links for 2006-11-30

Web Standards Group, Singapore

Web Standards & Singapore – words which you almost never being uttered in the same breathe. Students I suspect will prefer to learn about Flash than the more traditional HTML, so I don’t think most will know the difference between the separation between presentational and semantic code from your HTML nor the reasons of having a CSS. And in the industry, where legacy softwares and sites are a norm, finding codes with ALL CAPS declaration or font tags sprinkling all over is not unusual.
So it is comforting to know that somewhere deep within this country where it is still essential to put “This site only works on Internet Explorer”, there are still people fighting an almost lost cause – bringing Web Standards into our WWW.
There used to be a mailing list, with a bunch of enthusiastic people, like myself, that will discuss about the latest CSS examples, sharing tips and sites and also establishing an user-group that will help raise the awareness. Alas somewhere along the way, due to work, changes in life, the group just dwindled and lost its way and disappeared.
Thankfully, among that early group, Lucian and Vanessa are still around and they started the WebSG blog to keep that passion burning. And for once – maybe this time, there might be a chance that Web Standards Group will take place!
Join us on 17 Jan 2007 for the first meetup! I know I’ll be there!

links for 2006-11-26

Cupcake Momma

These are sickeningly lovely to munch! Just large enough for a single gulp!
Our company intern surprised us by bringing a box of nice yummy cupcakes. Costing S$1.60 per piece, the cupcakes are light and but not too fluffy, with a thick vanilla frosting topping it!
These yummy creation is by local baker Trish Ratna, calling herself Cupcake Momma. Her cupcake HQ is located at Woodlands and you can order online to collect them at Woodlands. Abit far for me but I think I will definitely grab myself some cupcakes next time.
As i mentioned earlier, the standard cupcakes are S$1.60 per piece while the premium designed cuppies ones are at $2. Add an additional 50 cents to get the special designed cuppies. Full price list can be found here
Go check out their site at or get tempted by her lovely photos at flickr.
OK, now I just need an excuse to buy these cupcakes!