster or two times faster…
* ExpressCard Slot Supplements, Replaces FireWire 800 – which would you prefer?
* Intel-chip based Macs, also ICBM, can run Windows but not supported – thanks, but no thanks.
* XP Won’t run on ICBMs
* Lay-off QT movies on Apple pages
* Lessons from Steve’s Keynote – from Guy Kawasaki himself
* Lucky Kelvin … he gets to attend MWSF – while we rely on newsfeeds and stuttering streaming videos
* iTunes spying on your music taste? – switch-off the ministore feature if you are afraid of Apple knowing you still have those Milli Vanilli albums
* Apple stocks closed at $80.86
Outside the keynote address, here are other interesting stories coming out from MWSF:
* Goodbye Windows Media Player or WiMP – play WMV using QuickTime player
* Google Earth for Mac beta Officially released
Lastly if you are set on buying any of the new Macs now, do read up Adri’s tips on buying a Mac in Singapore – it will help you and your wallet.
As for myself, I still don’t have the new to splurge on the new Macs, but the allure of the iMac is getting stronger with each update. I’ll advise against getting the MacBook Pro now as the first generation sometimes, do come with bugs. But as usual, do your homework and always see ahead before you make that purchase, or you might end up writing letters like this.

Things I learnt over the weekend

  1. “Casualties” at Exercise NorthStar V took 6 hours to put on their fake injuries. I wonder who did the makeup – Cosmoprof or Mediacorp
  2. Timberland shoes are good for walking on planks hung 66 stories up in the air
    What did you learn last weekend?

Missed Opportunity

Burton Albion 0 - 0 Man United Should have braved the rain and gone out to buy the match to end in a draw. The signs were there – crappy pitch, 3rd-string Man United team and a fully-hyped Burton Albion team. Not taking away the efforts of the Non-League team, which is 104 league position below Man United and managed by Nigel Clough, the game was there for Man United’s taking.
Although sending out a weakened side, the team still consisted of a number of internationals – Richardson, Solskjaer, Saha, O’Shea, Howard, Silvestre and Wes Brown. The play was scrappy in the first half, probably due to the uneven field but Burton Albion still had the clearest chances when they forced two goal-line clearance from upcoming rightback Bardsley. He in-turn had a glorious volley that flew just over the Albion crossbar after a nice one-two with Solskjaer. Man United were not fluent in their passing and the lack of co-ordination between the young and slightly older players were clearly evident.
I fell asleep after the start of the second half and I didn’t bother to continue watching, but half hoping that Man U will just scrapped through so that I won’t feel the pain of the missed opportunity.
And so it ended, a Non-League side forcing a replay against the mightly Red Devils at Old Trafford
The odds must had been absolutely crazy. Shucks.

Creative at its best

Podcasts, short for Personal On Demand broadCast, are audio files you can download into any MP3 player or computer. These audio files are broadcasted over the Internet automatically to subscribers of specific podcast channels. Video blogs are similar to podcasts, and refer to video files instead of audio files.
That, according to Creative Technology, is the new definition of podcast. It is one of the many pathetic and feeble attempts by Creative Technology to stamp it’s authority on the portable digital music player industry that, to their credit, originated with their player many, many moons ago.
Podcast – a play of the words broadcast and Apple’s iPod – is commonly known to be the digital recording of a radio broadcast or similar program, made available on the Internet for downloading to a personal audio player.
How the marketing department in Creative can twist it to be that, never fails to amuse me.
update – after a quick shower, I realised I should change the title of this post. Somewhere in Creative’s office, a brief must have been circulating around which goes along the line of this – break all association of our products/services from Apple and iPod. Although their latest product do look pretty much similar to the latest iPods, re-defining the term Podcast must surely be hailed as their best attempt at being Creative.
( via Atypical Singaporean )