AoB(S) sounds and acts very MIW

  • First, they wear white for their first official shoot.
  • Then their President on one hand don’t like certain foreigners and on the other hand will go and invite credible overseas bloggers to give talks. Note, you must be credible, according to them.
  • If you think that you are a Singaporean and you blog, you can join the AoB, nope. First must pay S$50 (one time entrance fee), then every year another S$60. Same like you own a car, when you drive down Orchard Road, the road you pay with your road tax and your income tax, you still need to pay ERP to drive through.
  • Best of all, even if you decide to pay, you still may not be a member. Must be invited and the be approved by Council. Like how the govt talent search by inviting people to special tea sessions

Anyhoo. Good luck to the AoB who have probably dug a hole big enough to put their own egos, and a few more in there that will need a lot of work to climb out from. I’d rather use that S$110 to maintain my domain name and server space for my websites.