Plane crash and Paris Hilton

Many sites like to put a related post list at the bottom of a blog post that is related by content. But to have one that gives close relations, the plugin would probably requires a database that links keywords in the content, while some go the easy route by linking via titles or tags, which sometimes can lead to unexpected results.


Take this post that reported the plane crash that just occurred in New York … how does that relate to Paris Hilton’s liking to hit people?

Dream Car – Fiat 500 Abarth


I have a fondness for small cars, like the Mini Cooper (not so much the BMW version, but the iconic originals). Small and fun to drive. As the new Minis from BMW are not so mini anymore – size and price wise, there is a need to find an alternative. Just as small, just as fun to drive, just as iconic.

The answer is the Fiat 500, to be more specific, the Abarth Fiat 500. It is a souped up – Abarth-style – version of the Fiat 500 which was released last year.

The Abarth 500 is a 1.4 Turbo engine with 16 valves and 135 horsepower and on a car that weighs only around 900kg, it can run fast – top speed of 205km/h, just a tad slower than a Mini Cooper S.

No pricing yet of the Abarth 500, but a Fiat 500 in Singapore costs from S$76,900 for the 1.2 litre (manual) to S$85,900 (manual) … add the Abarth kit to it, it will probably add another S$20k to the price. (price from SGCarMart) Not the cheapest and will only exists in the post-strike-TOTO-top-price realm. But look at it – driving the Fiat 500 will definitely put a smile in your face when you are behind the wheel.

Here’s a look at the Abarth 500, as presented by Jeremy Clarkson on Top Gear, the most un-PC tv presenter you will find on TV nowadays…

2 days rest not enough

NMP Loo Choon Yong suggested that Singaporeans are slacking because we are working only 5 days and even though we don’t work on Saturdays, we are not making enough babies to justify having that 2 days off. Since we are not making babies on Saturdays, he suggest that we should just go back to work.

He even suggested that by planning our leaves to extend the long weekends due to public holidays is a sign of erosion of the work ethics.

Dear Mr Loo, I beg to differ. Instead of making us work more, we should have another day off. Singaporeans should go for 4-day week instead. Most of us find that two-day weekends are insufficient to cover the work young couples need to complete at every weekend – meeting up with friends, exercising, doing household chores, watching EPL matches etc. By Sunday, most will be dreading the arrival of Mondays. So where’s the time and mood to procreate?

By having 4-day week, there will be one more day for couples to really relax and maybe do some bedroom exercises. Then, maybe you’ll get increased in the national exercise of procreation. And with a short week, everyone will be motivated to finish work faster within the short 4 days, whereby enhancing productivity!

So Dr Loo, be brave and revolutionary – think out of the box – propose to the Parliament that MOM should endorse 4 day work week, rather than working on Saturdays.