Peep at Darth Vadar

Self-ego-boost. I like how this photo turned out. Only unfortunate thing is too much bokeh on the left foreground, leaving a white patch. No tripod lah…if not can increase the f-stop.

I can't write Chinese

In WordPress, whenever I type in Chinese, it turns up as garbage as it is published. The blog language setting is at UTF-8 and I’ve also used this plugin to convert my MySQL database to UTF-8 unicode but still to no avail.

For those who has an idea, I’m posting using Safari on OS X 10.5.1 with the Mac’s build-in Chinese input system.

More pratas for June 27th through June 29th

These are some interesting from the InterWeb for June 27th through June 28th:

Daily prata for June 27th from 15:10 to 15:38

These are something interesting from the InterWeb for June 27th from 15:10 to 15:38:

  • Ledger – monotone theme for Mint – Don't like the green Mint? prefer something with less colour?
  • Changing Your Point of View – Find an unusual point of view and you’re well on your way to making an interesting photograph. I’m not going to say that you should avoid the zone 5' to 6' above the ground, but you certainly can’t hurt your chances by getting out of that zone of vi
  • News uncut – from Top Gear – Watch 5 minutes of News bits that were left out of the first episode of the new season

Still tweaking the options of Postalicious so that my blog won’t become a constant link blog…

I feel less smart

Ok this will probably be the last time I create a title related to my wisdom tooth removal.

The short medical break was over before I can say “Holland sucks”. The days were spent working through the few sites I’ve a stake in … here, the girlF’s playground, a secret-hush-hush site plus another site for a certain cafe in town. After having not do any web design for a year or more, everythings’ quite rusty and I took the easy route out – spending time searching for usable templates available online! Like here – the template’s from 5ThirtyOne – I just did some minor changes to the width and some icons used.

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A little less wisdom

( Photo by dmmalva )

Today’s the day where I had to pluck that wisdom out. After hearing many horror stories from friends, i was expecting the worse. With my new pack of wet wipes with me, I went to the clinic this afternoon and after some paperwork, the dentist, a chubby and friendly-looking fella brought me and went through with me what I need to do. I’m glad that he looked like he could fit into any rugby team, some stories of less-than-strong dentists struggled to pull those bits and pieces of stubborn tooth and how the patients sat through the ordeal can make one squirm.

So yeah he told me that I need to pull the left lower wisdom out as it is causing decay and he advise that I do the same for the right lower – some other day I said as I quickly looked at him! Some might call this wussy, but think of how you spend your medical leaves… 😉 Continue reading “A little less wisdom”