Crazy on a Theremin

bq. Randy George of The Ether and Aether Experiment recently produced an amazing cover version (plus music video) of the Gnarls Barkley song “Crazy”(Gnarls_Barkley_song) as played on a Theremin, specifically a Moog Etherwave Pro ThereminLaughing Squid
A Theremin is:
bq. the first musical instrument designed to be played without being touched. It consists of two radio frequency oscillators and two metal antennae. The electric signals from the theremin are amplified and sent to a loudspeaker – “Wikipedia”:
Geeky cool music isn’t it?!?

MRI Phobia

mri-shoulder Had a MRI scan this morning after seeing the Doc about my persistent shoulder pain. It was a result of an old injury that happened couple of years back while doing IPPT – did a Superman for SBJ…don’t ask. I didn’t think much of it then, and after a while, it felt ok. But during the cable-ski trip at Batam couple of weeks back, I think I injure the shoulder again. The scan was to identify whether I had any SLAP lesion or something else…
While sitting outside the MRI room, I could hear the loud thumping noise of the machine as a woman was being scanned inside. It was going on and on like at some night out at Zouk with the jungle-beat going – zheh zheh zheh zheh zrrr zheh … and on and on it went.
Soon I was brought into the room where I can see that cylindrical MRI machine…it looks small, probably around 1m diameter, like those you see in the tv show House, there’s this platform where you lie on before they slide you in.
As the area I’m scanning is my right shoulder, I had to tilt my body to the right, supported by some hard foam, slide my right hand under my butt, with the left arm across my tummy and the knees propped up. Not very comfortable.
Just before I was moved into the machine, I was given a pair of cans to listen to music…and I think it was some 80s music being played…not very comforting actually. And next thing I know, she has shifted me into the tube…pretty much a tight squeeze, especially for my size.
It was pretty chilly inside, especially with just the thin green scrubs I was wearing. After making sure that I was comfortable, the jarring noise of the scanning started. The cans didn’t help much but I can’t imagine how it would have been if I weren’t wearing the cans. It’s absolutely not the place to go if you are claustrophobic! It didn’t help that the technician didn’t inform me of what’s happening next.
During the scanning, you can feel the varying strength of the magnetism being used, both by the sound it generated, and also the physical effect it had on the body and the air around it. At one point, I can feel the skin around my waist area almost pounding in-sync with the scanning.
So there i was, stuck in the tube, with the loud jarring zheh zheh noise going on and on for around half an hour before I was unceremoniously rolled out being none the worse.
Later that day, I picked up my report and found to my relief, no lesion or any visible abnormality was detected. So I’ll wait for my next appointment with my Doc at CGH to see my next course of action and hopefully no more visit to the MRI…

Rubber Moved

Finishing scene After months of planning, rounds of casting, packing, printing, bitching, rehearsing, complains and what’s not, the show started at 9.55pm and ended within 45minutes. It wasn’t the best of shows ever but I had an absolute ball of a time.
The day started early at Zouk, buying packs of BlueTack and sticking up posters of Kimura all over Zouk. By then, the talents and performers started trickling in to go through the program. The rehearsals weren’t perfect as cues were missed, steps forgotten and there was a rather lacklustre atmosphere though the music was loud and pumping.
Corridor leading into Zouk Kimura on the wall
(L-R: Corridor leading into Zouk; Kimura was here in spirit)
Things gotten much better after lunch – guess food really helped. Anyway, prepared all the stuffs – reception tables, gifts, coupons, stickers and many more. By evening, the buzz inside Zouk grew, with stylists and make-up artists rushing to do up the various talents and performers.
Do it this way Do it this way
(L/R: Final rehearsals)
The rest of the team came in from office and were prepped with their individual tasks, while I scooped away for a quick shower at FF@OGS. Had a quick bite before getting the Bluetooth service setup, the macaroons from Bakerzin neatly laid out, and moving out to the entrance to setup the reception table.
Queue outside Zouk The crowd inside
(L-R: Queue outside Zouk; The crowd inside)
Boy was I surprised. At 8pm, a long queue of people holding onto our invites was snaking from the entrance to the carpark at the far end, plus hordes of our VIPs waiting outside the reception area. Overwhelmed was quite an understatement. We had to constantly push people back who were eager to get into Zouk.
Our opening act Hosts for the evening - Utt & Sherry
(L/R: Our opening act; Hosts for the evening – Utt & Sherry)
When we finally got to open the doors, the crowd flowed into Zouk. Within an hour, we had exhausted our 800 free public invites (apologies to the poor soul who was stopped right at the door when the invites were all given out) together with around 300plus of our VIPs.
Initially I was suppose to be inside Zouk, to oversee the show together with M. But we were short-handed outside and I became a part-time bouncer. Being the organiser has its privilege, I was able to waved in two groups of my friends from my ex agency while the rest of the public waited in the queue. Although there were plenty of people trying to cut-queue, the crowd was pretty much organised and there weren’t any trouble makers.
Jeric & Team Doing the hair
(L/R: Jeric & Team; Doing the hair)
While we were still getting people in, the show started with the famous tune of the TVC being beamed on the big screen, with the long hair Kimura doing his hair twirls. After that the dancers were out, decked in matching black suits.
After the opening act, our hosts Utt & Sherry introduced Jeric See from Reds plus his pals to demo some styling with the various waxes followed by a DIY competition from 6 members of the public we had pre-selected. When that was over, the performance started.
Kumar & the boys The B-Boyz
(L/R: Kumar & the boys; The B-Boyz)
We were fortunate to get Kumar to join us amidst her tight schedule, who was as drama queen as she usually is on stage. We also had a bunch of breakdancers, basketballers, dancers plus a goth looking rock guitarist from the band Queen (they play at Dragonfly @ St James) to represent the different waxes.
deehellsix from Queens Band Gatsby Girls
(L/R: deehellsix from Queens Band; Gatsby Girls)
The show ended after forty-five minutes again with Kumar rounding off with her hunks surrounding her. By then, we had just finished closing our reception table, and handling the crowd control back to Zouk. But the job’s not over – had to collect all the posters, videos and cleaning up all our stuff back to the car.
Kumar again The crowd The girls
(L/R: Kumar again; The crowd; The girls)
By the time I had everything packed and done, it was past midnight, and only then was I able to go find my future-house-mate and our friends who were there to support me!

