Ghost Rider

Ghost Rider - Eva Mendes bq. Your soul has been tainted by the blood of the innocent. Look into my eyes and feel their pain!
With lines like that, it is no surprise that I was drawn towards distractions like Eva Mendes while watching Ghost Rider. Starring Mendes, her cleavage, Nicholas Cage and his hairpiece, this comic book adaptation by Mark Steven Johnson was a let-down because of crappy lines, B-Grade CGI and a serious lack of ass-kicking from the hell-flame-skullhead!
For example, the ease with how GR disposed off the three elemental minions of Blackheart was a letdown. Also, the casting of Nicholas Cage who took three hours to put up his toupee before filming, was obviously done probably because of his personal interest in the story. Can’t they just cast someone younger looking?
My conclusion – wait for the DVD to appear in your favorite rental shop. Not worth the $$.

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Happy Chinese New Year

The Year of the Golden Pig came with much a whimper, though it was a rather long whimper. With Day 1 of CNY on a Sunday, we had an extra day on Tuesday to make up for it. The Company was also great to give another day off for me – so it’s a rather long weekend to celebrate the Lunar New Year.
As years go by, the celebrations within the family gets wee-bit tone down gradually. Mom as usual whipped up a bomb for reunion dinner – almost 8 course dinner and it was almost a sin to try all 8 dishes. But heck – there’s always gym. Prior to that, went down to Vivocity to pick up my new pair of Levis jeans before returning home to help wash the car and the floor – a CNY-eve tradition that used to be done by my parents and my brothers. Anyway, it’s the same amount of car, same amount of floor space, but just me, mom, dad and the maid.
The next day, with both brothers and the in-laws not following with us, it was just down to me to bring Mom and Dad around to visit our relatives. Thankfully, the aunties weren’t badgering me with the usual “when you getting married” questions. Probably cause they already knew of the flat. Anyway, the ang baos still there for me…though it’ll also probably be my last time getting them…
Visiting was over by evening before heading over to Yann’s place for dinner. The night ended with a round of mahjung at Bra’s place. The losing streak was gone when I ended the night with a nice S$10 profit.
Next day was all about food, relatives and friends visiting. Damper of the day was the light drizzle that almost nearly became a thunderstorm. Still, it was a rather wet second day. Was out with Yann to her relatives before returning for dinner. Then it was off to Vivocity to catch the Ghost Rider. A rather crap movie with a rather lame performance by Nicholas Cage. Though Eva Mendes was, a nice eye candy.
The next day, and today – was just TV. There were Greys Anatomy, Dirt, CSI, CSI Miami, Heroes, 24, The Unit, Dresden Files, How I Met Your Mother and of course Battlestar Galatica. Caught all the latest episodes once I got them. A pure couch-potato day!
In between those – I squeezed in the movie Munich and also Champions League match early this morning. Imagine this, Lille, the French First Division team, doing a Thailand to protest against Giggs scoring via a quickly taken freekick. I wonder UEFA will be as lenient as the Asean Football Federation when they just gave Thailand a reprimand for that shameful walkout.
Anyway, the holidays are over – have only the weekends to look forward to now. Oh well. Work beckons.

Rude people. Beautiful people

Imagine this situation:
* You try to reach Marketing Head Manager X. She’s not in. No mobile number. Cool.
* You next try to reach Manager X’s subordinate, Exec Y, but also not in. No biggie.
* You then try Company’s reception to get Manager X’s mobile – no go. Somehow receptionist don’t have that number. Fine. So receptionist put me to someone in Manager X’s department.
* Talk to Colleague Z and basically just left message for Manager X to return call since obviously Colleague Z won’t have any idea about the work.
* Lastly, as any servicing will do, you drop an email to Manager X to request a call-back to discuss about matter at hand.
So here’s my “please-call-me” email:
bq.. Hi Manager X,
Just wanted to know whether you have time to go through the quotation for the XX for XXX.
The amount quoted is also lowered taking into account savings when we have that delivered together with the XX in mid March.
Do let us know if possible soon.
Thank you
Jimmy Liew
p. All of these should be common scenarios in most offices. Right? Not apparently to this Manager X.
This is what I received in return:
bq.. Jimmy, (no “hi”, nor “dear”…just Jimmy)
Appreciate that in future you do not contact my colleague in my dept, when you need me to reply on this XX issue. She is not involved in this XX project and why the call to her? If you have anything to check on, you can also check with Exec Y. If you can’t reach both of us, then just drop an email. There’s no need to call, then email again. It’s rather repetitive, ain’t it?
p. (Emphasis is mine.)
Wah. Maybe things don’t work the same way as the rest of the world for this Manager X.
My reply to that…
bq.. Lastly, I offer my sincere apology if there are any miscommunication with how my “please-call-back” message to your colleague was mistaken as anything else. I was redirected to her by your reception as I couldn’t contact you and the email was sent just in case your colleague wasn’t around to pass the message, which is common practice. There was also no chase for your confirmation but rather a follow-up on my email for you to clarify any issues you might have with our quotation.
Again, do accept my apologise if such practices are not accepted with you.
Thank you and Have a Prosperous and Happy Lunar New Year
p. Apparently she has a reputation for having short temper and being just a plain bitch. If only the big boss listen to our advice and just drop this client.
Pure pain in the ass.
So what’s with the photo right on top? It’s from this year’s Sports Illustrated Swimsuit 2007 edition that has a special 3-D gallery. In case you are still blur, that’s Veronica Varekova.
Why in this post? Beats me. Beautiful people mah.