Miss Japan wins Miss Universe 2007

Miss Japan Riyo Mori This year’s Miss Universe 2007 crown went the way to Miss Japan – Riyo Mori. Although the event was held in Mexcio, this year’s Miss Universe winners’ list had a very distinct Asian flavour:
* Miss Japan crowned as Miss Universe 2007.
* Miss China, Zhang Ningning was crowned Miss Congeniality
* Miss Philippines, Ana Theresa Licaros was crowned Miss Photogenic
* Miss Korea, Honey Lee also won the Best National Costume
* Miss India and Miss Thailand, together with eventual winner Japan and Korea were in the Top 15. Unfortunately, the Asian streak didn’t extend to our Miss Singapore Jessica Tan.
So despite wearing a costume inspired by those won by high class courtesans (or prostitute) or Oiran, Miss Japan won the judges over and became the first Asian winner since 2000 when Miss India Lara Dutta won it.
An Asian clean sweep indeed…topped by a Miss Japan wearing the crown designed by Mikimoto … a renowned Japanese company.

Photo shoot

Was involved in my first celebrity photoshoot for a new ad campaign for a Japanese watch brand, handled by my company. We had Mark Law (Photographer), Jeremy Tan (Stylist), Andy Lee (Makeup) and Ryan (Hair) to handle the shoot back in April 3.
The ads just started to run in Cleo, Female, Today newspaper and also a few days time, at the underpass between Wisma and Takashimaya.
It was a pretty smooth running shoot despite us starting late. J was very professional, holding awkard poses while the rest of the team did their job. Was supposed to have David Gan for the shoot but he was stuck in Narita Airport after a job for Zhang Ziyi…but his replacement, or his prodigy, Ryan was more than adequate replacement. I thoroughly enjoyed the whole shoot as I see first hand how the pros does it.
I wonder who we’ll get to work with next time…

If Malaysia doesn't welcome the Red Devils

According to Soccernet, the Red Devil’s trip to Malaysia has been cancelled after Asian Football Confederation (AFC) complained to the Malaysian FA about the Red Devil’s visit coming too near to AFC’s own Asian Cup which is held between July 7-29.
bq.. ‘We are extremely sad and disappointed to hear that we are not welcomed,’ Gill’s letter was quoted as saying in the New Straits Times on Thursday.
‘Malaysia is our second home. We played there in 1995, 1999 and 2001 – more than anywhere else in Asia.
‘We are proud to come and celebrate (Malaysia’s) 50 years of independence and it’s a once in a life-time celebration. We were very much looking forward to celebrating with our fans (in Malaysia).’
p. So if our northern neighbours are not interested, why not bring the EPL Champions onto our shores and play them against the Singapore Lions and make it the farewell gift for the National Stadium instead of the Socceroos? Considering that there are probably more fans of Man United in Singapore than the Socceroos, and plus the fact that they will be coming just after beating Chelsea to win the 06/07 English Premier League, it will be a much better send-off for our Old Lady. I’m sure neutral fans will prefer to meet the likes of Rooney and Ronaldo than Viduka and Kewell.
Com’on, bring in the Red Devils and let our Lions beat the EPL Champion!

Wagyu or no beef

My first experience with the Wagyu beef was at Aburiya, the tender Ribeye cubes sizzle over the hot coal. It was beef like I’ve never tasted – such tenderness, it was almost heaven.
So upon reading countless entries in this food pr0n blog about eating Wagyu at Astons, I was determined to try it!
My first attempt at going to Astons Specialities was a miss as I reached there slightly before seven, and a long queue was already snaking along the narrow corridor along Katong Road. So last weekend, me and Yann decided to be alil KS and reached there before six. There was a queue, but we waited only for 15 minutes.
Look out for the blackboard at the entrance that says what kind of special item they are selling for that day. And up there it wrote – Wagyu Grade 5/6 200gms! Bingo! I had to order that! At around S$40, it came with two sides which you can choose from their menu. I ordered that without hesitation while Yann chose the Lamb Loin Chops.
After waiting for around half an hour, which happens to be around the average waiting time after you ordered (and not the queing time), our food came! The lamb loin chops was tender, juicy and cooked just nicely and with not a tinge of the lamb smell you might find at other places.
Next came the Wagyu. And it was worth the wait.
The 200gm Wagyu beef, cooked at medium-well, was delicious. Thankfully, they left the sauce on a separate small bowl. The beef tastes just as good, without the sauce. As you can see from the photo at the top, there’s a thin strip of fat that lines the middle of the steak and one can’t really deny oneself the succulant juicy meat when eaten with the fat…
To be honest – there’s no words to describe the Wagyu. Imagine – this is only grade 5/6. I wonder how it’ll be like when i try the higher graded ones. Whichever it is, I don’t forsee myself eating any kind of beef except the Wagyu.
Wagyu or no beef!
Astons Specialties – 119 East Coast Road (Opposite Katong Mall) Tel: 9147 4627
Aburiya – 60 Robertson Quay #01-03 The Quayside Tel: 6735 4862 / 17E Lorong Liput Holland Village Tel 6464 6536

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