Received this SMS today at around 6pm today:

StarHub Notice – Dear Customer, you are invited to participate in a Mobile TV trial. If you like to be part of this trial, please go to to complete the online survey before 2 Aug. Thank you.

This is what I get when I go to the URL.

Sometimes Marketing suits should talk to the IT Geeks to get the systems done up and running before activating the other IT Geeks to SMS spam their customers.

Because customer like me, with too much time on hand, will take screenshots and blog and whine about it.


update – the site is finally live. took them long enough to get it online.

Marketers, please, remember, a place holder is better than a site not found.

Daily prata for July 23rd – Photos photos photos

These are something interesting from the InterWeb for July 23rd from 22:22 to 22:22:


Today I am reminded again why I hate to ask people for favours, especially friends.

Daily prata for July 22nd – Cuteness overloads

These are something interesting from the InterWeb for July 22nd from 22:11 to 22:11:

Faded stars

Just updated my photoblog – Seen Thru This Glass with a few more photos taken in 2004. One of my fav so far is a photo taken of a few old movie posters at a corner in Little India.

If you see the original (see below), you’d realised that there’s quite a bit of Photoshopping done to achieve what it became. I’m not ashamed to say that many of my photos have gone under the knife, so to speak. Partly because my photography techniques is not up to par for me to achieve almost perfect shot every time, so the need for touching up. But another reason is that touching up, allows me to give life to my photographs, giving it something extra.

If you compare the original, it might just be a photo of 3 movie posters, slightly torn and faded. By giving it a bit of touch-up, I feel that I give those posters more life than just being there. A story is being told as you look at it – a story of how short-lived, the lives of these Bollywood stars.

Some purist might frown at the amount of digital manipulation some of these newly developed tools in the market. To me, they are my pens to write the story, to give my photo a life.

Life after Death

That’s the title of the latest podcast at This American Life – episode 359. In it, there are three stories about three different men who’s life changed after encountering death around them. Of which, the second story was one that struck a chord as I listened.

Everyone told Darin Strauss that there would have been no way to avoid hitting the bicyclist who swerved into the path of his car. When the girl died, the police said Darin wasn’t at fault. Darin tells the story of what it’s like to live with being the accidental cause of someone’s death.

I’ve uploaded that portion of the story here. Do have a listen before you continue reading after the jump.

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Daily prata for July 21st – the Dark Knight edition

These are something interesting from the InterWeb for July 21st from 11:15 to 11:46: