Miss Universe Singapore 2007

Winner Jessica Tan After looking through our finalists … I’ve only one thing to say – why bother?
We might as well save the $$ and not send whoever that emerges later tonight with the crown to Mexico. HOW TO?
Just for fun – my bet to win – like most out on the Internet says Ms Jessica Tan will win the crown.
Will i be right this time?
update Oooh, I am right afterall.
But to be honest – Jessica Tan was a sure-win! No right-minded bookies will even take bets once the Top 18 were listed. However, she’ll be in for a tough fight in Mexico for the Miss Universe – just check out the national winners.

Mac Whine – iTunes Podcast Subscription

I listen to Podcasts like TWIT, MacBreak Weekly, Fighting Talk and my latest subscription, This American Life on my Mac at home, on my iPod nano and also on the Mac at work.
So – why can’t it sync my Podcast subscriptions across my Macs?
I have an account in iTunes Store. I have authorised 2 Macs and a PC with this account. But if I need to listen to my Podcasts on these machines, I have to manually add them one at a time, then wait for it to download those various episodes.
I am logged in to my account in iTunes and from it, I can get my purchase history, my account details and iTS can send me “My Alerts” based on my past purchase. So why can’t Apple include a small XML file that will include my Podcast subscriptions? Shouldn’t be that difficult right?
So please – let me sync my Podcast subscriptions across my authorised Macs.