Creative vs Apple

update woo hoo – Apple strikes back – Apple sues iPod rival over patents
If SWH had simply close shop and concentrate on PC audio products or spend the money/effort to improve their products.
bq. QOTD: MacDailyNews Take: Hoo said they wanted a war?
I shall not comment on this as those who know me will know how I deplore Creative’s actions since they “declared war” on Apple. This latest salvo just tops it all. Maybe SWH has the same advisors as our men in white.
Chris Stevens from Crave Talk @ CNet says it best:
bq. If only Creative would put its efforts into pushing forward with its own product designs, rather than litigating its way to a slice of Apple’s pie. We’re weary of these depressing and unpleasant law suits. The Creative vs Apple patent case reads depressingly like Steven Segal claiming he invented acting.
Fun reading: The patent in question – patent 6,928,433

Post-Voting Thought

If only elections were held next month, 5 June’06 instead of today and ruling party gets the clean sweep.
What a glorious next day it would have been!