Nike+ Human "Blister" Race

Yes the blister struck again. For the second time in my short marathon career, I had to resort to walking because of a painful blister that grew on my left foot…decided not to take a photo to show it as it is disturbing. Currently it is a nice 3cm length and 1.5cm wide jello-feeling blister. Ouch.

Nike+ Human Race - Posing before race

The weather was threatening to spoil the party but the grey clouds sort of held its water and kept the whole evening cool and pretty enjoyable to run. By the time we got to the starting point, the first batch had flagged off and we were only able to join in the race at a quarter to five. (see Qik video)

It was literally a sea of red when we join in for the start of the race. (see Qik video of the flag off) If you stare long enough at the crowd in front of you, it becomes a pain as the RED sort of fuse your eyes. (see Qik video of all the RED people)

For most part of the race, the route was pretty well planned. The only problem occurred at the junction of One Raffles Quay and NTUC building. The route was only a lane wide for each direction, and there was a jam and some of us decided to run across the ORQ courtyard instead of waiting in the jam. (see Qik video of the jam)

We ran/walked through the Esplanade Bridge where we saw the Fa Lun Gong’ers having their meditation/protest, through Boat Quay and Clarke Quay where people watch us while sipping their beers and eating crabs and then end back up alongside Padang. We had a “media-whoring” session when we run the final stretch hand-in-hand…sweet right? 😀

Nike+ Human Race - couple wear

At the Padang, they put up a concert featuring local and foreign artists and the hosts also threw some iPod nanos into the audience, which were mostly young teens. As the girlF had me in the race as Media, we decided to rest our tired feet in the VIP tents watching those teens sweat it out in the crowd, cheering on some local and foreign acts. (see Qik video of post-run concert)

We ended our evening after having a good shower at FF Cathay before sitting down for a sumptuous dinner at Astons. Wagyu beef ribeye stick…yummy!

Here’s a visual track of my run using the Nike+ iPod gear. I did the run in 1 hour 47 mins and 19 seconds (un-official timing)…not as good as the StanChart run two years back. But at least I know how much I need to work before the end-year StanChart run.

Timing via Nike+ iPod sensor:

Official timing:

Now, I need to let my feet heals…ankles hurts, in-steps hurts, plus blisters on both feet.

That’s why I’m a geek and she is the word smith – go read her account of our run.

Video shooting with DSLR

When I first read that the new Nikon D90 will include video filming, the first impression was that it was just one more fancy feature that Nikon added just to add the price of the camera. But after viewing the examples taken by the D90, I changed my mind.

I think it is revolutionary.

To have a video camera with access to the various lenses, aperture and iso setting, definitely gives an edge to video cams that are available to consumers out there. Although the sensor in the D90 can shoot up to 1280 by 720 pixels, it won’t be long before HD video shooting is available on the DSLR.

I won’t be surprised if Canon and other DSLR follow Nikon’s footstep and add them in.

See for yourself.

Nike+ Human Race # 0766519

That’s me number for the Nike Human Race later today in town. Haven’t done much running since the RT ended a month back, it will be … fun aka torture for me.

Just to make it more enjoyable, I’ve prepared my iPod with a list of songs that will make the run more enjoyable. From Muse to The Killers to DragonForce U2…there will be songs that will hopefully pump me up to last the 10km. I’ll also have my Nike+ iPod sensor ready to record the run…I can imagine there will be lots of flat lines…:D

See you after the race!

One more thing, Sparky

Each and every day your owners delay in negotiating the deal with the fruit company, you are losing customers. The opportunity to get new customers AND also to re-contract existing customers are gone as each day goes by.

Think about that.

An Open Letter to Starhub – Dear Sparky

Hope you are well. The last we saw you, you and your doggy pals were going up a private jet to some place for a lengthy holiday with your owners. Fancy that right, after swallowing a mobile phone years ago, you have pretty much stepped up, even flying on Lear jets with your owners.

Since your trip, many things have happened. For example, people now can switch their telco operators from one to another without changing their numbers with a fancy name called number portability. Although it isn’t perfect, some people have jumped camp between GREEN, RED or ORANGE.

Also, wherever you happen to fly to with your owners, I am sure you would have notice this new phone that has been making waves over the past year. You know, from the fruit company that many loves and many more hate, called the iPhone. Its a phone which is unlike any other phones you have seen and it is one that is changing the way phones are being used. But I am sure you would have heard and seen enough to know that.

