Twilight – it was painful

Just caught the movie Twilight, the hot movie right now and sad to say, it sucked. It pains to watch this teen (not chick) flick disguised as a vampire-love story.

Throughout the film, I wished I had a wooden stake so that I can stab it through my heart to ease the pain of watching it.

Potential spoilers here but here are some things I didn’t like about the movie.

  • vampires bling in their true form? Like glow with fairy gold dust bling!?
  • vampires with no fangs – teeth marks, not fang marks on Bella when she was bitten by James?
  • vampires make up – spare the lip stick please!
  • Robert Pattinson reminded me of Hayden Christensen in Star Wars – stiff acting and lasted the whole show with one look.
  • too much eyes gazing – I was looking for contact lens lines after a while
  • too much fast-forwarding in portraying how vampires “run”

But after reading through some goof pointers in the IMDb guide, some of those dislikes are due to the story’s portrayal of vampires which differ from traditional vampiric legends – like no fangs for these vampires.

Lastly, when Edward first met Bella in the Biology class, that look reminded me of this short MTV from The Lonely IslandJizz in my Pants.

Just realised this is the second second entry which I posted this video.

It is not surprised that someone captured that screen and mash it up with the song.

If you prefer classic vampire stories, go watch Interview with a Vampire or the new HBO series True Blood – these have more grit, violence and terror, usually associated with vampires. The vampires in Twilight are too – gentle.

Not worth watching on the weekends. Grab the DVD when it comes out.

Dick in a (mail)Box

Sometimes, you get a gem of managerial incompetency that comes from desperation, immaturity and inexperience. Unfortunately, I happened to be the recipient of one of these rarity.

Dear team

I am disturbed to learn of the liberties that some of you are taking with regards leave and off days.

In the first place, off days are only to be taken on their own and not combined with other off days, and most certainly not to be combined with annual leave. I know that this was not communicated to you clearly and so it will come into effect next year.
Also, off days must be claimed within one month of accrual, and also, half days can only be taken in the mornings.

I very generously decided to give you 2 days off over Christmas, only to find that some of you have taken unfair advantage and combined that with annual leave. If I had known that some of you were intending to take time off I would not have given you those days off.

I also am surprised that so many from one department are on leave at the same time. This is never practiced in case an urgent job comes up (as with MYCS). The first person to apply should have the first right. This must be observed in future.

There was also an email sent out some weeks ago informing all staff of a Christmas party, attendance of which is COMPULSORY. As I understand it, all but one of our team are attending, and even those on leave are coming, so I must insist that everyone is there.

On a more urgent note, next year looks dire with everyone slashing budgets. We need every job we can get and we are lucky to have been invited by 3 companies separately to participate. We need to do our utmost to secure this job, therefore I am canceling all leave next week so that everyone can work on this.

The only way I can reverse my decision, is if all of you can discuss how this can be done to our best abilities and submitted to the PR company by the evening of the 23rd. If even one of us must come back to complete the job on the 24th or 26th, then all of us come back. I don’t think the PR team are going on leave next week, do you?

Let’s work to do a great presentation next week and we will postpone the day off to Jan 2nd.

I hope I can have your understanding and support on this, and we will meet tomorrow morning at 1030 to discuss this. I will need xxx, xxx, xxx, xxx and xxx at this meeting, but if more people are required to work on this, the project leader should ask them to attend.


For once, I totally understand why one would call himself that. And yes, the video has nothing to do with it. It is up there merely by coincidence.

Just for the heck of it. Here’s Jizz in my Pants.