foursquare Specials in Singapore

Some of you might be wondering what’s the point of Foursquare besides telling your friends where you are, grabbing the Mayorship of a certain place or learning about new places. In the US where this social-networking game started, Mayors of certain locations are rewarded – like free beer or discounts in your purchase. Not for Singapore, until now.

Here are a list of locations that had started giving rewards for local Foursquare players:

  • Brewerkz (at Stadium Walk, Bukit Timah and Merchant Road) – Check-in with tips & any purchase to get free fries/onion rings. Mayor – 1st pint of beer free (once a day) with any purchase. 50th visit $50 voucher
  • The Garden Slug – Free soup-of-the-day (cup size) for the Mayor during each visit (limited to once per day, offer good until TGS’ discretion to end it).
  • kichn – 10% off* for food & drinks if you found us from foursquare (*does not include retail items)
  • Standing Sushi Bar at OUB Centre – 2 free pieces of salmon nigiri or tuna nigiri (mayor’s choice!) for the Mayor during each visit (limited to once per day, offer good until owner’s discretion to end it).
  • Istanbul Gourmet – Free Drink every 2nd checkin! Just show that you’ve checked in on Foursquare!

If you are a business owner and wants to join in the fun do sign up here

Have customised a Yahoo Pipe to show the latest places with specials in Singapore:

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