RED somehow managed to get a head start over you and ORANGE to launch the phone last week. The launch was quite a blast with their shop tied with a giant pink ribbon and thousands appeared just to grab the phone, even if it took them 6 hours or more waiting. I know because I was there. However, the price plans they offered on first sight, was decent but not superbly attractive, especially the part about data.

Basically it wasn’t good enough for me to switch camp. I have been Greenie for years and I would still want to stay Green. Just being able to watch soccer matches on my mobile for free makes it all worthwhile!

Since the launch, I have friends and colleagues who have taken up the offer and gotten their iPhones. It looks good. I played with their phones and it really felt good in my hands. I even spent time helping my colleague set up their phones and install apps. It was pretty easy out of the box. How many phones can you use out of the box without a manual?

My friends know that I have wanted the iPhone since it was launched last year. I even started downloading apps from my iTunes account so that I am prepared. Prepared for what?

Sparky, I am hoping that what your owners said to the press is true, that you will bring the phone by the end of this year. It’s almost September and only three months till Christmas.

Christmas, you know, the time when people gives presents to each other? I am sure you get doggy biscuits or some new leash to wear on your neck for Christmas. I will be over the moon if I can get the iPhone before Christmas.

I am sure your owners will begin talks with the people from the fruit company and considering that the phone will definitely be the best seller for some time, your owners will definitely want a piece of this pie before they start jumping to the RED camp.

I know they have been busy, like launching Demand TV, putting up trials for the Mobile TV or maybe it was the recently concluded Olympics…but can you just give them a little nudge and make them do that a wee bit faster?

Furthermore, it will also give you another excuse to be on TV and the papers. Fancy eating an Apple soon Sparky?

( updated title to hopefully get more coverage )

įĻģ – Steady

That’s the word written on the palm of Lee Jia Wei as I’m watching her play the Bronze medal match against world number 2 Guo Yue.

It’s all square now at 2-2 with Jia Wei coming back from 2-0 down.

Steady girl, you’ll get there!

Lee Jia Wei vs Guo Yue 6-11 12-14 11-9 11-7 3-11 4-11

Unfortunately her efforts not good enough against the world number 2!

Congrats JiaWei for getting Singapore so far in the Olympics.

Live QIK-cast from Comcentre tonight!

IF PM Lee can do it, so can I!

Will try to do a QIK-cast from Comcentre tonight to follow the launch of iPhone…let’s hope we get wireless@sg there! 😀

Bah. Need to remember to tilt the phone correctly. 🙂

update After a while, managed to login to wireless@SG outside the ComCentre. Here are some videos shot outside where the main queue is located

  • video 2 – queue…lots of people
  • video 3 – trying to get the phone last minute…

For those who are still interested to get it tonight, but ONLY if you are a SingTel customer, do login to the SingTel iPhone page and change your pick up date… 😉 pick it up while stocks lasts!

The iPhone is here, but I am not getting it

After such a long wait, the phone will be launched this Friday morning – 12.00am to be exact by SingTel. However, I am not getting it. YET. As much as I’d want to get the iPhone, the packages offered by SingTel are not attractive enough for me to drop Starhub and switch, losing the discounts on the various services I am rewarded for being a Starhub Hubber (Broadband, Cable TV and Mobile).

What irks me is the apparent lack of understanding of how the iPhone will change the usage patterns of people when they start exploring the features and the apps available on the iTune Store.

When the iPhone 3G had its worldwide launch on July 11, much grievances were at the lack of affordable data plans offered by telcos. A classic example would be Rogers from Canada.

Looks like SingTel does its maths with the same calculator. During launch period, the iFlexi plans offers 1-3GB of bandwidth per month, but this bandwidth will be reduced after the initial launch period.

In TODAY, they explained why they never offer an unlimited data package:

SingTel spokesman said the telco does not see a need to offer a plan with an unlimited amount of data. It is consistent with market offerings. Users are chalking up less than 100MB of data a month. A majority has single-digit usage.

Yes that is true in the pre-iPhone era where phones have small screen sizes and most apps had less than stellar performance when hooked onto the net. But with iPhones, just looking at the defaults apps available, being online is one major feature of the iPhone.

Yes there is Wireless@SG but time and time again, the WIFI provided has been sporadic in its uptime. Furthermore, you need to login every time you want to use it (auto-logoff after a short period of inactivity) makes it a pain with the iPhone.

So even though I’ve waited more than a year to get the iPhone, it will not be in my hand come this Friday. I do hope Starhub don’t screw me up by offering a worse deal than what SingTel already had. I will really turn green…

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