Seasons Greetings from Office of Alumni Relations

A last look at my calendar shows that we are already 17 days into the month of February and yet, I receieved this email from the National University of Singapore Office of Alumni Relations:
bq.. Seasons Greetings from Office of Alumni Relations
You have received an eCard from NUS Office of Alumni Relations. Click here to view your eCard now!
Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!
Office of Alumni Relations
p. Talk about efficiency.

Why we should cut out local shows…at least most of them

Besides the obvious reason that most local shows suck, a letter published in today’s Today, gives us another reason why they should spare us from the agony of watching another Phua Chu Kang.
In a letter from the Licensing Services Division, Media Development Authority, justifying the reasons for charging licensing fee for the ownership or operation of any broadcasting apparatus. One of it was this:
bq. Local programmes are expensive to produce and they cost 10 to 20 times more than those acquired from overseas. Without the additional funding support, local broadcasters may not be able to produce such programmes.
So if they are that expensive, please, use some common sense and get more overseas production. Why pay that kind of money to put crap on prime time? Need help on what shows to bring in – how about these?
Need more? How about these:
* The IT Crowd – for the geek at heart
* Life On Mars – Time traveller or just pyscho?
* How I Met Your Mother – the new Friends?
* Will and Grace – oh com’on, we have gay cowboys already…why not Will, Grace, Karen and Jack?
PS: Above comments are limited to those programmes shown on Channel 5.

Knowing you knowing me

Got to know about this Johari and Nohari Window thing that suppose to find out about yourself through the others. So how well do I know myself and how I think others will know me?
Do the Johari Window of me and the Nohari Window and maybe at the end of the day, I’ll learn more about myself from everyone out there.


coComment coComment Trying out coComment that attempts to fill a feature gap in blogging – tracking your own comments on other blogs.
What this does is that it requires you to click a bookmarklet just before submitting your comments, whereby the coComment system will take note of your comments, where you left it, and also tracks the subsequent conversation if there are any. To find out whether there are any reactions to what you said, you can either subscribe to a RSS feed, or can also list them out on your site via javascript (as seen on right), or visit your own comment tracking page.
Currently coComment only works on the following blogging platform:
# MSN Spaces
# MySpaces
# TypePad
# WordPress
# Xanga
So it won’t work here.
Browser supported:
# Firefox 1.0 and 1.5
# Safari 2.0
# Internet Explorer 6.0
Been trying out for a day and, so far so good. Kinda makes you want to go out and leave comments all over the place. System’s still in beta and you can try requesting for an invite to the test.

XBox 360 Pre-order

Xbox 360 Pre-order Saw this in my mailbox today.
bq.. For a limited period, when you pre-order the Xbox 360™ you get the option to purchase the exclusive VIP Pack. In addition, you will receive a limited edition Project Gotham Racing faceplate, plus, Dead or Alive 4 special edition posters (set of 2)!
The VIP Pack comes with 1 wireless controller and 2 brand new game titles – Project Gotham Racing 3 and Dead or Alive 4.
This exclusive pre-order program is open members, Xbox LIVE subscribers and Brotherhood of the Box members.
*Limited availability, while stocks last. Price includes Xbox 360™ Pro console and VIP Pack (incl. of GST).
p. If you are interested, you might want to check out the pre-order site at
Tempting as this might sound, I think i’ll save the money until I see Master Chief appearing in his full glory before getting the XBox 360. What about you?