9 steps to get your Xbox360…without fearing your wife/gf

xbox360 Got a helpful tip from a member (name withheld fearing repercussion from member’s wife/gf) of our ThursdayFrag group with regards to getting the much sought after Xbox360:
# Get yourself a Citibank credit card (If you don’t already have 1)
# If it’s too troublesome for you, any bank’s credit card will do.
** If using Citibank credit card, enroll for eStatementing as it leaves no paper trail
** If using other bank’s credit card, change your billing address to your office address.
# Go buy a Xbox360 from either:
** Courts
** Best Denki
** Harvey Norman
** Remember to sign up for 24 month’s installment plan.
# Leave the Xbox360 in office or friend’s home.
# Fake a letter/email stating that you’ve won a Xbox360 in some obscure online contest.
# Show letter/email to your wife/girlfriend.
# Bring Xbox360 home.
# Play happily every after!
Applies to any country with credit card that provides electronic statements and shops that offers instalment purchases.
Leave a comment/trackback if the above worked.
update apparently there is a high-tech treasure hunt to find 5 xbox360 that’s hidden in some parts of singapore. 2 have been found … so where is my 360

QOTD: Cussing in your office

Question: Do you curse in your office – at yourself? client? colleagues?
Yourself – all the time. It has become second nature.
Client – all the time. obviously not in front of them. somehow i get clients that make it easy for me to cuss them. beats me. some of them are just irresistably easy to cuss at.
Colleagues – never. not even when I’m angry or stressed. it’s a failure in self-control.
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2 sites

Just to announce two sites that were launched, one today – two months late, the other about one month back.
Tiger Beer Go check out Tiger Beer – http://www.tigerbeer.com
Fox Fashion Singapore Go check out Fox Fashion – http://foxfashion.sg
Both are Flash powered sites and had been a pain to get them up live. And I wasn’t even involved in doing the production work.

VJC Choir clinched Grand Prize at Riva del Garda, Italy

Damn proud of these juniors and Nelson Kwei! Their efforts paid off when they swept the recently concluded Concorso Corale Internazionale – 9th International Choir competition held at Riva del Garda, Italy.
Heard them just days before they flew off and were impressed by the sound they produced. They must be really enjoying their holidays now in Italy! Hopefully, the choir and Nelson, will finally get some well deserved recognition from the officials involved in Art here.
Considering that Victoria Chorale will also embark on our own competition in July, this news will surely be a big motivation for us to do not just as well, but hopefully even better than our juniors. Plans for the next few weeks will hopefully be more concrete after tomorrow’s meeting and we better work harder. Time to bring out the whip!
Official results here

Where was I?

Where was I one year ago?
I was still bumming/freelancing and had plenty of time to update this site, watch TV till I fell sick and getting myself into the current camera-withdrawal-state.
Where was I five years ago?
The previous agency I was at just shifted to the newer but older office, which sort of led-on to the closing of the company a few months later. It was also the time when I started developing this site, although the first posting was done a year later.
Where was I ten years ago?
It was just a year after starting university. Got out of a one-semester-long relationship with a classmate and probably started on a LDR a few weeks later. Failed three out of five modules that year. School life was so much more happening.
Who’s next – Yann, AKM:, The Cat plus whoever’s interested…

QoTD: General Elections

Question: General Elections – which is more important: Who is nominated or when is it held?
For me, the date of the GE is more important – it determines whether there is, or not, an additional public holiday as the estate I stayed in, the incumbent usually gets the walk-over.
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PS: QoTD is inspired blatantly by NSLog.

A happy weekend

Took a half-day off on Friday to go out with Yann to celebrate my birthday. But before I left office, my colleagues got a mocha cake and to top it off, they bought me a lovely Casio Edifice. The cake was pretty yummy and the watch was a pleasant surprise! It looks pretty good too!
Hotel 1929 Picked up Yann before popping into Hotel 1929 to try out the place. It’s becoming a hobby for us to try out fancy place ever since a bunch of us stayed in Gallery Hotel for our X’mas/New Year celebration. According to Yann, there were much hype about this hotel with its individually designed rooms and their designer chairs. However, to our dismay, the deluxe room we had had just about the size to fit a queen size bed and a washroom, which itself, is pretty small. So besides the bed, there isn’t anywhere else you can go, without endangering yourself.
Read on if you are interested about Science Centre, the Art of Star Wars and crappy breakfast.

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