We are the Champions!

Victoria Chorale finally did it! We missed it two years back in Bremen, but this time, we were more prepared and more confident! 24 July 2006 will always be the day remembered as the time VC outsang 15 other choirs, to win the Musica Sacra a cappella category! We garnered a high 89.63 points, doing better than many European choirs, something which sacred music is bread and butter to most choirs there.
It all started on July 24 2006.

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Coldplay Twisted Logic Tour 2006 Singapore

Coldplay Was at the Coldplay’s second concert in Singapore with Yann, Wayne and Bralala. A rather short but totally shiok show!! They performed many of their hits from their three albums. Though we were sitting almost like at the top of the Indoor Stadium, the air up there was as electric as those in the moshpit! Thankfully, the sound system in the SIS was in tip-top condition and there weren’t any horrible feedbacks.
Somehow, my new cam is deemed too “professional” and was not allowed to be brought in. But I told them off by telling them that I absolutely won’t put my cam in the mercy of their pathetic lockers which is in the middle of the lobby, thus resulting in these pictures you see here…
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Things I started doing again

Not exactly a meme, but feel free to do so.
In no particular order:
* Taking photos again ( i-Heart-my-30D )
* Making my muscles ache ( especially my first two-days-in-a-row gym visit )
* Getting home before 10pm
* Making risky bets on soccer … Go ITALY!!!
* Updating my resume …
* eh yes, updating this blog