(L/R: Yokie & Yann; Joker & Dawn)
As I was out at the reception area, I only seen the whole show after we got the recording back. Although there were portions which weren’t good, all in all, I think we did a pretty nice party for our client and those who turned up. What I loved most was the glorious set which we got it build for the event. We turned the Zouk dance floor totally white to look almost like the Moving Rubber TVC! Now I can’t wait for my next big kick-ass event…it’ll definitely by much bigger and tons more fun!
Speaking of that TVC, it was no surprise to see a series of spoofs done by fans of the Kimura TVC. Looking through Youtube, here’s a few that caught my eye… 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 (don’t puke) | 5 (nsfw – moops and mipples) | 6 (Pirates?) | 7 | 8 (Another headache inducing attempt) | 9 (Chalet + Alcohol + Mobile phone = disaster) | 10 (Chalet + Alcohol + Mobile phone = more disaster)
(Photos – Inkque, myself & Yannisms)

Because you deserve the BEST in TV Entertainment!

That is the tagline you see when you visit the Starhub Digital Cable TV section. With that in mind, and the impending increase in their charges, it is amazing that they are not showing the UEFA European Under-21 Championship!
bq. StarHub has always focused on giving customers the best value for their money and providing high quality content at affordable prices.
The UEFA U-21 Championship features players that are plying their trade in all major leagues in Europe! With most leagues on hiatus until the start of the new season, this competition would have filled a much needed void for soccer fans here…and yet, nothing! Not a blip. Where’s my best value?
I do hope they are preparing a damn good package once the fees increased, especially for the Sports channel come October, if not, I wouldn’t be surprised if they report a drastic drop in subscribers.

Moving Rubber

The G It’s pretty hard to say that work is fun, but come tomorrow – work will be fun! Can’t wait for the doors to be opened!
Feel like joining me? Be at Zouk later today (8 Jun) before 9pm.
Oh yeah, click on to see what that’s all about…

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Floating on water

I tried. I really tried. But gravity is not my friend and I ended up in water more than I can remember.
Last Saturday, Wayen brought the whole bunch of us, together with his colleagues to Batam for a whole day of cable-skiing at Batam.
Oh before I go on – if you decide to try cable-ski, take the effort to go Batam. Just think about this – S$80 for a WHOLE day of skiing as compared to S$40 for ONE hour here at East Coast Park. Do your maths.
Anyway. As it was my first time, as for all beginners, we tried the knee board which, as the name implies, you kneel on the board and get drag around the lake. Sounds easy. Nope. Not when the initial tug will probably pull your arm sockets off. Not when you try to go right and your arms says NO! So when that happens – you start drinking. Thankfully, the lake is fresh water and not salty. Fresh as the water is not salty, but not fresh as in clean. Be prepared for greenish water, with soggy mud.
I splashed a few times before managing to go two-third of the way before my arms decided to play punk and I couldn’t turn my board in time to go between the buoys. Yeah there are a few buoys that you need to go pass to ensure you can complete the whole circuit.
By afternoon, my arms ache. But after seeing my friends go through a few rounds attempting the wake board, I tried and immediately hit water. Not enjoyable and it hurt. So after reattaching my arm socket back, I decided to take the safer route and pull out my camera to shoot the action around me.
Oh yeah, in case you ain’t sure – that fella at the top of the post – is NOT me.
Anyway long story short, its fun and you should go try it. But try it at Batam. Besides the obviously cheaper rates, you also get an important service there – free bike rides! Imagine this – you tried so many times to float, and finally you made it and half way through the circuit when a rouge wave flips you over. So what? Walk back? It’s around two to three hundred meters walk, on bare feet. Nope. The kind guys at Batam Cable Ski Park immediately will swing their tiny mopeds out and ferry you back once you hit the shore. Talk about good service.
If you’re not convinced, see my photos and then check out Batam Cable Ski Park