My iPhone photo gallery

Yep you read it right – I got my iPhone 3GS! The last straw came when M1 announced that they will bring the iPhone by the end of the year and the very next day, it was goodbye Starhub, Hello SingTel!

Yes screw the Hubber boloney. Not getting the iPhone is one thing, the constant slow speed I am getting at home on Starhub’s Maxonline Broadband is making me reminiscence of the good old days of using a 56k modem. After much complains, they called up and said it is a technical fault that unfortunately, only happens on certain areas at my block, which incidentally we’ve been staying only for like 5 months! They said it will be fixed by end November – 4 weeks to fix? That’s not very fast isn’t it?

If by end November the situation is not improved, it will be Hello Mio. I think it’s time I vote with my wallet than to stick to Telcos that doesn’t seem to value their existing customer.

Anyway – this is about my photos which I hope to upload at least once a day from the iPhone! Do go have a look! 🙂