That is the time where Usain Bolt took to run the 100m in a world record at World Championships in Berlin.

Check out the awesome run again here.

iPhone 3GS – the missing jigsaw

For a Mac geek like me – having waited two long years to get my hands on the iPhone, it is a surprised to myself that I still yet to own one myself.

I know many out there who were on the same boat as myself (Starhub customers) had decided that the wait for them to bring the iPhone was too long and too painful and had made the switch to SingTel. Somehow, the plans offered by SingTel and the savings I am getting from Starhub made it unwise to do so.

Couple of weeks back, I received a call from Starhub asking whether I was still interested to stay in-the-loop for any updates from Starhub with regards to the iPhone…of course! However, odds are they won’t be bringing them in anytime soon.

But in the mean time, here’s my plan: Barter trade!

Yep – anyone out there who is on SingTel mobile plan who is planning to get a new phone BUT not the iPhone, let me know. I can get your phone with my Starhub contract, while you get the iPhone 3GS, for me…and top-up from either side depending on the amount spent. Sounds fair?

Let me know if you are interested and we can talk details!