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I am not 36…

MyPaper 28 April Header

As I mentioned earlier, I got asked by two papers about the ShutDownDay and one of them published the articles today (see above). The quotes were pretty much the same as what I can recall from my conversation with the journalist. They sent a photographer late last evening to do some rather (I think) unflattering photos which thankfully were not published. I was quite taken aback by the last minute call for the shoot but luckily I shaved that morning…

Anyway, the only thing that caught my attention, actually it was the wife-to-be who brought it up, was the rather lack of editorial-quality-check done by the paper. On the first article I was listed as 36 year old (hello!??!?) and then one page in, I was correctly listed as 34 – both articles were written by the same person. If she had wrote like say 26…I wouldn’t have minded. Grrrrr…

Anyway, both articles can be seen here and here.

Back to the good ol' days

After posting the “ShutDown Day”: event in FaceBook, I was contacted by a couple of journalists from our local papers about why I put that up. One of them actually posted a challenge to me – get unplugged for one day and live the challenge!

Basically I had to stay 10 hours free of modern technology – no Mac, no mobile, no XBox, no TV … bascially – NO LIFE!

Or what I thought it would be.

The day started off (10am) with me reminding myself not to flip TheBund to check NNW for all the latest reactions to Man Utd’s loss to Chelsea, or whether the new iMacs are being released next week. I could only lightly tap my fingers on the shiny alumnium shell and try to read it via telepathy.

Thankfully the challenge didn’t extend to the microwave oven, or I’d be starved off the yummy 2 minute mee goreng. Without the TV or the Mac, I had my appetite for news quenched by reading The Sunday Times front to back, word for word.

But knowing that what I am reading is something that’s already 12 hours late makes me realise why people are drawn to the Internet as there are sites like Digg or STOMP or that gives them near up to date postings on things that’s happening around us. Traditional media like CNN has iReport while our own Straits Times has Stomp are playing catch up just to make sure they are still relevant to the Internet generation.

By the time I’m done with the papers, it was nearly noon and while waiting for lunch time to reach, its back to the room – looking yearningly at TheBund. Nope. Hands off.

Fine. So took the time to pack the room. The family will be shifting again in the next two weeks to the new place. I feel like a gypsy… been shifting twice in the last six months and hopefully by next March, I’ll shift one last time to my new place with the gf…by then she will be my wife! w00t!

Anyway, took the time to clear the rubbish in the room and also pack a lil bit just to prepare tor the shift. Not having the Internet, TV or the XBox to distract me made it quite easy to finish up the packing. By then lunch arrives (2pm)!

Mom who just had her birthday couple of days back came back with Dad with lunch – nice hot soupy Kway Chup! While slushing down the yummy kway chup, Mom continue her usual Sunday work – prepping the food for the next week, while Dad sort out the stuff to shift to the new place.

After lunch, it was back to the room to sort out the mess in there. Since I can’t use the mobile, I was rather disconnected from the rest of the world. Most of us would have put our friends’ numbers on the mobile or in programs stored in the PC. So if you grey matter is not as good as it should be, like I am, it was almost difficult to call anyone straight off memory…except the gf or the family. Thankfully, the gf has work to catch up and we didn’t make any arrangements to go out.

3pm – maybe it was food coma, or the hot weather, with nothing much to do, I made the best choice to run the clock down – an afternoon siesta !


Beep beep beep … alarm sounded … no it was more like “Time to eat dinner…wake up wake up!!” …

It’s already 7pm by the time dinner time was ready. Oh … but the TV was on. Technically it wasn’t me who switched on so I guess I have not violated the challenge… 😉 Had a yummy hot curry chicken dinner with rice which Mom prepared.

By the time I finished it was already 8pm. Two hours more to go.

I remember why I could sleep at 9pm when I was a kid. There was really nothing to do. Twiddling my thumb as I watch the darkened screen of my TV, I flipped open the past issues of magazines I got … taking time to look through Home & Decor … FHM…

Not too soon, 10pm hit and I am online again.

I think I didn’t really made the full use of today and trying to live a day being unplugged. Its just…not the right day. If it was Saturday, things would have been different. I was at the Peranakan Museum doing work the whole of afternoon, looking at the displays, the history of the Nonyas…

Anyway, I’ll take this as the dry run for 3 May. But honestly, I don’t think I can be unplugged. Most of my connections are done via the web – making arrangements for outings, sharing ideas or just fragging on XBox – the web and the tools have become a major part of my life…that’s why the new house will be, let’s just say, well connected. But that’s for another day.

I’m back online and wearing my fatigues fragging in COD4 … w00t!

Shutdown Day'08 – 3 May

Can you survive for 24 hours without your computer?

Shutdown Day is a Global Internet Experiment whose purpose is to get people to think about how their lives have changed with the increasing use of the home computer, and whether or not any good things are being lost because of this.

The idea of Shutdown Day project is simple – just shutdown your computer for one whole day of the year and involve yourself in some other activities: outdoors, nature, sports, fun stuff with friends and family – whatever, just to remind yourself that there still exists a world outside your monitor screen.

As you can see with this blog, I am one of the gazillions of people who are connected via the InterWeb. Not just that, the mobile phone is almost always switched on, plus XBox, my whole life is almost mixed with the bits and bytes that traverse the wires circling around the world.

So can I still do things without the personal computer? Can you? Let’s just start with one single day, and then revisit how life is when there is no internet, where conversation is done face to face and not via the Messenger. Let’s try…it’s also cut down your electric bill, at least for a few dollars at least.

Sign up at or here if you are on Facebook.

Unveiling TheBund

Finally finished putting together the short movie made with 182 photos taken with my Canon 30D, edited with iMovie – all on my new MacBook Pro called TheBund.

Why called TheBund? It came from Shanghai.

And let there be light

It is funny how it took the downtime for XBox Live that this blog can come online. I guess I have been putting this off for the longest time as I can’t get myself to design something decent.

Thankfully, I found a MT4 style that I like – Hemingway from MajorDojo – and after a short time in fiddling, unabridged excerpts is up and running. may it grow to be a kick ass, top one, media whoring loving blog that attracts all the attention.

or maybe I should post some nude photos to get the eyeballs. or maybe not.