Leave Me – 5 minutes that won't be wasted.

Leave Me from Daros Films on Vimeo. A recent widower deals with his grief through his wife’s broken camera.

((The 2nd in the Daros Films “Camera Trilogy,” Dear Shane, is already in production and looks to be coming out in June!))

  • WINNER of the 2009 36-Hour ChristianFilmmakers.org Contest
  • Honorable Mention for Drama at the indieProducer Film Fest (10/1/2009)
  • WINNER of the Best Short Film category at the 2009 Script2Screen Film Fest in Tulsa, OK! (10/4/2009)
  • Official Selection of the Mammoth Film Festival
  • WINNER of the Best Narrative Short for the Trail Dance Film Festival (1/24/10)
  • Placed on the Paste Magazine Quarterly DVD Lineup for subscribers
  • WINNER of the Best Short Film Award by HOSFU at the Gideon Media Arts Conference & Film Festival (6/6/10)

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Shot the weekend after the wrap on the feature film Greyscale – greyscalemovie.com

Greyscale Teaser Trailer – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vGXuDCDkr6A




Embrace Life

Seldom I come across a TVC that evokes both strong emotion and reaction as the one I’m embedding here. This is a TVC for a campaign set up by the Sussex Safer Roads Partnership to increase awareness of the safety of wearing seat belts while driving. We’ve seen many other similar ads that pushes this message, but mostly with horrifying visuals of car crashes and broken lives.

But this TVC, simple in execution but with a powerful message, serves as a good example of how one can take a simple message, bundled it with a strong concept and still execute with minimal budget. /suit-mode off

But yes, the bottom line of this is this – watch and remember to belt up. Wonder how we can get LTA to get rights and broadcast this here.


It’s been a rather hectic past few weeks at work, with me changing portfolio and doing some new business work, it’s been crazy! But yeah, have been trying to balance that with having a proper life with me wife and our two kitties at home but it’s been great!

Anyway, the above is just an excuse to put up this hilarious video by Jimmy Kimmel … just so there’s something going on.

Yes. Me is Handsome! Buahhahah.

day 18 – Supreme shadows

Noon time ain’t the best time for photos as they cast harsh shadows – but that’s just what was presented to me while i waited for my bus back to office.